Thursday, December 17, 2009

HOW Long 'til the next book?!?

I have, as you might suppose, been getting a certain amount of agitated mail following publication of ECHO, [g] all centering on one question: HOW long is it until the next book will be out?!? (This accompanied by various pleas of increasing age or senility on the part of some readers. It's not that I'm not sympathetic, and I _am_ flattered--but the fact that you think you might not live long enough to read the next book really can't make me write any faster. Look, just exercise and take your vitamins; you'll be fine.) As to the question...

It wouldn't do much good to speculate; I'm always wrong. The books are invariably longer and more complex than I think they'll be, and _always_ take longer to finish than I think they will. Sufficiently so, that anyone who's had the misfortune to work production on one of the OUTLANDER books emerges from the experience with several new white hairs and trembling visibly in every limb.

General observation is that in terms of actual research/writing/etc., it takes me _about_ two to two-and-a-half years to write one of the big novels of the main series. That's baseline. However...

A) The books get increasingly popular. While this is, generally speaking, A Good Thing, it has side-effects. There's a HUGE demand on my time, in terms both of physical travel and in-person appearances, and the smaller drag created by endless email, propositions, invitations, cover quote pleas, and now--with the upsurge of online venues available--the demand to create TONS more subsidiary material for blogs, online chats, interviews, phone apps (don't even ask about that one; the publisher just suggested it and I have _no_ idea), enhanced e-books, viral animated videos, etc. I lose at least two/three months a year, if not more, to this kind of stuff (much more, in years when a new book is out and several different countries want me to come and tour. So far this year, I've done Scotland, the US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia--for a total of two and a half months _just on the road_--and will be doing the UK in January, Germany in March, and some miscellaneous Scottish stuff [g] in August. Three European trips in one year? It has its fun aspects, but man, it eats up your work time.

B) I don't work on one project exclusively, for the most part. I never have. Being able to switch mental tracks keeps me from ever having writer's block, and it's good for the separate projects, insofar as pushing one off the front burner while I deal with something else lets the first one simmer peacefully on the subconscious's lower heat--so the result has _lots_ more flavor and subtlety than it would if I cooked it at a furious boil and splashed it scalding into people's bowls (cf. James Patterson, if you want to know what _that_ looks like).

So (for instance), while the pub date for ECHO was four years after that for ABOSA, it doesn't mean that I spent four years tapping away on ECHO without cease or respite. I also wrote (and published) two other books in that time (LORD JOHN AND THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE BLADE, which was a complete novel, and LORD JOHN AND THE HAND OF DEVILS, a collection of novellas), wrote the complete script for THE EXILE (the first "Outlandish" graphic novel), did work on a contemporary crime novel (about half-done at present), worked on THE OUTLANDISH COMPANION, Volume II (rudimentary stuff, but still work), consulted on a film script, and poked around in the research material, coming up with bits and pieces of other, future books (like the first Master Raymond) that I haven't started working on in any focused way, but that are waiting on the sideboard for their turn.

So I have no idea when Book Eight'll be up. Not for at least two and a half years (the publisher does need _some_ lead time to actually print the book), but that's _all_ I could tell you for sure.

Now, I _can_ say what I plan to be working on during 2010 (putting aside all the roaming around the world stuff, promotion for the graphic novel, and Eldest Daughter's upcoming wedding): I'll be feeling my way into Book Eight, working in a serious way on LORD JOHN AND THE SCOTTISH PRISONER, ditto the OC II (because I'd like to have that one done before the end of the year), and seeing if I can pull together the contemporary crime novel (which is about half-done, and I think I know where the other half _is_, more or less).

You will get a couple of things in 2010, though: 1) THE EXILE. This is the much-talked-about graphic novel, due out September 28!, 2) a new Lord John novella, "The Custom of the Army" (due in March from Tor books, in an anthology titled WARRIORS), and (probably) 3) "A Leaf on the Wind," a short story in a Penguin anthology titled STAR-CROSSED LOVERS. This one tells the story of what really happened to Roger's father, for those with a particular interest either in MacKenzie family history and/or time-travel. [g]

So you will get something to read, and fairly soon. As for Jem...don't worry about him; he's a pretty resourceful little guy.

Speaking of that, though--which is the storyline _you_ most want to see addressed Right Up Front in Book Eight?


  1. Like you don't already know? *g*

    Jamie and Lord John's current predicament, and of course, William's dilemma, since you can't exactly separate them so I can cheat with two for the price of one!

