Saturday, October 3, 2009


Dear Readers--

Well, AN ECHO IN THE BONE debuts on the New York Times list next week at #2! (My publisher sent me a large bottle of single-malt Scotch in congratulation--and, I suspect, in apology for having released Dan Brown's book a week before ECHO [g].)

HUGE thanks to all of you, and I'm thrilled that y'all seem to be enjoying the book!

A word about the ending...I did say, did I not, "Nobody's going to hit the end of _this_ book, and think it's the last one?" [g] Indeed it is not. There will certainly be a Book Eight--and no, I have no idea when that one will be out. At the moment, I'm home on a (very brief) furlough from book-touring; back on the road Monday, and won't be home for good until Thanksgiving, which is the soonest I could reasonably resume anything like a productive writing routine--as well as a prequel volume about Jamie's parents, a Volume II of the OUTLANDISH COMPANION, and heaven knows what-all else. But the story is definitely not over!


  1. For my small part, you're very welcome - although what you have given me with this wonderful story, unforgettable characters and historical education, *g* (not to mention all the wonderful friends I've made at LOL and Fergus weekend every year) is absolutely nothing in comparison. I will admit upon reading the last page I exclaimed "Diana is EVIL"! *g* Of course, it was said through happy tears.

    I'm glad you're getting a break from traveling! You've given us much to discuss for the next few years while you write the next one, I'll be looking forward to the continuation of the story!

  2. Congratulations! I am definitely anxious for book 8! :) You deserve a nice break though. Well, I am looking forward to seeing you in Mtn View on Wednesday. I am dragging my husband and not quite 2 year old son along, so you will probably know who my little group is by our volume :D...Anyway, hope you have a good break and then happy travels!

  3. The weather here in Maine has been perfect for Echo: cold, damp, and getting dark much to early. A great time of year to put out a new book. Thank you! I've begun reading it already and keep thinking of ways to take it to work and get some reading in so I don't have to leave the characters behind.

    Once again, you've got me hooked.

    Cheers, and congratulations on hitting number 2!!

    Mary Duncan

  4. Diana -

    I was in border just the other day and noticed ECHO front and center, with a big yellow sign that said "New York Times #2" - extremely awesome, but yet not surprising or unexpected ;) That recognition is well deserved! Congratulations and Happy and Safe travels


  5. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love ECHO, Diana. I'm hoping there will be a book 9, also. :) But, just keep writing - I'll keep reading and enjoying. Thank you!

    Happy and safe travels.


  6. I'm still reading but soo very hooked. Sadly I won't make it to your book signing here in Saskatoon in 2 weeks. Hubby's work schedule has changed and travelling the 5 hour commute with 2 kids just isn't something to be done in Northern Saskatchewan during hunting season (LOTS of deer and moose on the road). Wish I could have met you. Maybe for book 8! :)

  7. I have not started Echo yet because I am waiting for the right uninterrupted time. Because I know once I open the book I will not be putting it down until I am done the last page. That is the relationship I've had with these books.

    Again, I am sorry I'm going to miss you in Ottawa because of my son's surgery but perhaps we'll get another opportunity. I mentioned it to Karen, a friend of mine, who first introduced me to you. I hope she gets a chance to stop in to see you.

    Have a Happy Thanks Giving!

  8. I am about half-way through Echo and reading it very slowly to enjoy each and every page. I hope to see you in Mountain View this week, if work cooperates.

    Congrats on the Ranking.

  9. Dear Diana~

    First off, I have to say that the ending of Echo really threw me. I was, admittedly, a little angry for so much having been left hanging until the next book. I have since recovered my equanimity and can say that I enjoyed the ride.

    I was especially entertained by your battle scenes, even the Jamie/Laoghaire one.

    As for the obvious: of course there'll be a Book 8. What I want to know is whether there will be a Book 9!! It only makes sense, especially since Echo ended mid-1778, and you've stated many times that the story will end around 1800. Needless to say, you _are_ the author and your story can go wherever it takes you.

    Take care and enjoy some rest.


  10. I'll share your scotch with you!


  11. Your welcome from my small part of preordering the novel. I am enjoying it and savoring each bit. I'm working my way slowly through as I know the worst thing about your novels is that they have to end. I always reach the end and want more right away!

    I am VERY excited that you are writing a prequel about Jamie's parents. That sounds fantastic!

    Thanks for the great novels and have fun on your voyages. I just hope sometime you can stop by the great state of Wisconsin. As a mother of two young sons I can get to Green Bay, Milwaukee, or Madison, but can't travel too much further than that for a day trip until they get older. :-)

  12. Congratulations on another terrific story. I read as slow as I could and still the ending came too quickly. The most difficult thing now is knowing that it will be another few years before the next book(s) will be out! You deserve a break, I know, but Book 8 can't come quick enough! :>) Enjoy your scotch and all the well deserved praise!!!

  13. BTW - I preordered and purchased An Echo in the Bone, but only checked The Lost Symbol out of the library. :-)

  14. Thank you so much for coming to Dayton, Ohio! Love Echo! I look forward to the eighth book.

    Picture from the Greene:

  15. I plan to buy it, but not until it comes out in the UK so I can order the edition with the pretty blue cover! Right now I'm 77th on the library waiting list of 366, since there's no way I can possibly wait until January to read it, though. :)

  16. I loved Echo but I'm sad that it's over. I really want book 8. Your a wonderful writer

  17. I do admit to thinking, that rat Diana! I have to wait three years to see how at least five cliffhangers end!

    But it will be worth the wait!

  18. Thank you Diana, for giving us these beautiful characters. You cannot imagine what Jamie has done for my marriage *wink*. I am so happy to hear there is a book 8! I love everything you write!

  19. I just finished "Echo" and am already having "Outlander" withdrawal. Diana, I know you deserve a nice long break...but when will the next book be out? Maybe shorter but more frequent books would be better. Start writing's your fault for this left us hanging and in dire need of more Jamie, Claire, et all. Thank you Diana for your hard work and creativity. We all (your fans) love you.

  20. I finished Echo last night, and just picked it up again this afternoon to start a second read-through. Your characters are so near and dear to me, that it was like sending friends off on a long voyage when I came to the end of this book. I just discovered the Outlander series this past year and have reveled in being able to go from book to book without a pause, then listen to them all once more on audiobook while waiting the short time for An Echo in the Bone to be published.

    I'll see you next week in Seattle--can't wait!

  21. I have just finished ECHO and have to say the only disappointment is that it ended. Congratulations, You've done it again. PLEASE HURRY with the next one. In the meantime I will have to console myself by reading the whole series AGAIN. Please, Keep them coming! Thank you sooooo much for sharing your unique talent with me.

  22. Congratulations on your NYT list spot. I accidentally came across "Echo" in Borders last night - I'd no idea it was out - and actually squealed in excitement (people looked at me funny for it, too). I've just finished reading it about twenty minutes or so ago and am TEARING MY HAIR OUT. I agree with Maria, who said you are evil. But it's definitely the good kind of evil that keeps me begging for more.

  23. I'm just over 60% done with the eBook. And I've heard that it ends in a bit of a lurch and I don't think I'll mind. That type of suspense can be great.

    In addition to the ones you listed I was a talk of yours when BoSaA came out when you mentioned the possibility of a Master Raymond book(?). I'd love to read that one at one point too. *G*

  24. Thanks Diana... i have just started An Echo and im trying so hard to get time to myself to read it but even with a 2yr old climbing all over me im still riveted.

  25. I assume you know where all our beloved characters are headed even though they have all been left in precarious positions! And assuming that, the next book should be a piece of cake for you to produce in a more timely fashion! *g* Obviously it won't be soon enough for all Outlander fans. Claire and Lord John? Never saw that one coming. And Jamie says, "Why?" He killed men who "might" have had "carnal knowledge" of his wife. Can't wait to see where that story line goes. You threw several curve balls in this book and I enjoyed them all. Congratulations on your continued success and please keep them coming. I look forward to the prequel.

  26. I devoured the book and it's so far my favourite in the series. I can't wait to read what happens next (but I guess I'll have to). Enjoy your short time at home!

  27. Hey, I can read both and love both. And I certainly did enjoy them both. I've been waiting for three years ;-).

    Excellent work, my lady. So worth the wait. And congrats on the #2 spot. Bet that changes very soon. I managed to entice a co-worker to start reading. She just got Outlander and she's hooked too!

  28. hi there. i'm about 2/3's of the way through echo and i'm loving it. i'm trying really hard to take my time with it, so it's not over so soon.
    i'm pleased to say that my hubby bought me a ticket to see you in calgary. so i'm really looking forward to that. i'll bring my book with me in the hopes that i'll be able to have you sign it for me.
    safe travels,

  29. First-Congratulations! Second-I haven't had the urge to sit down and compose fan mail since I was a teenager in the throws of "love" with one Donnie Wahlberg of the New Kids on the Block (Just to completely date myself. *laugh*). Through the entire reading, I sang your praises to any and everyone who'd listen, and some who wouldn't. *grin*

    I love these characters and your writing. I don't know of another author who can make me laugh out loud, and sob brokenheartedly (*shakes her fist goodnaturedly at you for that*), sometimes at the same time!

    So, for that, as well as all the upcoming goodness you're bringing to us, Thank you. From the bottom of my story loving heart. Thank you.

  30. I just finished ECHO - *amazing* - loved it!! Didn't want it to end. Such a tremendous and wonderful work. If felt like I was back with long lost friends. So, so, so looking forward to more books. Let the adventures continue! (and never stop??) Thank you so much for sharing you talent with the world. I've loved Jaime and Clair, et al from page one.

