Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Grandfather Mountain Highland Games!

Dear All—

So sorry to be absent for such a long time—between travels, the travails of adult children, new(ish) house to be furnished, Irritating Computer Difficulties (I installed Norton 360, which promptly assasinated my wireless connection, and continues to do its level best to keep me from getting online), and the dramatic and ongoing Saga of Doug's Ear (about which, more shortly)…well, anyway.

And I am, alas, not the only one having difficulties this month. I'd sent Rosana—delightful and beloved webmistress—a chunk of stuff (announcements, appearances, new excerpts, etc.) about ten days ago, but her poor father had suffered a heart attack the day before, and she'd had to rush out to New Mexico to take care of him. Consequently, none of that stuff has yet made it onto the website.

Normally not a problem—excerpts are good, whenever [g]—but I had heard a few inquiries as to whether I'd be at the North Carolina Grandfather Mountain Highland Games this weekened—and that was one of the announcements. So--

YES!! I will be at Grandfather Mountain, and looking forward to it very much. I'm going a day early, in fact, to do a little research—Boone, site of the games, being in the general neck of the woods where Fraser's Ridge is located—but will be at the Games for the opening ceremony Thursday evening, will be doing a signing at the Games from 1-4 on Saturday (that's July 12th), and for anyone in the area who'd like to see me but isn't going to the Games, I'll be having a signing/reception sort of thing at the Black Bear Bookstore in Boone on Friday evening—call the bookstore for details and directions:

Black Bear Books
2146 Blowing Rock Rd.
Boone, NC 28607

Those are the onstage times; I reckon I'll be wandering around the Games on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, as well. See you there!


  1. Oh, Diana...Norton is probably the worst thing you could have installed. It is insidious, weaving it's way into every aspect of your computer and creating havoc everywhere within... :(

    I'm sorry to hear of Rosana's father. And what of Doug's ear? You haven't had a good few weeks here, have you?


  2. Hi Diana,

    I'm already upset that I have to miss the games and now I'll miss meeting you. Oh, well. Maybe next year.

    While you're there, be sure to go over to Beech Mountain. FRED'S is not to be missed.

    Have fun.


  3. even with gas at 4:00 a gallon. I am simply dying to drive up and meet you face to face. perhaps a carpool!!! cheers!

  4. Oh, that's less than three hours from me, but I will not be able to come. Isn't it the largest gathering outside of Scotland? One of these days...

    We have quite a few gatherings around these mountains - Hendersonville, Franklin, etc. Oh, have you been to the Tartan Museum in Franklin (http://www.scottishtartans.org/)? That's worth a stop.

    By the way, if you're at all afraid of heights, don't go on the swinging bridge (http://www.grandfather.com/swinging_bridge/). I about scared my mom half to death when I was younger - jumping up and down on it.

    You're going to have such a wonderful time. Welcome to the beautiful mountains of North Carolina! :)

    Okay, I'll stop jabbering now... ;)

  5. Too bad NC is a bit out of the way, sounds like a great time!

    Since I am in Oklahoma City, I only have to wait two weeks after that trip and you'll be close enough for me to make the drive!!!

    So excited that you'll be in Tulsa for Conestoga!!!!

    :) Terri

  6. Dear Terri--

    Yep, July is my only real travel month this year (thank goodness [g]). I'll be in Flagstaff next weekend; doing a gig at the Flagstaff Celtic Festival on Saturday. Then CONestoga the next weekend in Tulsa--and then my sister and nephew come out to visit, which means car-tripping around Northern Arizona, though no public appearances on that leg.

    Otherwise...really nothing until the Surrey conference in October. Hoping to get a BIG chunk of ECHO done before that!

  7. Hope you have a great time at the Games this weekend! I won't be able to be there; Boone isn't all that far away from Raleigh, where I live, but the timing didn't work out. My sister and her 4 kids (ages 6-15) are arriving from Israel on Saturday for their annual visit (staying for about a month) so my parents and I will have our hands full, to say the least! [g]

    It looks like you'll have good weather on Saturday, at any rate. It's been rather stormy in the evenings here the last few days, but the weekend looks to be quite nice. Have fun!