  2. From sheer vulgar curiosity it has to be the John-Jamie-Claire triangle [g].

    Diana, I'm interested in your comment that you'd like to have the OC II done before the end of the year. Do you intend to publish it before the series is finished?

  3. Well, now that you've reassured me that Jem is hanging in there I can breathe easy.

    I'm just grateful that you gave young Ian a little bit of closure by Echo's end, that's the storyline I was most anticipating and you delivered ten-fold, so I'm happy, I can hold out for 2 more years :)

  4. In other words I should be happy I "only" have to wait another 6 months for the translation of Echo... ;)

    And if i could ask a favour?

    IF you are going to post anything in detail about Echo, could you please put a Spoiler! warning in the subjectline so I (and others waiting for translations) can just skip those for now?

  5. Diana I have to say I would LOVE to see the Lord John/Jamie/Claire situation playing out as soon as I open the yet-to-be-titled book #8. Thank you for giving me lots to look forward to!!

  6. I'll chime in with the Jamie, Claire, Lord John situation addressed on the opening, though I am twitchy about poor Roger going back for no reason and not knowing it!

    Thanks, as always, for your update!


  7. I would say Jem, Roger, Brianna and then Jamie and Lord John. Ofcourse there is also what is going Jenny going to say to Clair, oh goodness I don't know??? I discovered your books about 4 months ago and I might be slightly less obessed by the time book 8 comes out???

  8. I can't answer your question yet because I still have to read ECHO first. :)
    It took my Dad two weeks to get halfway through and with Christmas at hand I hope he finishes it in a shorter time. *gg*
    He's normally the last one of our family who reads your books.
    But you have written enough books to know that you will always get mails in which people ask when your next book is coming out.
    Bye Julia :)

  9. Wow, do you even have time to pee?? :)

    And here's my two cents worth. I would like to see you open book Eight with Jemmy. I think since the John/Claire/Jamie thing ended Echo, I PERSONALLY want to know more about Brianna/Jemmy/Roger.

    And, I'm fine if you want to call Book Nine "To Tina". Hehehe.

    Tina in Saskatchewan

  10. How about starting from Jenny's point of view?

    I'd be fine with the others percolating for a bit.

    And, thank you again. :)

  11. JEMMY! I want to k now what the heck is going on with him.

    I love it just as you write it. I laugh, scream and actually have thrown a book or two across the room at certain revelations of the story.

    My Aunt Marcia is my Claire model because she is a nurse and beautiful and has the Claire Personality. WE ADORE it.

    so THANK YOU

  12. Anything you do we will devour, I am sure. The OC II sounds good. I wish I still had my original sometimes... I need to buy another. I need to go back and read the last three books I read them so fast I am sure I missed a lot. Then it will be much closer to time for the next one. As far as story line I would love to see more interaction between William and Jamie...

    LOL Keri... that would be awesome!

  13. I want to know where/when Roger is, Ive been very worried about him ;)? And I really REALLY want to know if Jem is going to travel through the place in the mine and where/when he will end up if he does, stuck inside?

    of course we all want to know how Jamie and John are going to handle the whole "Ive had carnal knowledge of your wife" thing....

  14. Amie, the obsession just gets worse and worse over time. I found the books in '93 and have only become more and more obsessed over time ;). Im one of those that has the ring Jamie gave to Claire, inscription and all, Ive "met" Diana numerous times, even went to a breakfast with her and the AZ group of fans ;)....

  15. I'm glad Jem is resourceful! I wanna know about Roger and "Uncle Buck" and Rob Cameron and Brianna!

    I'm pretty sure Jamie and John and Claire will figure things out, but I am looking forward to that as well.

    And I want to read about Roger's family - can't wait for that.

    You take your time, Diana, and don't worry about all of us clamoring for more.....

  16. Talk about great timing - I just finished Echo last night, and your blog just answered all my questions...Can't wait for OC II, and thanks for putting all our minds at ease about Jem (although I wasn't too worried about him - he is quite resourceful!)

  17. My goodness you left us with so much to think about at the end of Echo! It's kind of hard to even say what I want to know about first.
    I guess I'm really most anxious to find out Jamie's reaction to everything that happened between Claire and Lord John. O_O

  18. Lord John, Jamie and Claire's situation.
    I need to know it before thinking about anything else. I know Jamie and Claie will figure it out somehow, but ....
    For me, these two and the relationship between them are the main "kernel" in Outlander's world. So I need the assurance that they still exist.

  19. I suppose I'm most anxious to find out about Brianna, Roger, Jem, etc. up front. I have a theory about a cool twist I'm hoping for...