  31. You're Welcome, you're welcome, you're welcome. (I bought three) *g*
    ...who loved loved loved the ending!

  32. Thoroughly enjoyed the first (rather speedy) read, and even more njoying the second more leisurely one. Even with the fire-crackers at the end. Also very much looking forward to seeing - if not meeting - you in person in auckland, NZ!
    Tooki of the Lallyquilters

  33. Diana, as someone who has read through the Outlander series at least 10 times and has bought the books for friend and relatives because I loved them so, I beg you to take your time in writing the next book in the series!
    Please give us more tim with Jamie and Claire and Ian and Rachel and less time with Lord John.
    Put me back into Claire and Jamie's mind and heart. Do not feel rushed.
    I have to admit to you that I was a bit disappointed with Echo.
    Take your time and give us the Jamie and Claire that we love. I want to know their hearts and minds. I just plain want more Jamie and Claire and MUCH less Lord John.
    They seem almost strangers to me in Echo, and I wish for the next book to correct that. I miss knowing what their thoughts are and what's in their hearts.
    In the meantime, I'll start reading the series again and wait for your next installment.

    Oh, and please tell me WHY Ian loves Rachel. And WHY Claire wanted to have sex with a gay man. And WHY LJ wanted her. But tell me in the book. Thank you, Diana.

  34. Dear Renee--

    The fact that the book may not be EXACTLY what you think you wanted does not mean I rushed it. I assure you, it was crafted with extreme care, to do exactly what it does.

    I don't blame you or anyone else for wanting something I've done before--most writers _do_ do the same thing over and over again--but I've _never_ done the same thing from one book to another. I don't really want to do something I've already done. The result of this normally _is_ that when a new book comes out, there's an outcry from a small percentage of readers, who are Seriously Bent that I didn't do X. know....sorry, but the books of the series are each unique in tone, style, theme, and approach.

    If you don't happen to like Lord John, I suppose you could skip those sections containing him--but he _is_ a Rather Important part of Jamie and Claire's lives, as well as of the plot--as much as Young Ian, William, or Roger and Brianna are.

    As for what Claire and Jamie are thinking, their thoughts are on every page where they are--and so are the answers to the questions you've asked. (You might perhaps read it again?)

  35. P.S. Oh--for those of you struck [g] by some of the incidents and climaxes in the book, who might want to discuss them with other readers--I'd invite y'all to come round to my folder on the Compuserve Books and Writers community, where you'll find a good many in-depth discussions of the new books.

    Try this one, for example:

  36. And 'thank you!' too. Even though I too was calling you all sorts of names at the end of the book, at the same time I was thoroughly enjoying the pain you inflicted [g]. I can't believe you are thinking about getting back into a productive writing routine after Thanksgiving. Diana - you deserve a long break! Take time to play with your dogs (or should that be Doug!)

    I really wanted to comment on the beauty of the UK cover. I know the obvious imagery is of the leaf skeleton being an 'echo in the bone' of the leaf, but having read the book I think the cover fits in so many more ways. You have masterfully woven together all these disparate plot strands, each one of which can be represented by a rib. All the ribs join to make the spine of the leaf, which would represent the storyline in Echo. The lack of flesh in the leaf (I know leaves don't actually have flesh!) represents the cliffhanger plotholes at the end. So many questions to be answered! I sure hope that next book has a complete leaf on the cover [vbg].

  37. I loved reading about Ian in 'Echo'. Thank-you! He is one of my all time favorite literary characters!

  38. Congratulations! I was just talking to my cousin (who I'm partially responsible to for making her as addicted as I am to your series, the other being our aunt) and I told her that I checked the NY Bestsellers list last week and didn't see Echo on there. I was hoping it was because it was the 1st week it was out and thus couldn't be on the list. I'm happy I was should be #1, though!!!!

    I LOVED Echo and I cannot wait for the next one. Your writing style is in it's own league. I've never read any book before yours where I feel like I am actually transported and living in the time of your characters. And I LOVE Jamie! My poor husband...:) He says, "well that just ruins any guy's chance of being perfect in his wife's eyes." Have fun in your travels and enjoy your break! I can't wait for #8!

  39. No, THANK YOU! The next best thing about reading your books has been sharing them with friends and family. My aunt and I call weekly to discuss what we have read and swoon over certain Characters. I think watching me read "BIG BOOKS" has made my 13 year old son also like BIG books and series. So THANK YOU for the fun read and I think Late Sept. Is the best time to release a book, it makes schlepping toward October that much more fun.

  40. My friends and I had a great time @ Changing Hands Book store on Friday night. Just started the book and I will be taking my sweet time reading it. I want to enjoy every word. Thanks again we completely enjoyed every minute of the book signing, I will never forget it.

  41. Just finished ECHO, I wanted to scream NOOOOOOOOOO, it can't end like this!!! I LOVED the book as I love the whole Outlander series, but it is going to be hard waiting for #8. Thank you for this wonderful series, I have read and re-read all the books several times and plan to start over again this week. Congratulations on NY Times #2 (it should have been #1)!!
    I eagerly await the next in the series.

  42. A really wonderful book. I devoured it in just on 9 hours of straight reading - couldn't stop. Of course I now can't wait for the next book(s)? because the ending - what ending - in Echo has just left me clamouring for more (in a nice und undemanding reader way). Please enjoy the book tour, take some breathing space, and write the next ones quickly!! But I did think Echo was one of the best you've written ... well done.

  43. Oh it is so frustrating that we here in Britain have to wait until January for Echo :~(((

    CONGRATULATIONS on reaching #2 Diana and I will be MOST surprised if you don't reach #1 VERY soon.

    Am chomping at several bits here!

    Like many of your readers, your books are the only ones I read and enjoy over and over again.

    Enjoy your scotch and some rest.

    All the best to you ~

  44. I loved Echo! I was worried when I got toward the end because of all of the comments about "the ending", but perhaps because I built up huge disappointing scenarious in my mind, the actual ending didn't seem anything to get too riled up about.

    I especially enjoyed the return to Scotland and rejoining the Murray family. It was like I was going home, as well!

    Thanks, Diana! I'm about to order a second copy for my Kindle, and get the Audible version as well! (Three copies of the same book isn't too much, is it?)

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  46. I'm about a third of the way through "Echo" and am loving it so far! :)

  47. I just finished the book - and found it very satisfying - first because it's a great book and every character has some place to go. Ian got Rachel - yahoo!! - Jenny has come to America - sure to be fun to watch. And Jamie isn't dead.

    I've loved every book and I loved this one.

    thank you for creating these amazing characters.


  48. *Snicker at the Dan Brown thing* I had to giggle to myself when I went looking for your book. It had sold out at one store I went too, and they had a huge stand of unsold Dan Brown's on display. The second store I went to had a notice up saying they'd sold out (lots of DB's though) and only by asking did I discover they had just had a delivery of more. (Yay for me!) My friend who works for another major book store chain said the publishers are running out here in New Zealand.

  49. I cannot wait to begin reading it!!! I don't want to rush through the other books so my signed copy (giggles) will have to wait! However, can someone tell me when I should begin reading the Lord John books? A fan at the Lexington book signing said that it's helpful to read those books prior to beginning either book four or book five? I can't remember, can someone fill me in!?

    Leaving on holiday this friday and of course... jamie and claire will be coming with me. :)

  50. Congratulations, Diana. I'm reading Echo at a pace to savor it. The Outlander series has been with me before kids and hopefully you'll write me through their teen years .... please! I'll need the escape more than ever and that should put you at about Book 9 :) It was a treat to see you in Atlanta again.

  51. I just LOVE this series! One of my favorite reading adventures. Thank you! I hope that there is also a book 9 and even 10 - will be so sad once the series is over. Jamie and Claire are such wonderful characters, and the historical and medical aspects of the novels are great! Keep on writing Diana - you are so very talented.

  52. I can't say anything more than anyone else has already said...I will sum it up...Diana, you rock! Take a break (but not too long) and then tell us more about these wonderful characters that live in your head. I am a fan for life. Bless you!

  53. Diana, thank you for giving Lord John a major story arc in Echo. I love him him like an old friend and were he a real 'flesh and blood' person, I would invite him around for tea. His stories tied me over between re-reading ABoSaA and Echo and I adore him as a result! Lord John is a wonderful character and I hope that those who don't 'get' him (I'm loathe to say dislike because he's just so great, you know?) take the time to at least try to acquaint themselves better with him - I think they might be surprised!
    I haven't finished Echo yet so I'd best not read any more comments (they're rather spoilery). Thanks again, good luck with your tour and Young Ian best watch out, Lord John is fast catching him up on my Favourite Character list!

  54. Thanks again for everything!! : )

  55. I didn't pre-order but I was at my bookstore as early as possible on September 22nd to get a copy and I managed to get all the way back to the office before I started reading it!
    I usually read through from the beginning of the series with each new book (and a few times in between).I was trying to read slowly but I'm done already!
    I found that I have joined a group of 'recruiters'. I didn't want to give out my copy any more so I started buying used copies wherever I came across them and giving them out(I have 4 out on loan at the moment)- The conversation always started the same way- I would suggest the book- they would say I don't read that kind of book - I would say it's really difficult to describe, read the first 2 chapters and if you don't like it I won't say another word - several days later they would come and ask for the next one.
    Fortunately I like the Lord John series too :)
    I look forward to meeting you again in Surrey BC (and I'll probably bring some friends along).

  56. Diana, the only thing that I wanted to be the same was the way the previous books drew me in. I'm sorry, Echo did not do that.

    I've read your series more than 10 times. And I've always felt that if a reader didn't perceive the emotions or motivations of a character or characters that it is not the fault of the reader.

    Ian and Rachel do not make sense. LJ and Claire did not make sense. I'm not going to complain about that at some other forum and not say it to you directly. I'm sure that you want your readers to be direct.

    Echo skimmed the top of Jamie and Claire's emotions. Not your usual depth that we all love.

    And, no, I don't care for Lord John overmuch. But, this IS the story of a marriage. Jamie and Claire.

    Congratulations on the bestseller list ranking though. Good luck on the tour.

  57. Congratulations! And thank you for signing my books in Chicago last week, it was so nice to meet you face-to-face!

    There seems to be a problem with my copy - the last few chapters are missing! Because I KNOW you didn't just end it like that, right?