  8. Aha! Now you get to see if you can see Black Mountain from Roan Mountain! Roan isn't far from Grandfather. And how far it is to (Winston-)Salem from Fraser's Ridge.

    Take a jacket. It can be cold if it's blowy or rainy or misty. Absolutely exactly like you described it at the beginning of The Fiery Cross.

  9. Diana --
    See you on the mountain and there will be quite a few Ladies of Lallybroch gathering as well. You've given us quite a thrill with this news.
    Safe travel,

  10. I wish I could come! I am only 3ish hours away in SC and I used to live in Hickory. I love Boone! it has a great candy store (among other things!) with gas and whatnot it just won't be possible, but really hope you have a great time and that the humidity won't be so bad. I'm sure you are used to the heat, but the humidity can really be horrible - except when you are at the beach! Have a great time, and I hope the next few weeks are much better than the past few have been.

  11. Diana,

    Wouldnt you know it that my mom, who is a regular on the highland dance scene, wont be coming to Grandfather Mountain this year for the first time in years! I would have sent her with lots of books for you to sign!

    I know you dont have much of a say in your touring schedule but there is quite a large Scottish population here in Utah. The Scottish Festival at Thanksgiving Point would be a great publicity stop for you...wink wink nudge nudge.

    I dont want to hijack your blog but I want to tell you thank you for these books. I am a Scottish immigrant and have lived in the US since I was a very small child. You have sparked an intense interest (some have called it an obsession) in my history. As much as I am dying for the next installment I also dread it. I dont want this story to ever end!


  12. Nooooooo! I have been waiting with breath that is bated for you to come to my neck of the woods. Or even just my region of the country! Nothing in the world would make me miss it... except a much-needed beach vacation with my babies.

    [cough] So, um... any plans to be in Atlanta anytime soon?

  13. So sorry to hear about Rosana's father, and Doug's ear (the latter sounding like fodder for some mention in the books(g)). Real life intrudes at the worst moments it seems. However, that being said (most sincerely, I might add). . . WHAT. A. TEASE. ". . . new excerpts," PLURAL!?! Cannot wait!!!


  14. Oh you'll be so close!! I had no idea the Games were this weekend and we've already made plans. I am so looking forward to your next book, btw, so I'm glad to hear you're making great progress!

    As for Nortons, I thought I ran into a post recently on the writers forum where you mentioned you were using a macbook pro? I have one and love it and the best thing about it is that you don't need antivirus software. But you may be talking about another computer (?)

  15. Sorry to hear of all of the drama, Diana! Hope things work out with minimal incident.

    And...If only I could magic myself to Grandfather Mountain! Tragically I have work, and can't teleport. Enjoy the music, exhibits, vendors etc...If you see R.E. Piland, it's worth an ogle and grope. (The jewelry -- not necessarily the vendor!)


  16. Dear Diana, Wouldn't you know it - One of the few times we aren't able to attend the games at Grandfather! My youngest plays travel softball all weekend.

    I hope you see this before going to the Black Bear. If they have it, pick up a copy of the new novel about the American Revolution in the South and General Daniel Greene's role, a long overlooked subject in historical fiction. It's titled Nor the Battle to the Strong by Charles F. Price, It just came out last week. My copy came in the mail today from Amazon. I've been looking forward to it for months. It should be a good background read while we wait for Echo.

    Best Wishes on your tour and have fun.

    Carol Isler

  17. Dear Diana,
    I hope that you will find/found the ideal place for the Fraser's Ridge.

    And anyway it certainly will be great to be in those surroundings. Enjoy!

    All the best to Rosana, as well.

  18. Yikes! Just saw this post. I think I'll get in the car right now and drive to Boone. Winston's just a short drive away... Hope to see you this evening!