    Of course I want to know about Jamie, Claire & Lord John, as well, but I have confidence that they'll all work it out :)

  20. I really do want to see a serious discussion between Lord John, Jamie, and Claire about time-travel. I would love to see John's reaction/questions/marvel when they are finally able to convince him of the truth of the phenomenon. I have no real fear for Jem; he is Jamie's grandson after all, and even if he travels somewhere out of control, I believe he will survive and return to his family. That's the Pollyanna in me I guess. Diana, please enjoy some well-deserved time off, and happy holidays!

  21. Dear Diana, thank you for asking. I would like to see the Bree/Rob/Jem issue resolved first more to see what Bree does with Rob than concern about Jem. I KNOW he will make it out ok. Then the discussion with John/Jamie/Claire, which will be incredibly interesting. That wil then leave you the leisure to get into all the emotions around Willie/John/Jamie. Thank you so much for these wonderful books and wonderful characters. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Pat

  22. I came in to this series with the first book. After reading DIA, I told friends that the ending was not a cliff-hanger. It went way past that. Diana took us to a cliff and pushed us over!!! There was no hanging...we were in free fall. Those reading the series do not have that same reaction - the subsequent books exists. In many ways, the way EITB ended was similiar. SO. Voyager was extremely satisfying after DIA and Diana's chose of scene order was excellent. (No surprise.) Therefore, I live the choice of "what do I want FIRST" up to Diana! Her choices have worked for me in the past!

  23. Well, I'm spoiled for choice! First would be seeing where/when Jem ends up, though I'm sure he'll land on his feet anywhere/anywhen. Then on to poor William who is probably off sulking somewhere. I'd bet Ian wouldn't waste much time finding William and telling him that Rachel is not available! Hah! Can I confess, though, that I have a particular soft spot for poor Percy? As John said to himself on the last page "Percy, Jesus, Percy!" Not first thing in book 8, but I'd love to see Percy heal the breach between him and John - they were so sweet together in Brotherhood/Blade, and then 2 decades of suffering for both of them. They both deserve a break. I didn't miss the repeated occasions where John is tempted to laugh at Percy's jokes, or that John had some repressed enjoyment at "three arrows" with the Baron. Hah, hah! He should get over pining after Jamie and find requited love for himself. Loved book 7!!

  24. I had to chuckle at this entry, because I've recently made the comment, "I hope I live long enough to see the end of this series." LOL!

    I'm anxious to see how *all* storylines resolve. I miss seeing Brianna and Roger in the past, so I'm anxious to see how that all plays out. I have no problems with cliffhangers whatsoever. It's just difficult to wait so long to see what happens! :-D

  25. Dear Diana,

    I think we should pick up with Roger in the beginning. He 'vanished' in ECHO. He's the one I think was left in the most peril, and for whom I was left with the most questions. Did he actually go through the stones? Did he travel or was he spit back out? Will he be with Buck, or was Buck killed/separated from him?


  26. I want to know how William comes to grips with things!

  27. I have often thought about and felt so sorry for those older readers who may not make it for the end of the series. I'm 33 and discovered "my Jamie" just last year. And the agony endured by those who started off with Diana from the beginning... waiting and waiting for the subsequent novels!! I don't know how you did it.

    I'm not worried about Jem. I know you'll take care of him. I really love Ian. If you could make really great things happen for him, I'll be good.

    LOVE, karla m.

    P.S. NOW, GET TO WORK! kidding...

  28. I can't choose one.

    Jamie's fugitive status and the predicament John and he are in.

    William's issue with being Jamie's son.

    Jemmy being in the tunnel.

    Roger and Buck going back in time.

    Brianna and Rob issue.

    Ian and Rachel.... I want to know more.

    Personally, I think this could keep going generation after generation but I guess that is excessive. I've just gotten so interested in Young Ian that I want to know his story.

  29. No question about it. The way Jamie is going to handle the news about Claire and LJ being married.

  30. Would like most to see Jamie, Claire and Lord John sort out the tangles and secondly (can I please have two "firsts?") Brianna, Roger, and Jem's dilemmas addressed. I do love the MacKenzies almost as much as Jamie and Claire. And then there's William.

    Thanks for these great novels. I only discovered them last spring and I've read all 7 three times. It was fun being able to go from book to book without having to wait three years in between each one. Don't worry about me, I'll be fine, waiting like everyone else for the next one. I'll try to be brave.

    Merry Christmas, and have a safe and healthy next couple of years!