  58. Ok, I finally picked up my copy from the library this morning, and with some delays (ballet class etc) am now up to chapter 10.
    The bit about ways of transporting bits of gold reminded me of the following which my mother told me about her aunt (Q is for "Queenie", R was my great grandmother) and her family:
    "Grandfather PB used to send gold sovereigns to his daughter R. When the family were all rushing to catch the American warship (R had 'bullied' or persuaded the captain to take them), they sewed the sovereigns into the lining of Q's fur coat. Q was a tiny 4 year-old, and said she was apparently so heavy, the nurse had trouble picking her up to carry her."

  59. Thank for you coming to Minnesota for the book signing. It was truly a dream for me to see and hear you one day. Hoping you are recovered. What must be in a whirlwind during this season of your life. I'm slowly reading through Echo. I'm forcing myself not to read it too fast (which is quite difficult). I want to savor every chapter as I know it will end soon and from the sounds of it I will be longing for the next. :)I always do.
    Safe travels.

  60. Thanks for a wonderful read. The only thing disappointing is the comments some of the other readers leave here and on discussion sites. It's your story you tell it. Someone said, " Be who you are and say what you feel. Those who matter don't mind, and those that mind don't matter." Looking forward to the next book. Thanks again.

  61. The thanks are all to you for writing this incredible series of books. It was an absolute pleasure to meet you in person and have my book signed. You deserve a break and I hope you enjoy it.

  62. Diana - this book is quite a ride! I have about 100 pages left and wasn't sure I would get to sleep last night! I absolutely love how you weave the lives of the characters together throughout the books and am looking forward already to book 8 (knowing at this point that some things will definitely not be tied up in the last 100 pages!). THANK YOU!

  63. I cannot wait until my mother and mother-in-law finish reading it, because I just HAVE to talk about it. The last third of the book was just a wonderful whirlwind and I need to talk about it! But everyone reads so much slower than I do.

    I cannot wait to see you this evening and thank you in person. You are amazing.

  64. I really enjoyed this new instalment - in fact more than I did the last two books. I'm not blind to its problems, but it was great entertainment and THANK YOU for giving Lord John so much screen time as it were. I love reading about him - in fact he's outgrowing Claire and Jamie as my favourite character. I can't wait for new books and stories about him and enjoyed having his life interlace with Claire and Jamie's even more. I hope very much you won't reduce his role in #8 after the rather vocal unfavourable reaction by some of your readers - there are at least as many of us who do love him!

  65. Congratulations on the #2 spot!! And it was LOVELY to meet you in Roseville, MN last week. I wouldn't let my husband go to sleep when I got home - I kept blathering on about all the funny and interesting things you said :)

  66. How exciting, congratulations! It was wonderful to finally meet you when you dropped by Chicagoland; I know touring can be hectic and exhausting but you were incredibly gracious and warm. I too, will stretch my enjoyment of EITB out as long as try and make the wait for the next one seem easier. I can't wait to listen to this on audio!
    Hope the rest of your touring is enjoyable!

  67. You are so welcome. Strangely, I have 2 books. One for my birthday and one I bought so I could get it signed when I see you in Mountain View this week. I'm excited!

    Loved the book... though the ending... yeah that was a bit frustrating and I contemplated the time between now and the next one. How will we all survive, I ask.

    Anyways, thank you so much for even giving us such a glorious world in which to immerse ourselves.

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  69. Okay...let me try again without the typos! Congrats Diana! You have brought so much joy to those who have read your books. Thank you for your dedication to this story and for feeding my Fraser obsession! I can imagine only one man I would consider leaving my husband for and fortunately for my husband (I hope he thinks so) that man is fictional AND in the wrong century! Have wonderful travels and enjoy your short but well-deserved break.

  70. Well, I missed the warning that this book would be many huge cliffhangers! So I must say, I was quite frustrated/angry upon finishing! One thing I have loved about all of your previous books, was that although they are all obviously part of a series, they could each stand alone if the reader so chose. But as any reader of your books knows, you could never read just one! Even my husband was hooked after listening to Outlander (book on cd).
    That being said, the entire book was wonderfully written and insanely addictive-just like the rest of them! (I've read the entire series 4 times; Outlander 6 times.)
    One last thing. . .the love scenes in this book seemed a little like afterthoughts. They'd have a great opening line or two, then skip right over to the next scene. You are by far the most thorough and smart writers of love scenes. Bring them back please!!!
    But thanks again for a beautiful story!

  71. Thank you for getting me to take a little time for myself again, but then who could resist Jamie Fraser. I am in the middle of Fiery Cross having begun the series in June and am looking forward to what's to come. I have to say I loved the relationship begun by LJ and Brianna in Drums. As mush as I love all the books so far, Drums took it to a whole new level.Each installment before,carefully placed layers building a rich story to savor reading after reading. I know I will love these books again and again...and passing the word on as well. After all your hardwork, you deserve a vacation...what about could sign a few books as well...they also have a Scottish Festival in April every year, just a thought! Congrats on Echo, safe travels!

  72. Well, I promised myself I'd read Echo slowly but once it hit my Kindle I couldn't put it down. Finished a few days ago and can't stop thinking about it. I'm so excited for the next book, even though it's not even written yet. *sigh* Thanks DG for a wonderful ride - the characters feel like family!

  73. Diana....!!!!.....

    Have just finished the book.


    Husband kept saying what are you reading that you can't put down? Jamie & Claire was all I could say... Kids keep telling me they were hungry... feed yourselves....It was our anniversary yesterday but I had to read Jamie and Claire.... Can't wait for the next one..

    Thanks for my trip to the movies without leaving home. :-)

  74. Dear Diana,

    First of all


    ...and it goes without saying that you should have been number one and Dan Brown should have been... well, wherever *g*

    Now that is out of the way, let me analyse your schedule:

    "At the moment, I'm home on a (very brief) furlough" ...ok, break deserved, diary entry can stay....

    "from book-touring; back on the road Monday,"...scrap those tours. Let them eat their programs and meet you when all is finished...

    " - and won't be home for good until Thanksgiving,"...seeing as on the revised schedule you'll have written the first paragraphs now, you'll enjoy the turkey so much more...

    " which is the soonest I could reasonably resume anything like a productive writing routine--"...well, we've sorted that with the revised routine...

    "as well as a prequel volume about Jamie's parents, a Volume II of the OUTLANDISH COMPANION, and heaven knows what-all else."...hmmm, Diana, you need to talk to these publishers of yours. Urgently. I am all for having all those books - eventually, but AFTER I know just how Lord John explains himself to Jamie, how William and Auntie Jenny get on, how Bree and Roger save their family, how America wins the... oh, guess we know the answer to that one... still how Claire undoubtedly single-handedly pulled the strings in the background to make it happen.......... and the three million other questions you left us with. Priorities, girl!!!

    "But the story is definitely not over"... phew, thank God for that.

    Well, having thus sorted your schedule, I'll clear my diary next Christmas. Should be plenty of time ;-)

    On a slightly more serious note though and as it gets commented on quite a lot... Lord John's relationship with the Frasers is a favourite aspect of the books for me and I thought it was a wicked piece of writing to have Jamie presumed dead and LJ marrying Claire to save her. That they now have, as John puts it "carnal knowledge" of each other is not really that surprising. They have always had great respect as well as a liking for each other as long as Jamie wasn't part of the picture and many a partnership is formed when people look towards friends for comfort after loosing a loved one. Of course, most do not then have to deal with a resurrection, lol. To my mind, this does not compromise the integrity or decency of either John or Claire and I would be most surprised if Jamie, the champion of 'duty' was to hold it against John for having done his in saving Claire. And as they were married... still, can't wait to read that particular dialogue!

    For me, the tone was set on page two, when I laughed out loud about the desperate attempt of parents to gloss over the embarrassment caused by junior quoting the family and carried on all the way until right at the end, Jenny finishes off the icing on the cake with her comment about Jamie, William and some well known family traits. God help them all, indeed! (Should have been the last line of the book)

    Thank you for the writing.

  75. Maybe a few well placed excerpts on your Home Page, will temporarily satisfy the angry mob already asking for more *g*

  76. I don't want to read other posts for fear of learning something I don't want to know about the end of the book. I am in the 600s and can feel the storylines getting ready to wrap themselves up for this book - which worries me because I am not sure where you will be leaving me. :-)

    I was thrilled that the book came out on my birthday and informed my hubby that if the book was not waiting for me, "there would be a reckoning" (to borrow one of Terry Pratchitt's lines from Wee Free Men).

    So - I am loving it (I think this may supplant Voyager as my favorite) and keep gasping as I read - reporting to my husband that "shocking things keep happening!" But I am almost tempted to stop where I am so I don't have to get to the end of the book.

    Somehow I think that won't actually work. :-) Thank you and keep up the good work!

  77. I loved it!!! I laughed, I cried, I gasped for breath, I lost track of the cliffhangers--once more, you fulfilled all my wishes for this book and then surpassed them!

    As I said in my review on Amazon, if you want to take us through the French Revolution with Michael and Jared and Fergus, I am there with bells on!

    Thank you for not "dumbing down" the history and the detail. Words cannot express how wonderful it is to read romance that is not a "bodice-ripper" combined with time-travel that is not "scientific" and that contains accurate history (not just the textbook, sanitized version we are taught in school).

    I could praise you forever, but my last comment will be simply that I appreciate this being a true saga--Blessings to you for tying the disparate family members together. Whether readers like it or not, Lord John and Jamie will be linked until one of them dies--and I am loving every minute of it. The same goes for Young Ian and William--when the series finally comes to an end (as good things always must, whether we want or not), I know I will not be left saying "whatever happened to So-And-So?" and this fan will be eternally grateful for all the details.

    Bravo! Huzzah! Merci beaucoup for the wonderful saga. Can we have at least three more?