    Shirley Williams

  19. Diana,
    Sorry I couldn't make it this year. I was teaching all week (put in about 60 hrs at work). It was a class for the Gifted Education dept here at Purdue. I had 9 kids who are 11 & 12 years old. I was teaching them about horticulture. It was fun, but exhausting! LindaT posted some great pics over on the Social Board on the Ladies of Lallybroch site. You look fanstastic, as always! : )

  20. OMG! I cannot believe that I missed meeting you! I absolutely love your books. They are what inspired me to finally drag my husband to the Games 3 years ago, and we have made it an annual event every year for just the two of us(without the children). This year, wouldn't you know it, we splurged, and instead of camping we rented a romantic cabin, which was so nice we decided to skip the games during the day on Saturday!! Wow, I could kick myself now, but then again the time we had alone was worth it...I suppose. LOL **shakes head** How could I have missed you?! We have both read the series and are eagerly awaiting Echo. So perhaps there will be another time... But in the meantime...Thank you, thank you for your wonderful and inspiring words about love and marriage. I guess you could say they inspired us to miss you on Saturday!

  21. Dear Diana,
    I'm sure this is not the right place to post this question, but here it goes anyway.
    I snooped around your website and blog and didn't find anything about the tentative dates for the release of "Echo in the Bone". Is is because you don't know yet, or did I not look in the right place?
    I have read all the Outlander books (multiple times) and am excited about the next one. So please forgive me if I am asking the same thing as I'm sure many have asked before me.
    With much admiration,

  22. Do they wear kilts for the games? Dumb question, I know but I'm already salivating over the lovely picture in my mind :) There's just something about a man in a kilt...Okay, now you know one of the many reasons I love your books!

  23. Nooo I just found this blog, and I Live maybe an 2 hours from Boone! Frick!

  24. Hi Diana,
    I just read the latest Lord John excerpt (Quebec.rtf)(sorry, I don't have an account at compuserve. otherwise I would left a comment there).
    This bit reminded me very much about a similar scene in "The Blooding of Jack Absolute" by C.C. Humphreys. There it is young Jack reciting the elegy. (I think that book was once on your methadone list.)
    Wouldn't it be fun if Lord John meet young Jack Absolute? *g* I would very much read about such a meeting because Lord John and Jack Absolute are my favourite 18th century officers!


  25. Hi, Diana.
    I'm sorry for this period of trouble.
    Have fun at the Games!!!!

  26. hey diana, have you ever considered doing the meyers briggs personality test on claire and jamie? here's a free link if you're interested.
    http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/JTypes2.asp i think it might stimulate some interesting conversation for your fans... and give us a better idea of who they are. i think i know which one claire is...an estp http://www.personalitypage.com/ESTP.html
    or an estj

    totally have no idea who jamie is unless he is an isfj?

  27. When do you find time to write your books? You read and comment on a hundred or so sites...travel...do book tours...you are so blessed to be doing something you obviously love to do. I've just started Drums and have fallen in love with your stories. You've given me inspiration and motivation to keep my kids busy this summer so I can finish the rest of your books...thanks so much for that!

  28. Re: Moyo-Mo
    I am glad to see someone else that enjoyed the "JACK ABSOLUTE" books by C.C. Humphreys as much as I did. I've also read some of his other books and they are good. Thanks again Diana for recommending this author.

    We just came back from Chattanooga Tn. Friends of ours rode the Dragon 's tail in Deal's Gap in North Carolina. On scooters no less. You talk about wooly country. I can't imagine the fortitude people had to have over two hundred fifty years ago settling that part of the country. You could disappear and never be found if you wanted to, even to this day.
    Beautiful country especially in the mornings when fog and mist lays in the valleys.

    Just waiting patiently for Echo of the Bone.

    Oh, by the way, how is the tale of the Doug's ear going? Is that a new book coming soon?

  29. Dear Nataliya--

    I'd actually sent Rosana (my webmistress) a long piece detailing exactly what-all I'm working on, and when (more or less) all the pieces may be available--_with_ excerpts of everything!--but that was unfortunately just as her father became ill.

    I'll dig it up and post it--probably in pieces--here, though; we can post it on the website later, when Rosana's life is a little more back to normal.