  31. Dear Diana,

    I think the wait is the hardest for those of us who came into the books recently and have had the luxury of just grabbing the next of 7 at the conclusion of each. Now we just need to learn the virtue of patience like everyone else. Your family is the most important, so take all the time you need. Maybe with a few year's wait, I'll be able to focus on mine again.

    I think Roger/Buck should come first, or else Claire/Jenny - which would allow a nice way to provide background of what has been going on, as they fill each each other in on things. Hey, they could ride off together again in search of Jamie. And that would then lead us to . . ..

  32. Hej!
    I first read Outlander when I was eleven (I'm soon 25) so your series have been a constant part of my life, I can't remember a time when I wasn't waiting for one of your books to come out, and it was always worth the wait. So, I don't mind the wait:). I'm, as always, most interested in Young Ians story, probably because I grew up "with" him, if you know what I mean:)

    Greetings from lovely snowy but cold Sweden

  33. I JUST finished ECHO before coming to the computer and reading this post and had also just expressed the sentiment in a journal where I write comments on all the books I read that I don't know how I'll manage to wait another 4 years for the next book! Yet I fully understand it takes as long as it takes. I'm sure it will be well worth the wait.

    Emotionally, what I would want addressed first is Roger's predicament followed closely by Jemmy and Brianna, but what seems most natural is to pick up the conversation between Jamie & Lord John.

    Now off to exercise, eat right, start a new career, and read Austen to Zafon in the meantime.

    Thank you for writing books that arouse so much interest and eagerness on the part of your readers!

  34. Thanks for the comment about Jem... since I have kids a similar age to him I'm pretty sensitive to any "danger" that affects the kidlets in stories ;-)

    Really would love to hear about Roger/Rob/Buck/Brianna & Jem first I think.

  35. I don't know how you do it, but you have some kind of energy. 2010 is going to be a big year for you with your daughter's wedding and all the other things, can't wait for the graphic novel!!

    Now about how I want the next book to open up, I really want to know if Roger goes back and what will happen with Jem, Brianna, and Mandy.

    My goodness, the four stories all ended with so much going on! What a ride it was, can't wait for the next one!

  36. Hi Diana

    I am *dying* to know about Roger/Brianna - whether he's gone through the stone; whether Brianna can escape from Rob Cameron; whether Roger and Brianna will see each other again, and soon - not 20 years later like you've done with Jamie and Claire.

  37. Personally, I'd like to see what Brianna will say...or Rob Cameron for his abduction of Jemmy. She has already thought to herself, "I know what it's like to kill a man.," and I'm thinking that Rob is going to be VERY surprised and regretful (too late?)when he realizes he's grabbed a red-heided tiger by the tail...not to mention her fiery-headed cub! *g*

    Next, will be the continuation of the John/Jamie conversation but I think all will be well there. Jamie's an understanding man, after all...and loves not only Claire, but John too - as much as he's able.

  38. I hope to read about Roger. The poor man went through so much already, and now he is looking for his son in the wrong place.
    I hope that Cameron guy gets what is coming to him, the creep!
    I hope that, in the last book of the series, Jamie and Claire find a place where they can forever be together.

  39. What about Fergus?!? Not one person is wondering about his potentially life-changing parentage...Comte de St Germain's son...Dear Lord! And what did Lizzie name this new baby girl? I know we will find out about all the major characters, but I certainly don't want to wait until pg 493 to get the goings on back on the Ridge:)

    Nollaig Chridhell h-uile a duine!!!
    or Merry Christmas to those Sassanachs:P
    <3Diana Carver

  40. You're so sweet to ask our opinions. I actually am willing to stew even about dramatic plot points, but I've been curious for some time about Jaime's dreams of the future. I would love to see that explored more... I wonder from time to time about the apparition (ghost?) of the Scot at the beginning of Outlander looking in Claire's window in Inverness, I'd love to know more about that.

    At any rate, I echo the folks who say, take your time. I would much rather read a book from a happy writer. :-)

    Merry Christmas!


  41. With the amount of content and research (I hold a degree in history, so I know what it's like!) you put into every book, I'm amazed you even churn them out as quick as you do. I'm a much bigger fan of content vs. speed, so you take all the time you need, girl! I'm sure the results will be worthwhile! :)

  42. I have already told my son that he has to stand by my grave side and read the end-of-the-story to me should that be necessary. I can't choose where I want you to start #8 because I want to know it all within the first 3 pages. Oh well, I guess I can wait because I have too. Merry Christmas and a Happy, peaceful New Year to you and yours.