  78. I have Echo downloaded to my Kindle for my trip to Scotland next week! Can't wait and Thank you so much for writing this fabulous series of books. I ride my bike everyday, and for the last month I had downloaded the last book (on my IPOD) so I could catch up before I read the new one!!
    Delray Beach, FL

  79. Sigh... I just finished reading Echo. It was wonderful, but I hate that it's over. Unlike some people, I was actually quite thrilled that the ending wasn't complete. I want another book, but it's going to be hard to wait three more years to find out what will happen to Jemmy, Roger, Jamie and Lord John. (Oh! That pains me!)
    You know... they say the world is going to end in 2012. :o) While I don't believe that, it couldn't hurt for you to speed up the process a little bit, just in case.

  80. I'm so excited you are able to visit Halifax, Nova Scotia - see you on Tuesday evening! :)

  81. Diana,

    Wow, I loved it. Just beautiful. I was reading Echo before the start of my son's baseball game, surrounded by other parents, when I came to one of the letters from Claire and Jaime to the children. At this point I had to put the book away because I felt the tears well up and I was certain to cry.I didn't want to appear slightly deranged and unstable out in public but I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the tears and laughter that flowed when I had a few quiet moments to read. The friendship between Jaime and Ian has always been one of my favorites and I truly felt his heartbreaking. Mine did. Have a great book tour and enjoy the single malt scotch. Yummmmm. You deserve it.

  82. I just have to tell you that I laughed out loud when Lord John farted in bed with Claire. I love how you throw things like that in there. :)

  83. I love the new book! I was 30 pages away from the end when I had to shout "She's starting so many more story threads that can't be address in just this one!" I will longingly look forward to the 8th book. Enjoy some time off and congratulations!

  84. The beginning was confusing, after the battles were finally over, I couldn't put the book down and then you lost me in the last 75 pages. Explain to me where was Claire's grief? A love that has grown deeper with each book was just shuffled aside and onto the next man she goes? Up until that point everything that was written in this book series, even though one of it's components was time travel, was believable. Claire would never have sloughed off such catastrophic news. It would have taken her a long, long time to recover.

  85. Wonderful, wonderful book...just going nuts wondering how long it will be before we know what happens next and for Book 8 to be started and completed. You most definately deserve the break and I hope you are able to enjoy it...and I must remember that patience is a virtue! Oh well, guess I will go through the series once again to maintain my Claire and Jamie fix!

  86. oh gosh diana! i cannot tell you how much fun it is to read your books!!!!!! they are just amazing. i read Echo with hope knowing you could not tie up all the ends in it! :) thanks!!! and happy writing!

  87. No, Thank you! This volume of the saga was wonderful! Quite the twist with Lord John!At the end I was so happy to see there will be another! I am breathless with inticipation for the next volume.
    Thank you again for your wonderful gift of story telling.

  88. Diana,

    Gosh, you're welcome! But like others before me have said, we're the ones who should be thanking *you*.

    I have my brand-new, pristine copy of Echo. It's wonderful!

    You deserve a break! Take a breather, and thank you for all your hard work!


  89. Love Echo so far. Can you tell me, though, the brand of the pen you have in your hand in your picture on the back? It looks scrumptious and I must have it!

  90. LOVED Echo even with the cliff hangers but, could someone help me out here? When did Bree tell Lord John about them? Didn't he offer to look for them in Canada after they left? How did I miss that? Reading tooo fast? Probably. Thanks I'll be waiting breathlessly for the next one!!

  91. If it gets past your screener, sometime after Thanksgiving you'll find a letter of thanks regarding Echo.

    Thank you

  92. I'm soo looking forward to seeing you in Halifax next week!
    I heard a song the other day that totally reminded me of your books, it's call "Circle of Stone" (appropriately:P) by James Keelaghan. I hope everyone who reads your blog will take a moment and google See You Soon!

  93. Well, sigh, the last page today. I knew you'd do that. The problem is that as I age, it's harder to remember where you left off. So, thanks a bunch; I'll be spending the next hour making notes about who is involved in which crisis so that (presuming I am still around for the next) I will be right up to snuff at the beginning.

    You are a marvelous writer dealing with a marginally believable plot and story line, and have made a huge success of it. That is true talent.

    I have read read very few superlative contemporary books, but you are now in the club with Dorothy Dunnett, the master, and Scots too; what's with that.

    Kudos; now back to the keyboard to sum up the current crises.
    Jari Davis - a Utah fan

  94. Just searched for Randall Wallace on IMDB and his #1 project is Outlander (2011)!!! AHHHHH!!!! These are going to be an amazing next few years for Outlander fans :)

  95. Ok - Am I right that Jem was locked away by Roy, Roger has returned to the past to find Jem (who is still in the present), Claire is married to LJ and Jamie just found out about it but we have no idea how he will react, and William (aka James) is upset about his news and has run off. I won't be able to sleep for months thinking about all the issues left hanging. Does anyone have some ideas that could help me resolve some of these loose ends so that my mind can stop thinking?

  96. I have to say that when the character called Denys was first mentioned (I'm trying to not give away too much to those who may not have finished the book yet) I wondered whether his father's name was Jason, giving the most common casting suggestion I've seen for an imagined movie of Outlander [G]

  97. I LOVE your books, and this new one was time just perfect for release. It has let me forget the joys and stress of wedding planning! I simply can not wait for you to recover from your travels so that you may start writing the next book!

  98. I got to the end of this book and my first comment was "There is NO WAY she can finish in just ONE more book"... What wonderful twists and surprises!!! LOVE IT! Keep on going... I can't wait!

  99. I will start by saying at how excited I was for this book to come out. Just like everyone else. The only (comical) problem I have is that I'm now talking with a bit of Scottish lilt. It happens every time I read your Outlander novels. It drives my husband, with his Texas twang, nuts. I see it as a small price to pay for wonderful storytelling.

  100. Thanks a load Diana! I will now spend the rest of the next two years playing out every possible scenario in this saga until you put us out of our misery. lol. I did find it a wee bit awkward coming to terms with the fact that Claire had jumped into bed with LJ, it was a little bit hard to swallow considering all the previous interaction between the tgwo, and the apparent lack of "I want die without Jamie" stuff. I mean wouldn;t she have just gone back to Brianna? It would of been one of the first things I;d of thought of, you know... avoid the hangmans noose...find solace in my daughter, my only link to my dead husband and all?...avoid marrying the gay guy who wanted my husband...mmmm, well real life does throw some wide passes. I;ll read it again to settle my mind to the image of Claire having sex with LJ, not once out of grief but twice! What The! These are truly amazing, addictive books. Love em, and cheers for writing them. You have a God given gift.

  101. Diana:
    The only thing more exciting than picking up the new book is getting a chance to meet you in person for your autograph in the book... so excited to find out that you are coming to Halifax next week... as I only just (delightfully) discovered that you were coming here (when I read some blog comments here) I was practically hyperventilating when I called my sister up about your book signing... the real beauty of your visit to me is that I can bring my sister Karen along too... she introduced me to your books and she has just relocated her family to Nova Scotia - oh, life is pretty good!!!!!

  102. Loved, loved, loved Echo! Thank you for this wonderful story you have given us, they are as much a part of my life as my own family. *g*

  103. Thank you for such an amazing read. I loved it and hated to put it down. Oh and the ending is just nail biting...everything has to be resolved, I am glad that I will have a newborn to make it through the next three years. I also have your wonderful books to reread and paint the entire picture in vivid brush strokes.

    On a side not my husband and I just found out that we are having an baby girl, and we were talking about names and he said, you know I like Brianna. I smiled and agreed no way is he going to know why I like that name too, he might change his mind. :D

    Can't wait to read the next in the series they are certainly amazing. Congrats to you!!!

  104. I was turned on to your books a little over a week ago. I'm almost done w/#4. I told myself to slow down since a 6 month long winter is looming ahead. Great writing!

  105. Enjoy your break!!! Congrats on hitting #2! whoo hoo!

  106. I can't wait to get my hands on Echo. I'm having my family ship it to me here in Scotland because I can't wait until January knowing that all my friends are reading it back home! And I just... can't wait that long anyway.

    I still think you should do a tour here... sometime sooner than June. And then I know at least 5 people who will have one more reason to hate me.

    I mean, being in Scotland is neat to most everyone I know, and terribly tragic and unfair to all my friends and relatives that read your novels. It's... quite honestly one of the most amusing things... ever. Actually seeing you -IN SCOTLAND- would be the cherry on top of a most delicious cake.

    Enjoy your "break" now that Echo is up and running on its own capable legs. Always looking forward to more!

  107. You are absolutely a beautiful person inside and out! You seem very quiet in person but you may have just been in the "zone" signing books. Thank you for your writing and as others have said you deserve a break! I cant wait for book 8 either (as I finished echo in the bone 4 days after it was out.) But I can wait if it means you get some time with your hubby. I could not imagine touring for 2 months away from home..

    good luck and thank you again


  108. Congrats on another amazing book and Thank-you!!!As usual I couldn't put it down and was so sad when it ended.I love learning about the history and the way you make your readers fall in love with all of your characters. You are truly unique please never stop writing!! Can't wait for whatever comes next!!!:D

  109. *sob* it's over. i tried to read slow but i just couldn't! especially at the end. i loved the end...enough things were settled that i can live...but enough cliffhangers, that it's just barely that i'll live. thanks so much for such a great ride.

  110. Diana, you've again spun an amazing tale in the saga of Jamie and Claire. Like the rest of the readers, I was pretty shocked about the marriage to Lord John...but enjoyed VERY much the gradual gathering of all of the different parties who had all met while traveling around the fledgling states in America.

    I'm sad that I finished the book in only a few days, but at least now I'll be able to get to sleep instead of staying up most of the night reading! Enjoy your brief respite, and know that we are all eagerly awaiting the next installment.

