Sunday, January 25, 2009


  1. Diana, how old is he? And it looks like he just fits right in :D

  2. Just precious! Thanks for the pictures, Diana. I live in San Diego, and Temecula is less than an hour away. I will keep Kristin's info handy; I may be looking for a smaller doggy at some point.

  3. Dear night--

    Homer is five months old, as of today, in fact. He's _very_ sociable, for a dachshund.

    The rest of the gang here aren't permanent residents, though; those are my son's dogs, Otis (the pug) and Charlie (the corgi). The legs belong to their owner, Sam. [g]

    They come down for a weekend a couple of times a month--and we see them whenever we stop in Flagstaff on the way to Santa Fe (where our eldest daughter and boyfriend come up to visit with _their_ two dogs, Tibby (for Tiberius) and Badger (a tri-colored corgi, extremely cute).

    So Homer has plenty of company, if intermittent--but I would like to get a second dog, soon.

  4. Well, he's definitely a cutie. And it's obvious he's a happy camper in the middle of that pack so you've got a great personality there. I must say I'd have a hard time trying to keep from cuddling him constantly though. ;-)

  5. Wait a minute...aren't those the "very bad" doggies that Homer is running with? Are they going to be teaching him bad tricks involving your carpeting?

  6. Pugs I reserve judgment on, not knowing any personally - but you can't go wrong with Dachshunds and Corgis (either Cardigan - with tails, or Pembroke - without)! We went from a Dachshund to raising German Shepherds to raising Cardigan Welsh Corgis when I was growing up! Now, we have two long hair tabbies - one orange and one multi-colored - their main bad habit is bringing their toys/pets inside instead of playing with them outside. Rescuing mice first thing in the morning...not so much!

  7. Dear Beth---

    Yes, those are the Little Bad Dogs. [g] Actually, they behave pretty well when visiting (we don't have any carpeting, which probably helps), as they think _I'm_ the alpha dog, and follow me slavishly, no matter what I'm doing. So I just march the whole gang outside every couple of hours and all is well.

  8. Homer is very handsome. And my favorite color, black and tan.
    Thanks for showing us.

  9. Congratulations on your new addition. He is absolutely adorable!

    And good for you for being the "alpha"... I guess we'll never see you on the Dog Whisperer. *g*

  10. How adorable! As a past pug owner I can attest to how extremely sociable they are (am still trying to convince hubby our house needs a pug!)Thanx for sharing your precious pics ( I miss being a owned by a dog! LOL)

  11. Diana -

    They are adorable! I am a long time reader of yours in general, but a new reader of this blog in particular.

    And now that I know you are a dog lover (one can glean many things about you from your books, but this was something I had not), I feel compelled to share with you something you may or may not feel flattered to hear.

    We (my parents and I - my mother also being a huge fan of yours) are the proud owners of 3 rambunctious Brittanys, and when we acquired our third (a puppy we kept from our first litter, courtesy of the other two) a little less than 2 years ago, we were stumped as to names.

    Well, while sitting in a useless literature class on Christian mythology (which could have been so interesting, but alas, was not), I began ruminating on possibilities. We like naming our pets after literary characters (Mama dog is Lizzy, after Elizabeth Bennett, and Papa dog just barely escaped being called father put his foot down and gave him the more masculine name of Hunter), so I began thinking...

    Our puppy was smart. Very smart. So smart, in fact, that no matter how many obstructions we put up, no matter how high the fence, she managed to climb it. That's right, climb it. A 6 week old puppy managed to climb a 5-foot high play pen.

    She was also very tall...taller than all but one of her littermates, who was male and just barely surpassed her (In fact, now, at the age of 2, she's taller than both her parents).

    And redheaded.

    You see where I'm going, right?

    Well, given her propensity for causing general chaos, my brain clicked onto a phrase from Voyager (or Drums of Autumn)..."a great disturbance."

    So we named her Bree.

    And I can't think of a name that would have fit her better.

  12. Looks like Homer keeps good company! We just got a Pembroke corgi - he's 4 months old. His name is Fraser (hmmm...) He is absolutely adorable; just can't seem to get the hang of housetraining. But wouldnt' trade him for the world. He's VERY smart. In fact, I believe a corgi would make a great 2nd dog for you and Homer.

  13. Diana,

    All the puppies are adorable. The Corgi is beautiful (I have one so I can be a little biased :)

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  15. What a cutie he is, Diana. I'm happy for you that he's such a wonderful pet. And here's to a buddy for him one day soon!


  16. Diana,

    I am loving the Homer pics! Enjoy the puppy days, they just go too fast! But some days not fast enough! :-)

    Happy Birthday Homer!


  17. Chiming in late here, but if you like black and tan and Scottish, a Gordon Setter might be for you! :) Preferably one from the Sassenach kennel in Calgary. :) I now have two of them, Ronan, almost 7 and a champion who will soon have his Rally Novice title (barring the two of us messing up badly in the ring! :)), and Lillie, a Canadian champion who will be 6.