  43. In Sara Donati's series 'Lake in The cloud' - they talk of Ian and Clare- The White Witch. I've always wondered if the books would mesh, and how close you were with Sara Donati to know all those years ago wwhere yuor characters were heading.
    I want to see William and Jamie get to know each other better, and to see where the whole Fergus storyline breaks out!

  44. I'm interested in all of it, but I _most_ I want to hear more of what Lord John and Jamie say to each other. Or how Jenny and Claire react to each other.

    Secondarily, where (or when, I guess) Roger is, and what Bree does to recover Jem.

  45. Open with Roger and Buck! We know where Jem is and Bree, but Roger's...where? That was totally unfinished business.

    I pretty much expect Jamie to be angry for a bit, but I'm not 'suspensed out' on what will happen with Jamie and Lord John. I could wait for centuries before having to read more Lord John in Jamie and Claire's story.


  46. Of course, I must know how the situation with Jamie, Claire and Lord John will resolve itself. I'm also dying to see what happens with Roger, Buck and Jem! Having said all that though, I was most consumed with Young Ian's story in Echo, and want much, much more of his story.

  47. Having discovered the first book, Outlander, on Oct. 6 2009, I read all 7 in under 2 months as ebooks on my Blackberry in order to take them EVERYWHERE. Each are simply wonderful, collectivly they are completely wonderful, and I am overwhelmed with the most sincere appreciation for your writting them with the detail of character and history as you have... thank-you. I'll wait for you as long as it takes ;o) and will read everything else you release untill the eighth. I can't tell you what a meaningful exspence it was/is reading about NC in general from the Fraiser's point of view. But it was AMAZING for me reading this series in the Fall while living on a beautiful country ridge (5 miles from the Battleground site) looking out my large back windows over huge woods between the Big and Little Alamance River...we have even found a 1700's bullet from here. It felt like you were looking out through my own eyes and it was amazingly acurate in sight, smell and touch. IT made me almost want to sleep in the ruff. But reading your work, I did not have to to know exactly what that felt like...what a pleasure!

  48. Best Wishes for your daughter!

  49. What you accomplish continues to amaze me. The thought of what one life can encompass is a pleasant weight in my collection of perspectives on that.

    Hard to choose, as each storyline seems so "immediately needing action", but I choose William. The last scene with him was very satisfying to me, as I just knew that part of his personality had to show up sometime.

    I have often wondered how much influence that comments from your readers have on pieces of what you write. I know from your acknowledgements that you have included "bits", such as that scene involving the worm in that servant's eye, but I was wondering more about storylines, such as if a comment sparks a train of thought to lead you to having a character maybe go to France, for example.

  50. And what of Fergus? What with all said about Jamie, Claire, Lord John, William, Roger, Brianna, & Jemmy, I woke up this morning (having finished Echo yesterday) wondering about the revelations and hints regarding his ancestry.

  51. I'm confident that Claire and Jamie will be alright and so will Brianna, but I need to know what happens to Jem first thing.

  52. Definatley Roger and Buck. I know Jamie and Claire will be ok. They can't NOT be.

  53. Roger! He's in the most peril, and for the least reason. Does he connect w/ Jamie/Claire again?

    Do William and Jamie/John ever reconcile? I know Claire/Jamie will be all right, they've gone through so much together already

  54. Jamie and Claire -- they are the heart and soul of this saga.

    BUT -- don't let your fans or your publisher push you into working faster than is right. Take your time, let the voices speak true, and everyone will just deal with the wait.

  55. I'll just be patiently waiting for what you'll be coming up with. might want to update your blog though. WARRIORS is coming out on March 16, 2010. It's already on pre-order on

    PS I am so very, very sorry that I could not reply on the "slash"y thread over in the community. I suffered a mild stroke and I had to be hospitalized for a number of days.

  56. I would LOVE to see Jamie and Claire's reunion right after they find out that Jamie is alive. Please, please!
    I'm a big fan from Brazil! Have read the entire series but have to ship the books from US, since in Oct. 2009 we just had Fiery Cross published in portuguese.

  57. What happens to Roger, Brianna and Jemmy.... How could you leave us hanging like that?

  58. I so thoroughly enjoy all of your characters, and would happy with any of the ones you chose to open the next book with. I have to tell you that I have a really soft spot for the two little girls we were introduced to on the journey in Carolina. I think it would be a blast if Jem ended up with them after they ran away from their apprenticeship in the brothel.Hopefully they don't fulfill their threat to Ian.