  111. I finished Echo and admit I kept looking for more. I looked at my husband and said "Well, guess I'll read the author's notes now". Once again you have moved me to laughter and tears with Jamie's and Claire's story. I live in mountains near the N.C. border and often find myself imagining that Jamie, Claire et al are living their lives not too far from where I am. you are ONE damn fine writer!

  112. You're killin' me! I finished ECHO last night and talk about cliffhangers...I don't how I'm going to wait years...but as always I will be buying whatever you write, so do hurry and publish something!

  113. What a fun story! Not only do I live in NC, and know most of the places that are featured (for intance, I was visiting Okracoke while reading this book) but I also lived in Scotland as a kid. I did have to call my mom and sister (also reading the book) and complain that you had the kids full of pizza in Scotland in 1980. I was there in 1980, and we found ONE place in Edinburgh that sold "American style pizza" and it was really just some bread with a slice of tomato, some melted cheese with corn and ham on top. DEFINITELY not something that Jem and Mandy would have been wolfing down so delightedly (it made my sister throw up, in fact)!

    We have all been reading your books religiously since "Outlander" came out and want to thank you for such a lovely group of people to fall in love with!

    (No more Scottish pizza! I couldn't even get pepperoni pizza in England in the late eighties!)

  114. I am soooo relieved that it's not the end. This series has been a boon companion ever since I picked up the first one. Every year I have to re-read them all. Great story lines wonderful, believable characters. Thanks again, I'll look forward to the next installmen!

  115. Looks like I need a proof reader!! Here's the "t"!

  116. This is in answer to Rolie (Oct 6) - Lord John asked Claire to marry him to protect her. Claire didn't get over her grief, but she realized that Lord John was grieving, too, so went to him to help him. That's the way I see it, and as Diana mentioned in one post (was it to you?) the answers are in the book.
    Diana - I love the series, and my thought at the end was, "Well, what's happening with Jem and Rob Cameron? I hope she's writing another book!" Then I found out that you are!
    Enjoy your break, and your Scotch, and then get writing, lady! I love this series, and you put so much research into your books, it's incredible. No wonder it takes so long for you to finish one!

  117. WOW! Can't wait for the prequel. Enjoy the tour and I hope you can squeeze in a good nap when its all over.

  118. OMG... Okay. I have to say that the next three years or so are going to be torture. I won't reveal anything for those that aren't finished with the book but... Diana!! Your killin' me! Now that I am done with it I am left with an empty feeling!! So many questions.. I suppose I will have to read the series over and over again until the next one comes out. You are a small tad evil.. did on purpose didn't ya?

  119. SPOILER

    Just wanted to add an addendum to my last comment because I didn't wanna give anything away but it is absolutely EATING at me... I am going bonkers that Jamie and Claire aren't together at the end. It just doesn't seem right!!! Diana, my heart is torn out! The other cliffhangers don't bother me. I suppose I wanted it to end with them snuggled up in the bed together with him running his hands through her hand her her tracing the outline of his scars with her fingers... THAT was the ending right?? I'll just tell myself that till the next one comes out so I don't die from waiting for them to be together again.. *G*

  120. Echo is glorious and it is we who should be saying thank you, Diana, for allowing us to share these characters with you. Thank you for writing without limits and for staying true to your vision of the world you've created and its cast of unforgettable players. I wait with unbridled angst to see where our beloved Jamie, Claire, Roger, Bree, Young Ian, Lord John, William, Jenny and company will take us next. Where ever it is, or whatever may happen, it will be an incredible journey, I'm sure.

    Slainte :-D

  121. With an unexpected snow day already, I have managed to finish your latest epic in record time! My hubby said, when he brought the book home as a surprise (vbcg), that it should take me 41 days to finish. Well, it took exactly 8 days! And I don't have a "support group" to talk to about the book because none of my other Outlander friends have finished it! This is really quite frustrating!

  122. Thank you for a great read. I've been reading your wonderfilled books since 1992, seventeen years! I was fifty-three then and now am seventy.
    Time flies when your having fun doesn't it. Please God let me stay long enough to finish the story.

  123. oops that should be 27 years...I was always so good at reading, not so much math. Jeaneen

  124. I'm definitely a fan of the Outlander series, but this book wasn't quite up to the standards I've come to expect. Too many story lines, too many cliffhangers.

    The only way I would have picked up this book, had I known it was so disjointed, would have been when the next one is about to be released.

    I'm frustrated and more than a little dizzy trying to keep it all straight.

    Please, please, have the next chapter of this story out sooner rather than later.

  125. I have a suggestion about writing a series. When you title them let us know what book it is. I would be more likely to read all of your books if they were numbered. To many times I get a book only to find it is the 3r in that series. Knowing it is a part of a series allows us to start at the beginning.

  126. I have a suggestion about writing a series. When you title them let us know what book it is. I would be more likely to read all of your books if they were numbered. To many times I get a book only to find it is the 3r in that series. Knowing it is a part of a series allows us to start at the

  127. Well, I must say that this is the first time I've been such a fan of an author that I've gone as far as to hunt you down on the internet. You've killed me with the ending of Echo. For 2 days now, I just keep saying to myself, "Aye? Why?"

    I'm a little fearful that the world will end (what if the Mayans were right and we're all done in 2012?) and I won't get to read book 8.

    I've been an avid reader for 30 years - I've never come across characters that truly live in my imagination as yours do. Thank you! On a funny note - my husband may be developing a Scottish accent from reading your books. He's been reading them straight through and is midway through book 7.

  128. Horrors! I have just finished Echo and am now in mourning! I'm also caught up with the Lord John novels. Nothing to read. I'm afraid that this series has ruined me for any other novels that involve Scottish men! Any 12step programs out there for fast readers? Diana, congrats for the #2 ranking. I will wait patiently for whatever you publish next.

  129. I thought you might enjoy reading about what resulted from the free copy of "Outlander" that included a preview sample from "An Echo in the Bone"

    Here is my Blog review:

    I am now a Gabaldon fan for life!

  130. Thank You! and Congratulations I finished Echo after midnight this morning because I needed to spend today on Thanksgiving preparations(I'm Canadian) and I just had to see what would happen with Claire,Jamie and friends.I purchased my copy the day after it was released here and have been immersed since. In preparation I reread the series including the Lord John books and it really enhanced my enjoyment of Echo. Thanks again and enjoy your little break in traveling as I await your next efforts with great have a gift!

  131. I thoroughly enjoy the "Outlander" series and I just started reading "Echo". I have a question, how did Jem end up in the future with Bree and Roger when he didn't go with them? Everytime there's a reference to him being with his parents, I say, that's not right, he's supposed to be with Claire and Jamie. I certainly hope this is cleared up shortly? or was it an error? Thanks

  132. Cheryl,
    What you makes you think Jem didn't go too? There was a scene in ABOSAA where he was offered the option of staying with Claire and Jamie, but he didn't take it; he definitely went with Roger, following Brianna and Mandy. (I'd give you page references, but my edition is possibly different from yours, so there's no real point.)
    Jen in Oz

  133. Oh, just meant to say - THANK YOU!
    I finished reading Echo last night, and my husband has now started on it. I hope the world doesn't end in 2012, or we won't get to see the end of the story.
    I am fascinated by the thought that maybe there's some blood relationship between Fergus and Claire; and by the stories to be told of Roger's parents.
    And what exactly did Rob Cameron want? Clever Jem to figure out where he is, too. How old is he supposed to be by now?
    And... and... and... so many questions!
    Love the series, love this book!
    Jen in Oz

  134. I've finished reading Echo and loved the continuing saga. In reading some of the comments, left hanging, the only thing I was left with was where are Roger and his 6th great grand father? Jem is riding the rail train and will get out of the tunnel, teh same way Brianna did, and be found by someone and thus fiol Rod's attempt at the gold. And Jamie, he might just kill Lord John after he finds out the why. I do wish it hadn't ended so like a Saturday afternoon theater series that left the hero hanging by his finger nails from the cliff. I too eagerly await Book 8. Nevere the less, Congratulations Diana on another "keeper".

  135. The waiting for the next book will be brutal. I must thank my friend for passing "Outlander" to me and creating an obsession... I don't believe I have ever read through a series so... determined and now I've read them all and have to wait? Brutal punishment! As in the former comment... Evil! Delighting in the torture of others... certainly! Aaron Alan McLean

  136. Diana, I am in the middle of reading "An echo" and was surprised to see the name of Arthur S. Clair. I live in St. Clairsville, Ohio, which is named for him. My son lives in Greensburg, Pa where he is buried (Arthur not my son). Thank you for making it so real. We see the price these early Americans paid for our freedom. Linda

  137. DIANA
    First congratultion on your NYT list spot .
    Diana you is a wonderderful writer
    Please keep writting your lovely books.
    I leave in Brasil and i just begun the second book in the serie Oulanders, I devored both.
    I love Jamie and Claire. ..uau!!!!what a romance...
    Please Diana never stoped yours feel's me like a Nicest film there I never see before.
    Excuse me my poor english, but i need to say some words to you.

  138. Diane: Love the series. But I'm not too happy with Echo. It was just too mixed-up. With what was going on with Bree & Roger and their family (wierd). Jamie dead and Clair not mourning but marrying LJ why? Clair wouldn't do that.The whole business in Scotland with Jenny getting mad at Clair for not curing Ian. Hopefully it doesn't take you another 3 yrs. to write the rest of this story.Thanks for the entertainment.

  139. I just finished _Echo_ and all I can say is, "Wow." At first I wasn't all that happy with so much of the book not being from Claire's POV, but then I found myself enjoying William and LJ. When it was finished I completely understood why you wove all their stories together. What a complex writing style you have! I can't begin to imagine how you keep it all straight!

    I believe that the next three years will teach me much about having patience!

  140. Congratulations, Diana!
    What a great read, truly an E ticket ride! (Remember those?) I powered through Echo is five days, and now find I must re-read it, to catch up with the more delicate parts of the saga. (As opposed to the delicious bits!)
    I've enjoyed your books again and again, always finding new ideas to enjoy and explore. You are a truly gifted writer. Thank you for sharing that gift with all of us. And thank you for gifting us with the new members Jamie and Claire to our families.
    Fascinating! Thank you!

  141. My copy is on order - I am so looking forward to it. However, I am also completely gutted as I hear you are doing an event in Auckland in November - and it's the same evening as my first ante natal class. Hmm. Miracle pregnancy vs favourite author. What to do????

    My hubby is away from late October so I can see some lovely quiet evenings with me, the dogs, and bump, reading Echo. Cannot wait!

  142. My husband purchased "An Echo In The Bone" for me this weekend. I was so excited, I decided to do all my chores for Sunday on Saturday evening. Once I started reading I didn't want anything interrupting my journey with the Fraser family. I prepared Saturday dinner as usual; I pre-prepared Sunday brunch, and Sunday dinner with the exception of actually cooking. After Saturday dinner, my husband instructed the family not to disturb me unless an emergency.

    Settling down with a glass of wine and a plate of grapes, pears and cheese; I opened my very new Diana Gabaldon novel. I read the jacket cover and anxiously opened the book to a blank fly page, turn to the next page, it is "Page 13". That's right the very first page of my brand new book is "Page 13".

    There is no publishers page or title page or forward just starts in the middle of a sentence on page 13. Any ideas? Is this just a publishing error or is it the way the book begins?

  143. Oh, Rocki!
    Sorry you missed out on the first 13 pages! Perhaps you have a valuable, special incomplete edition! Hmmm ............ !?
    I sure hope this is the only unfinished manuscript! Oh, dear ...

  144. Hi Diana! Thanks for such an amazing book! I'm about 200-300 pages in and am riveted (except for some of the confusing politics). Once I'm done, I'll probably sit in a corner and cry until the next volume (or Lord John book) comes out. I hope you're still planning to write Brian and Ellen's story, and of course Raymond's (I am literally dying to hear that one!). Anyway thank once again, and can't wait to see you when you come to New Zealand!

  145. SPOILER (I'm not sure if that is even necessary at this point [g])

    I just wanted to add my opinion to the list in regards to Claire marrying Lord John. I, like many, was shocked by this particular twist in the story. But, unlike some others, I do not think that this was entirely out of character for Claire.

    We know that Claire has already gone through the stones 3 times. She has stated herself that she can't go back because another trip would most assuredly kill her. She hopes and prays that Bree and Roger and the kids are safely in their correct present, but she can't be sure if they are. So it isn't as if she has anyone she knows she can go back to even if she could make another trip through the stones.

    Ergo, she has to stay where she is because she does have family in the 1700's that need her. The only way not to be arrested tried for treason is to marry Lord John. (And they have to get hitched pretty darn quickly in order to avoid such adverse consequences.)

    And, in response to saying that Claire just forgot about Jamie and didn't mourn for him, I think she most surely did mourn him. Marrying LJ was practical. And we all know that above most other things that Claire is ruthlessly pragmatic. She would mourn Jamie, but would not allow herself to be arrested and her family to become suspect in the Crown's eyes. And I think that the only reason the two fell into bed together is because they both mourned for Jamie so much that they did something they would never have done in cold blood, as it were.

    This is of course my humble opinion. I would hate to presume upon Diana's intentions for her characters, but this is what I gather from much reading and rereading of this series.

    In conclusion, congratulations Diana and thank you for another heart-stopping page-turner that left me saying "WHAT?!?" an innumerable amount of times, especially during the last 100 pages or so. Can't wait for the next one.

  146. Congrats Diana on the #2! I didn't know before that Amazon purchases don't count for the NYT ranking. I'll be sure to buy #8 at a bookstore to help get that #1 debut for you next time!

    Loved Echo! So happy to find out more about Ian's past, and his present. I always enjoy your descriptions of the medical procedures Claire does. Has she at last found someone whom she can mentor and teach? She was thinking about that quite a bit in ABOSAA.

    I wasn't surprised to find that Claire married LJ.. there was an excerpt at one point on the DG website with Claire and Willie in a burning stable, Claire as LJs wife.. telling Willie who his biological father really was. I expected to see this in ABOSAA but it wasn't there, and then the excerpt was removed. Now we see the same revelations in a different storyline in Echo.

    Of all the cliff hangers I worry most about Roger.... his travelling companion has already proven to be unstable and has a wacky and evil mum! One different thing about Echo.. there is no truly diabolical villian to loathe.. we had Captain Randall and Stephen Bonnet... will there be a strong antagonist in #8? Or is the villian now the war itself?

    Here's hoping that nothing happens to the world (2012), to you, or to any of your passionately loyal readers before the rest of the story is told! And.. really looking forward to the story of Brian and Ellen~

  147. To Lindsey: Thank you for your insights regarding the marriage of Claire and LJ. I agree with everything you wrote. Also, I think, both Claire and LJ had one true passionate love in their lives, and that was Jamie. They suffer his loss immeasurably, and seek solace, peace, and release where they might find it, with the one someone who can truly appreciate their loss. After all, they are each only one human removed from Himself.
    As for Jamie's comment, "Why?" - this is from a rational man to a beloved friend. He really is looking for information; how did this happen? I like to think he will understand, accept, and forgive them both, due to his love for them.

  148. Ok, I have to say and I am pretty much at the beginning of the book, that I just don't "get" the same feeling that was between Jamie and Claire in ALL the previous books. Makes me want to cry! Claire with all her silly inuendos about the future. Jamie just isn't "Jamie" anymore. It all seems like a bad romance novel. I never cared for Lord John except for how he showed how the relationship was between J&C. Now that I have read the spoilers, I am truely disbelieving that Claire would EVER have sex with LJG! Never mind the fighting pirates w/her bare hands! Come on-she might be strong but shes over 50! I am too and it wouldn't happen! Diana-WHAT were you thinking? Couldn't you have at least put your heart into the last book(S) in this series? I want the REAL Jamie and Claire back!!! SO disappointed!! WAHHHH!!

  149. Hi, turns out you were here in Halifax tonight and I missed it. I am a very lazy fangirl. But I am glad to hear there will be another so that I at least know I will have another chance!

    Also, just wanted to say, I got my husband to read the first 100 pages of outlander, due to bribes/threats and he is now starting the second book.

    Good luck on your tour!

  150. Dear Diana

    I am a big German fan. I am so sad. I read Jamie and Claire more than 10 years over and over again. I love the books. The books are a part of my life.

    The love of Jamie and Claire is the important part of the books. So we all love the history of both. And now, Jamie is death and Claire married John? It is terrible. I was so sad, that I cried. We all wish a happy end for both, because we are waiting many years... and now?

    Claire is full of love and when I think my husband will die, I am not able to marriage a gay friend after three days.

    I hope all was a dream and Jamie and Claire get their happy ending.

    John is a good friend, but not more.

    I am so unbelievable sad...

    but congratulation...I know you will achieve the 1# place on German readers list.

    Your faithful fan

  151. What a wonderful story! Thank you so much. I've been reading these books since I was 11 (I "borrowed" the first one unbeknownst to my grandmother.)

    So, here is the magic question: WHEN is book 8 due out? (No pressure or anything...)

  152. Hello Diana; when " an Echo in the Bone "; he in France will go out to you; I am so much impatient to read it; thank you still for happiness to read you kisses

  153. Okay, I feel like a fool. This is just your blog and I am a bit starstruck. First, thank you from the very depths of my being. You have given such a gift with these novels. I have never been so entranced by a story before and it has given me laughs, tears, and... well, for a business owner, wife, mother of 2 beautiful but very energetic little boys, I finally found my escape, my "This is Mommy time, Boys, I mean it!" I am in love with all of the characters and can't wait to see what you come up with next, literally I can't wait, so go back home and start up that amazing brain of yours! JK Relax a little, you certainly deserve it. By the way, where on earth do you get your energy from?
    Again, a very heartfelt thank you. Terri Bland, Payson, AZ.

  154. First...congratulations, though it is no surprise to your readers.
    Secondly, I cannot tell you how happy I am to, once again, traipse through time with Jamie and Claire, et al.

    You have given me (and my family) so much over the years. You gave us hope, adventure, education, a great love, an extended family, laughter, happiness, tears for once not meant for me, something to look forward to, and most importantly, a chance to travel through the stones, to a place and time that was not mine.

    My first Outlander Series book was given to me by my husband over ten years ago(1997). *Can't believe it has been that long.* I was just starting my first of many battles with cancer. After I was admitted to the hospital, I asked my husband to bring me a book. He brought me Outlander. I was dumbfounded because he knew the authors I liked, but brought me yours. (No offense, keep reading) At that time, I had never heard of you or your books. (Sorry). I asked why he picked that book. He answered, "It is my hope. The prognosis is not good and I am not ready to let go. This is a nice thick book and I know you cannot put a book down until you finish it. You hate an unfinished story...and guess what, it's a series!” He them laid the other three on the bed. (I love him more every day for that.)

    The rest of the family (husband and three teenagers at the time) listened to the books (Outlander-Fiery Cross) on a 32-hour drive. When we returned home, they were on the last book. They sat in the car until the story was over. *Guess I am not the only one in the family with an "unfinished story" problem.* By the way, thanks for the quietest car trip in 19 years.

    Jamie and Claire are...I guess you can say my life. We recently found out that the cancer is back. Thanks for putting this one out just in time. I do not think I can make it through what I go through without something else to think about. Since I devoured this book in 3 days...I think of what could possibly happen to them next. To all of them. (I will not give it away to those who have not finished yet.)

    My biggest fear is that I will lose this battle before the story ends. I am determined to hold on until the story ends. (God willing) So, could you keep them coming? Perhaps…just a little quicker though?

  155. Seriously! You have NEVER left us hanging like that before!
    I guess now I just have to wait patiently for #8.

  156. Sorry to miss your appearance in hometown Toronto, but enjoyed your visit to Cobourg a few years ago. Just finished Echo - so left hanging!! Please, please get the next one out sooner! One thing I cannot figure out )don't know if I missed reading or what) is, how did Brianna and Roger get the letters?
    Your story/saga is just wonderful.