  59. Hi, Diana,

    I think I'm really eager to see more of William's reaction to his parentage, and hoping that he will be able to work out some sort of relationship with Jamie. It has always broken my heart that Jamie is such a good father, and yet, has never been truly able to enjoy either of his children. He did, finally, get an opportunity to build a relationship with Bree, but that's been taken from him...again. So I think I'd really like to think he could at least have the same with Willie at some point.

  60. Diana,

    Well, since you asked...

    Of course, like most of the other commenters, I would like to know what happens next for all of the main characters. But I'd also love to see any of them cross paths with characters we haven't seen in a long time, like: Duncan & Jocasta, Ulysses, Josh, John Quincy Myers, Nacognaweto, and if at all possible, Raymond.

    I particularly enjoy 2 devices you occasionally use: 1) having main characters interact with or hear about smaller characters that have been introduced elsewhere so only the reader knows that there is a connection (same with historically famous people) and 2) "finding out" in the books the reasons for historical events and current situations or beliefs, such as Clare's sighting of the Loch Ness Monster or the origin of the burning cross.

    Thank you so much for the books and the wonderful people in them I have come to love.

    - Nicole Z

  61. What I want to first in the next book... if Jamie mops the floor with Lord John. I don't care if Jem is in the tunnel for another book, because I know he will be okay. As far as Claire, John and Jamie.... bring it on! :-)

    Looking forward to the Graphic Novel and OCII too!

    Tell Moe I said, "arf". :-)

  62. Firstly, congratulations to your daughter and a very Merry Christmas to you and your family!
    Secondly, I haven't finished Echo yet since I started law school prior to its publish date in Sept. and my nose has been buried in other books until very recently. As I type this, I have Echo sitting next me and I've just begun so I have no idea what I'd like to see in the next book. I am just happy with what you write so I can probably say that I won't have any particular preference. Also, (and at risk of sounding completely selfish) I'm quite happy with waiting for the next book since law school generally excludes pleasure reading. :)
    Lastly, I'm REALLY interested in knowing more about Master Raymond if you'd want to write about that while letting others simmer. :)

  63. Dear Diana,
    I love all the books and I just finished ECHO today....You left us with so many unanswered questions and situations. First off I want to know about Roger and does he make it back in time and reconnect with Jamie and Claire. I am glad that Jem is ok but maybe he goes back through time while he is trying to get out of the tunnel. Brianna had a feeling of the tunnel having powers when she was there so maybe Jem finds the passage? I know that Jamie, Lord John and Claire will work out their situation and we all know Lord John only married Claire out of friendship. Jamie will understand but might not like it at first. Ian and Rachel make a great couple and I hope it works out for them. I am sure that when William realizes that Brianna is his half sister he will want to connect with her. Maybe that's how he becomes a believer in time travel....Speaking of time traveling, I would love for Jamie & Claire to go into the future with Roger back to Scotland.

    Diana, you have your work cut out for yourself..Thank you for your written words. Happy and Healthy New Year. Joede

  64. NOOOOO, Jamie must NEVER go into the future!! He'd be a mess there!!
    Jamie/Claire/John will be fine. Hope the argument doesn't streatch out too long. Their beyond all that now aren't they?? Briana will be fine. It's Rob who should be afraid there. Jemmy will be fine - even I think if he ends up back in the past. I'm worried about Roger maybe going back and then not knowing Jem never did go through. I know he would never go back without him, SO . . . Briana, Jem, and Mandy need to go back too. I can't stand them being away from Jamie and Clarie. PLEASE, send them back!

  65. I would like to see you return to one of the early scenes in the first book where Jamie appears outside Claire and Frank's room. What was that all about? And as you tie all the loose ends together, spend more time with Claire and Jamie. I have enjoyed the other characters, but Claire and Jamie are the very heart and soul of the series. Thanks

  66. Dear Juliana--

    You _did_ see Claire and Jamie's reunion when he was revealed to be alive. (I'm amazed at how many people read so fast "to find out what happens" that they actually _miss_ a lot of "what happens"!)

  67. Dear Rory--

    I'm so sorry to hear about your illness--do take care of yourself!

  68. Aside from being concerned for Jem I want to know if Bree and Roger reunite and in which time period.

    I guess I'm just going to have to go back to the beginning and re-read the entire series (again).

  69. First of all thanks for the reassurance about Jem. That was one dangling story line that I found very hard to read.

    I would like to see the book open up with the Jamie/John/Claire situation, followed closely by Willie's situation. I am so curious as to how Willie will view John from this point on, especially on a long-term basis. It seems to me he would find it hard to trust anyone after what he has found out.

    I am so glad to hear the GN has a release date this year, it will be the first GN I have ever bought. I can't wait for Lord John and the Scottish Prisoner.