  157. Thank you, Diana for another wonderful book. I think is the best one. Thank you for bringing back LJ I love the way you did it.
    You left us all hanging in until the next one!

  158. I am SO sad and mad at myself. You were in Santa Rosa last week, just 2 miles from my home, and I MISSED you! Aaagh, just shoot me!

    I hope you had a good turnout here and that you got to see and appreciate our lovely town (though, knowing the nature of book tours, probably not).

    Did you know Echo was the Number 1 best seller in the SF Bay Area the week it came out????

  159. Congratulations! I absolutely adored all the books & particularly loved this one. You are amazing!

  160. Great talk tonight in Toronto! Thanks very much for braving the cold. Here's my blog post on the subject:

    Can't wait to read the new book. My mom's just finishing my copy, so I'll get it on the weekend.

    All the best!

  161. I'm definitely a BIG FAN of the Outlander Series espically Jamie & Claire, but this book wasn't up to the standards I've come to expect. Too many story lines, too many cliffhangers.
    I question some of the editing! In the part of the book where Jamie, Ian, and Claire each run into William at different times they act like they haven't seen him since he was 12 years old up on Fraser Ridge. At the end of The Fiery Cross Bree, Roger, and their children all met with William before they go back to the 20th century. Jamie and Lord John watch this meeting take place from a window above in LJ office. Lord John asking Jamie if Bree will tell William she is his sister. Before this meeting Claire, Bree, Roger, Jem, and Amanda see William in the town where Stephen Bonnet is put to death. Although Jamie wants to stay unseen by William, the rest of them have a nice conversation. Also at the end of FC Bree, Roger, and the kids were all settled at Lallybroch. They had been back for 2 years. Why did Echo back up & start with them still with Jamie and Claire on the Ridge?

    I don't think Jamie and Claire can have this on going great love for the ages and have her continue to have sex with so many different men. After all Jamie does have a lot of pride as a Highlander! This sex with Lord John less than a month after she thinks Jamies is dead is toooo much.

    I hope the next book is more true to the characters, edited better, and not as dizzying the way it jumps all over the place.

    Please, please, have the next book in this Outlander Series out sooner rather than later.

  162. I have been sharing my love of all the Outlander novels with my friends. I went in to your website to copy and paste all of the titles for a friend (lazy me didnt want to type) and I saw that book #7 is out! I am off to the bookstore tomorrow!! Maybe even tonight!

    I have been seriously thinking of starting back at book 1 and reading them all again... :)

  163. I am very sad that I finished the book last night. It's always hard to shake the feeling of loss that befalls me whenever I turn the last page. I enjoyed this one very much, more so than the last two ones. The reduction of storylines and character and less p.o.v. shift made the reading-experience much more enjoyable.
    There were a couple of times in the book when I just couldn't put it down but especially the ending sequence kept me up until midnight. I can't wait to know how the Grey-Jamie-Claire triangle will work out and I am very excited that Jenny came to America. However, I was hardbroken over Ian's death.

    I laughed, I cried (sometimes within one sentence), I hoped and I feared! Great book! Can't wait for the next.

  164. Congrats Diana!! That is awesome news....although you deserve #1. I loved ECHO - found it so moving and beautiful and heart-wrenching and exciting and I'm at a loss for words. My husband loves the books too and can't wait to read ECHO. He kept telling me to be quiet while reading the book because apparently my cries of outrage, squeals of surprise, laughter and tears were giving too much away. ha ha. What can I say, that's what your books do! I feel as if I'm right there.

    I can hardly stand to wait for the next one.....(Or two? Please???!)but I know it will be worth the wait. In the mean time, I'm thrilled to hear there will be a Volume II to the Outlandish Companion and one about Jamie's parents.

    PS - I was at the book signing in Seattle and was incredible to hear you speak and have you sign my book. Thank you for coming our way!

  165. Well I, for one, am mighty pleased to hear that there will be a book 8, possibly more. When I reached the end of Echo I harumped, how could she possibly leave Jem in a pitch black tunnel, Brianna with that slimey guy, Roger and his how many? times great-grandfather at the stones, and Jamie not knowing why Sir John has slept with Claire? (My sister had told me that #7 would be the last one.)
    Now I know, and will wait for however long you need until I can pick up the story again. Enjoy your time off! I am proud to be among the millions of readers that you delight. And I see that I'm not along among the numbers who read the series from first to last, again. And again.

  166. To Tillieblitz,

    I'm very sorry for your suffering and I want to send you good thoughts, wishes, and prayers. What you have been going through moved me to tears, but your courage and grace give me hope. I will hope that God gives you more time in this life with your wonderful husband and three children. I, too, hope that Diana takes less time to finish the next book(s), but purely for selfish reasons.

    Big hugs!

  167. Hi Diana! I've just finished Echo, and loved it (as expected!). I do find, however, the major downside of loving a rich & detailed series is that those rich & detailed stories take a ton of time to write well...and which I then inhale in 2 days, leaving me hanging for the subsequent ton of time until the next one. And with That Ending as it was, all I can say is:

    Please look both ways before you cross the street.

    Thanks for another great ride, and I'll be counting off the next few years (wah!!) until Book 8.

  168. Thank you for crafting yet another amazing adventure! I was born near Valley Forge, and have lived in the Philly area my whole life, so I had to chuckle at your description of Philadelphia; so true! Also, I'm wondering if you actually spent some time in the 'Great Dismal' to describe it so eloquently. I felt like I was right there with William and Ian.
    Congratulations and keep 'em coming!

  169. Thank you so much for coming to Edmonton and signing my copy of An Echo in the Bone. You are very gracious and always so wonderful to meet. Thank you again! And love the boo so much.

  170. Thanks, Diana for giving Lord John such a prominent role in this new book. He is one of my favorite characters!

  171. SPOILER
    By the way, has anyone ever wondered about the fact that Jamie -came- to LJ's house _looking for his wife_. Perhaps he already knows what has happened to her and that is why he goes there to find her. And perhaps that is why he is only asking why in such a calm voice. He already knows what has happened. In fact, he says to LJ -thank you for saving my wife-(not exact words).

    Although Outlander and Voyager remain my favorite books in the Jamie and Claire series, this one really caught on fire at the end and is now my third favorite. Although, I was dumbfounded at the end and remembered how I felt at the end of Dragonfly in Amber when the end of the book revealed that Jamie didn't die at Culloden. Diana, how can you do this to us again { I wait for the next book with everyone else.)

    I have to confess that I have had a hard time warming up to Bree especially and was glad not to have so much of her in this book. I love the LJ character and waited the entire time for William to discover his father was Jamie. I -didn't- think it would be in the last three pages. Shame on you Diana [g].

    I do think that this book is much more interesting that the last two, but that as a stand-alone, it is not as strong. I don't think I would have enjoyed it so much if I hadn't already read all the other books (multiple times).

    Thanks again Diana. Great Job. What about the LJ book The Scottish Prisoner? Publish something more soon!

  172. I love this book! Others are generously saying you deserve a break, but selfish woman that I am--I deserve to read the rest of the story as soon as possible. So I will be praying that your life runs smoother than silk and you have peace, harmony, and lots of time to write along with a compulsion to do so.

    This come ahead of Lord John books, don't you think? After all, it tells the story of Lord John's personal life so it should get top priority.

  173. Once again, you are a genius of a storyteller. Just when I think there is nowhere to take this story that will be fresh, surprising (not that I don't love it anyway, when it is comfortable and familiar) you find new ways to make it fascinating and twisty and new.
    I could LIVE in these books, you have created such amazingly real, faceted characters. I am always so grateful that the books are long...but sadly, never long enough! I milked this one (which was a 50th birthday gift from my husband) as long as I could.
    I cannot wait for the next one, is all I can say. THANK YOU!

  174. Up to the sailing to Scotland part and still am not really enjoying the book. I keep trying to put my finger on why. Its like SOMEONE else wrote this book, NOT Diana!(PLS don't take offence!)I read what Diana wrote about changing it up, etc. But this book is not in the same "tone" as the others. It feels "off". Its not like asking you to do the "same thing over & over". Its asking to CONTINUE in the same "feeling". These characters have become so real to us and that is because of the way you crafted them. Its like they are people I don't know anymore!The whole feeling of it is so different than the former 6. (And if these other people have been keeping up w/the info,how did they not know a long time ago, that there probably was going to be 8 books?)
    Anyway-the thrill is gone between Jamie & Claire. He just LEFT HER ALONE with the fighting on that ship? The old Jamie would not have done that. The way she talks to people and the way Jamie is thinking and writting in his letters-all rings so false somehow!
    I say its STRANGE!
    Sorry, just how I see it so far. :~(

  175. The biggest disappointment in this book is that the Jamie-Claire relationship has been diluted. Why?! What happened to the strong love that made her come back to him after 20 years, risking the stones again? Where are the sex scenes that are rampant in the first 6 books?

    Also, there is far too much Lord John. I know he is your favourite character, but he is a minor character (although an important minor character) and it's smart that you have utilized him to deal with the politics, but it distracts from the Jamie-Claire story, and after all, he does have his own series. I will admit it was good to hear from William, but it's happening just a little too much. From what I've heard of the ending (only up to page 300 and something) you tie it off nicely with Jamie/Claire/LJ/William, but leave the story somehow half finished?? Almost as though you hit the publishing deadline before you finished and sent it off just like it is.

    Finally, what exactly is the significance of Brianna and Roger? Are they going to come back, or actually play an important part other than read lots of letters? And...


    Do we find out what happened to Roger's father? (If it's explained in this book, my apologies, because I'm not finished yet.)

    I'm looking forward to Lord John and the Scottish Prisoner!

    Thanks Diana once again for an amazing series.

  176. All I can say to the last two post-ers is, KEEP READING!

  177. Hello from Germany,
    I have to say I was a little disappointed. For me there was too much of Lord John - he has his own series - and takes away from your writing time anyway...:-((
    And then the CLIFFHANGER!!! How many years do we have to wait for the next book with Jamie and Claire?
    I am starting to get grey hair, I hope I am not totally grey before this happens:-)))

  178. Congrats Diana! I enjoyed the book tremendously (except for the fact that I have to wait to find out what happens next). It feels like the day AFTER Christmas.

    I loved this line:
    "I hadn't time to ask her what he was a-doing, before he a-did it." Total LOL!

    Thanks for making us laugh, cry, and shout OMG!

  179. WOW!! Just finished the book and LOVED it! Great job of tying so many separate and interweaving story lines together. Each of your characters could have their own novel they are so strong and captivating, which is why I'm so devoted. Enjoy your own story and I will anxiously await your next book.

  180. I read the book very slowly because I was so afraid it would be the last one. Thanks for a great story that I can read over and over and over again. I know you need a rest, but I cannot help looking forward to book 8!

  181. I have been a fan for years and really enjoyed this book, however the cliffhangers at the end left me...

  182. Oh thank goodness! I just finished reading this book (loved it, of course!), and I was thinking, the series ends here?! There's so many loose ends to tie up!

    So I'm really glad to hear there's going to be more, though I can't stand thinking how long it'll be before I can read them!

    Well anyway, thank you so much for all your great work, hope to see heaps more awesome stories from you in the future!

  183. The outlander series is absolutely awesome and has provided many wonderful hours of escape and I thank you!
    I am a nurse and native to the mountains of North Carolina and can so identify with Clair. Its cool to read of towns that I know and have been to.
    I missed you when you came to Boone this summer to the Highland Games, but if you ever get back this way, I will be there, with all 8 of my books hopefully for your signature.
    Thanks Diana, you are awesome!

  184. for my part I'm reading a borrowed copy but most definitely will be buying one for myself as soon as I can find some time to go to the nearest English book store.

    tiny little nitpick though: in one of the Brianna/Roger chapters you mention lots of Eastern European languages being heard. I don't think you would in 1980 - The Wall didn't come down until 1989 and the Soviet Union only collapsed in 1991. There were of course people from those regions who had fled during or right after WW II but by 1980 you would be talking about the second or third generation immigrants so I kind of doubt they would be speaking in the language of their parents or grandparents in a land where they would feel safe and want to stay forever (as opposed to the situation now when they just want to stay for a few years, earn as much money as possible and then go back).

    But anyways, excellent to see a reference to my own country (Estonia) :D

    And the book itself is WONDERFUL!!!!

  185. Echo not one of your best. I was very disappointed in the book. I hope the next one will be as good as the previous ones. We need the sex the love and the devotion of your first books. Not this crap.

  186. My Scottish "mither-in-law" introduced me to Outlander not long after it was published. With each release of a new sequal, we would chat and speculate and talk back and forth all during our readings. I had the privilege of traveling with her many times to the Highlands to visit her home. We always went to Culloden for its haunting beauty, but while there would visit Jaime's clan marker - for our goofy adoration of him. And ALWAYS, we hoped to catch a glimpse of him somewhere in our scouring of lochs and glens.

    I lost my Mither and friend this year to cancer. I waited for Echo in the Bone alone but I chatted anyway with her throughout my consumption of each word. THANK YOU for creating these characters. In such a simple way I was able to feel close to her again.

    Enjoy your break, and your family. Then write on! We appreciate each word.

  187. I have not finished the book yet because I am trying to read it slowly to make it last longer. I am really enjoying it! Good to know it is not the last.

    Made your enchiladas last night. They are my family's favorite recipe!

  188. I love this whole series. I just got to the end of echo and I was thinking I must have missed something somewhere because I had questions. I was also sad as I read it thinking it was the last and now I'm delighted that more is coming and hopefully all those unasked questions will be answered or not.

  189. I have read all seven of the books in the Outlander series (twice). This one appears to have been completed in a hurry to meet a publishing deadline - plot lines were left dangling and some of the subplots not completely developed unlike previous episodes. Still, in all, an entertaining read - I love the characters - they are all very human, and I look forward to installment eight!

  190. I enjoyed the book as I have enjoyed all the others, but did you have to leave such a cliff hanger? I am worried about Roger getting back to Brianna, and Jem. I can't wait to read more. Thank you. The books are fantastic I will feel I have lost some friends when they end. I wasn't expecting some of the things that happened. Thank you.

  191. Diana,
    Thank you for such a gratifying experience. Not one of us could guess where any of the characters we love so much would end up, despite all the speculation. Certainly taking us where we didn't expect to be.
    I am looking forward to reading your next installment, and being kept on the edge of my page again.
    Thanks, also, for coming to Calgary. It was a great thrill to see you speak, have a photo taken and an autograph. I can only say you must have amazing stamina to smile, sign and travel so much!

  192. Ok,LOVED ECHO - but to everyone complaining about the cliff hangers and how little Clair expressed her grief, etc,etc.-I believe this book is just a roadmap to the next,hence the cover picture(all the various points coming to an epicenter)I think we are being shown what brings everyone to ground zero.As far as Claire and her grief- a writer can only eviscarate a character once- you don't want it to be a matter of "oh,here we go again". When Jamie dies for real- Claire will be there and you will get all the pain and agony you can handle, plus some. At least that's what I see happening! Thanks again Diana!!!

  193. Thank you! What a great book. It always amazes me that you have the ability to take a difficult scenario(like a character dealing with death) and have the character come to some enlightening epiphany that seems so real and clear - as if you yourself have figured out those emotions on your own. Sometimes I feel like i've been laying on the therapists couch when you get done unraveling the emotions which in turn unravel my own. Bravo! Excellent Book!

  194. Diana,
    You are an excellent writer! I have been a follower of the the outlander series from the beginning.
    I'm sorry to say that I found "Echo" to be somewhat of a "snoozer". It jumped around too much, John Gray needs less time on your pages in these books, William is a twit, and Ian with a quaker? Not at all what I imagined after all these YEARS! I didnt feel the love between Clair and Jamie like the other books.
    I will continue reading them because I love your books and I guess not every one of them can be perfect. You are only human!
    Drink that bottle, get some rest, and I hope I dont have to wait another $ years before I see my friends again.

  195. Diana,
    I am having so much fun reading Echo! I only have a couple hundred pages left and it's been a ball. I love the new format of this book; it makes it fast paced and exciting, even though it doesn't feel "rushed" at all.

    I have read the Lord John books, so it's hard for me to imagine it from a different perspective, but do you think any of the readers have found it confusing when you make a reference to a person who we know well from that series of books if they haven't read them? I was just curious to know if you've had any questions about that. I can't remember if you mention other "Lord John" characters in the previous books or not.

    Looking forward to all future installments in these series. Thanks for all the entertainment!

  196. Hi Diana! Congratulations on your 'Best-Selling' status! You deserve it, as you're one of the most intelligent writers I have read. Soon you'll finish your exhausting book-signing schedule and have a bit of down time...and then, of course, begin writing the next one, right???

    Thank you so much for coming to Black Bond Books in South Surrey (just up the road from my home!) and signing our books and chatting with us...and even smiling graciously while I took endless(!) photos. It was wonderful to meet and talk with you in such an intimate setting. Thanks, and happy writing!


  197. Oh, and I also wanted to comment about this latest book. I was left dumbfounded at the turn of events at the end (with the multiple cliff-hangers) but after giving it (a little) thought, I realized that in each of your books you leave us with something significant happening right at the end that we have to wait to have explained. That's the making of a good series, right? Granted there were MORE 'significant happenings' at the end of this one, but it just makes us anticipate the next one a lot.

    Also, the fact that so much time was spent on other charaters just makes sense. A relationship (such as Jamie and Claire's) usually starts off with just two people, but, as in life, others enter into the children, grandchildren, good friends, etc. It's what makes all our own life stories so full and complex. I get the feeling that a lot of what happened in this book is setting the stage for more to come, and I look forward to it with GREAT anticipation! Thanks for keeping us so entertained!


  198. I loved the book and love the series, but waiting for the next one is going to kill me. I told my husband that by the time the whole thing is finished, I'm going to be as old as Jamie and Claire (I'm 30 now). :) Looking forward to whatever comes next-- you're a fabulous writer.

  199. Wow, that is all I can say!
    First, I must start by saying I started reading the Outlander series well after the 6th book was written. Luckily for me, because within pages I was hooked. They became My favorite books of all time (and I am a most avid reader) and I couldn't wait to pick up the next and continue to live in the most exiqusite world of Claire and Jamie. I gave my much loved and well used :) copies to everyone I knew (who also became hooked). I awaited An Echo in the Bone with bated breath.
    I just finished it and I don't know what to say....except I feel cheated in so many ways. The book seemed a far cry from the rest of the series. It was disjointed, and did not leave me with a "cliffhanger" feeling, it left me with a sense of such deep confusion that all I can say is (excuse the teen verbage) WTF! I was under the assumption that this would be the last book so obviously that clouded my judgement a bit. Now, knowing there will be an 8th (and of course I will wait on pins and needles for it) I have a better feeling, but still... What kind of choppy story did you throw our way.
    You are so talented and such an amazing writer with an imagination that is unequaled. How could this come from you? I hate to say how cheated I feel but that is my first reaction. It was so choppy feeling... like watching an epic movie that got shut off in the middle!
    Such disappointment.
    I can only hope that the next book makes up for the very strange and incomplete feeling this one left me.
    Much love Diana and I do apologize for the (un meant)yet most likely disrespectful remarks, I just had to share my feelings at what I had so eagerly awaited and now feel remarkably... dissapointed.
    Here's to the next which I hope brings some closure. Not necessarily to the story, but to the feeling that these amazing books are not going down that path that some sagas take, which makes you wish they had ended some books earlier.. on a good note!