  70. Congratulations on your daughter's upcoming marriage. We just celebrating our daughter's wedding in October and some fans of yours commented when they saw the pictures "You didn't tell us that she was Bree!" Which is really funny because the Bride and Groom have never read the Outlander series, but have Celtic ancestors so went with a Celtic theme. *G*

    Thank you for your reassurance about Jem. I was worrit aye?

    Story line: Personally I'd be happy if it started out with Bree pounding the pooh out of Rob Cameron. That is only for my own satisfaction though. I love how you started Echo with Ian's encounter with the band of no goods and trust your skill to lead us into the next addition...or should that be edition. *G*

    It takes as long as it takes, good books my be read in a rush, but they can't be written in a rush. Looking forward to "Exile", which will be the first graphic novel I've ever purchased, and to all the other offerings from your most fertile imagination.

    Merry Christmas and peace and health to you and yours. Tummy rubs to the four footers too!

  71. Oh wow, I'm just starting to re-read Echo, I devoured it with the first reading, and now can't wait to go back and find out what I missed in the devouring. I would of started it all over again immediately after closing the back cover but needed to let it simmer in my mind for awhile, and also my friend borrowed Echo as soon as she could get her paws on it. (I got her hooked on your books earlier this year and she has read every single one back to back!)

    As for what to address at the beginning of the book. Oh my. Ummm Everything!

    Rogers going back in time is a definite, what happens to him this time around and how does it affect life in "current day" Scotland?

    Willie, Jamie, and Lord John. Oooh Boy! My heart stopped while reading that passage, and I'm very happy that Willie has become a central character in his own right!

    Also the Jamie, Lord John, and Claire situation. Talk about leaving a girl hanging. I don't remember ever laughing so hard though.

    I could go on and on here. But suffice to say I am one of those chomping at the bit to read your next book, but do have the patience to wait till it comes out in 2+ years. I'll just re-read all of your books for now, and I have yet to start the Lord John books so those will suffice.

    Happy Holidays!

  72. Jamie and Claire- The series is wonderfully rich, but it's nothing without Jamie and Claire together.

  73. I'd like to start with Brianna kicking Rob Cameron's arse. Then, of course, getting Jem safely back with Bri.

    Be cool if Roger gets to see Jamie and Claire again, though. I'd say that's pretty high up there on the list of what storyline I'd like to see first and second.

  74. Most concerned about Jem's predicament and Roger!!! Did he actually go? Did he get where he wanted to go? How will he find out that Jem is in his own time? Will Brianna and family go to find Roger??? Can't wait to find out :) Half the fun is the anticipation.

  75. I would like to see you go back and fill in some of the short sharp, shocks. Ian's wound, Fergus's machinations and intrigues. How much time passed before the Ian and Emily reached their accord? Lots to start with to build the momentum.

    Congratulations on your daughter's engagement and Good luck with the wedding planning.

    Thank you very much for my philosophy books. You have such an understanding of human nature.
    Merry Christmas

  76. I'm with the Jamie/Claire/Lord John camp but followed very closely behind with Roger/Brianna/Jem/Mandy. Do make Rob Cameron pay in the most deliciously vicious way you can. He deserves it.

    I am thrilled to hear there will, someday, be a Master Raymond book.

  77. Diana,

    I'm addicted to the 'Outlander' series. Not too crazy on the whole Jaime/Clare/John triangle as I don't think there really is one. I guess I'm just old fashioned enough to believe that love conquers all.

    Would like to hear less of John and more of Jaime, Clare and their entire extended family. I read Echo and although I enjoyed it, there was too much of Lord John and too little of everyone else.

    Like everyone else, I'd like to see what happens to Jemi and Roger. It would be nice to have the entire family together again at Lallybroch.

    Thank you Diana, for a most entertaining read. I am currently re-reading all the novels from the begining and anticipating the next one.

  78. This comment has been removed by the author.

  79. Diana, you are killing me. I got through 7/8 of the book and said to myself, 'there are still way too many loose ends to wrap up in the number of pages that are left.' Unfortunately, I was right. I'm going to worry about everyone (esp. Roger & Jem -- Bree will deal with Rob) for the next 2.5+ years.
    I love your work and love how you get right to the soul of human relationships. This passage nailed me when I am reading your books (my poor husband will confirm): "She looked up from a sheet showing the disassembled components of a hydroelectric turbine, with the rather blank look that indicated she was aware of being spoken to, but had not detached her mind sufficiently from the subject matter as to realize who was speaking or what they were saying. Familiar with this phenomenon, he waited with mild impatience for her mind to let go of the turbine and focus on him."

  80. I really can't believe people are so crazed. I mean I am completely obssessed, started reading the series over again and loving every minute of it but I KNOW that it takes a good long while to get something this immense done and over with. But come on people, give the poor lady a chance to rest!!
    In the event that it does happen, interested in the Jamie/Clair/L. John problem but they'll work it out. I am, however, extremely concerned about Jem and Roger!

    Thank you Diana for your gifts to us in whatever time it takes.

  81. Diana,

    I'm glad to know that Jem is safe - that was my first plot I wanted tied up. I think my second is what about Brianna and Roger Mac? I'm concerned for their welfares in their separate times and really want to know what happens!

    Great post!

  82. I want to know what has happened to Jem! Where is Roger and what is Bree going to do to find them. I really think about this a lot and I have to remind myself that they are not real.

  83. First I want to hear about Jamie, Claire and John. But I have my own sense, based on what's written already, that Jamie is not going to beat John up and it's all good.

    I'm curious about the French Gold. I want to see if it really is still in the cave with the Spaniard. When Jamie showed it to Claire my next reaction was why did he show something as important as that to a woman with a glass face?

  84. Hi Diana -

    Thanks for taking the time to give us such details about how your time is divvied. It leaves me quite breathless, I must say & I have the impulse to tell at least half of the parties involved to leave you alone so you can work your craft. I am eternal grateful to the friends who steered me toward "Outlander" and, like, everyone else who read, is intensely looking toward the next one, even though "Echo" is so newly released (and in some parts of the world is still being awaited).

    OK, so - to answer your question. I concur with those who say lead with the Jem, Brianna, Roger storyline. I was so relieved to see the good humor return to Jenny and though I was dismayed to see the way things had "ganged agly" with Claire, LJG & Jamie, I too am not terribly worried about them. I can't imagine there is another man in series Jamie would be able to tolerate in the position, but in this situation I think he'll understand, so I don't feel a need to pounce into the next book looking for their thread to pick up. I'm feeling claustrophobic on behalf of Jem, and agoraphobic on behalf of Rog! And just plain hysterical with worry on behalf of Bree...

    Well, that got long. Hope it's ok. Hitting "send" now...

  85. Diana,
    I'm not so worried about living long enough to read the next book... books... I figure once I'm dead I'll know everything I need to.
    However, I do hope you have outlines and outcomes written down and in a vault somewhere. Just think of the millions of people waiting to find out what happens to Clair (what happens when her hair turns white?), Jamie (how many lives does he have left?), Brianna, Roger, Jem, Mandy (you have barely started telling her story), William (he CAN hear the stones, will he Travel?), Lord John (very much a MAN, despite his sexual orientation, well everybody and I'm sure a few I haven't been introduced to yet.
    In other words, if you fall through a cleft in a rock while tramping around the wilds of Scotland... well, leave us some letters like Claire and Jamie did for Brianna and family.
    Love, Sandy

  86. I know, I know!! I actually asked her something similar during the questions portion of her visit in Salem a while back. I wondered if she had made any provisions for if "God forbid, something should happen to her", and she replied that "Well no, since she didn't_know_the rest of the story yet..." We must all keep those positive energy thoughts going her way to keep her safe, eh?

  87. Dear SL--

    I know everyone thinks that _all_ writers know every last thing about everything they'll ever write in their lifetimes--but this is not actually the case. [g]

    If JK Rowling mapped out all seven books of the Harry Potter series ten years ago, more power to her. Not all of us work that way.

    I personally don't use outlines (kind of pointless, if you have no idea what will happen, and don't write in a straight line anyway), and while I may know a couple of things that will happen--in vague general shape--I have no idea how, when, or in what circumstances they might happen, nor yet what the outcome may be.

    No, I reckon y'all had better just keep me in your prayers, if you're worried about me lasting long enough to write everything. [g]

  88. I LOVE your books! I was so excited to read this latest one, and when i got to the end I just sat there with my mouth hanging open. lol I can't wait(though obviously i have no choice ) to hear what happens to Roger, Jem, and Bree and then Clair and Jamie. But really i hope that Roger, Bree, Jem and sister(why can't i remember her name?!?) end up back with Jamie and Claire. Looking forward to all your upcoming releases. Have a Merry Christmas and a Very Successful New Year!!! :-D (And get some rest for pity's sake LOL)

  89. The "Triangle" for sure! Then poor Roger! Honestly, it doesn't really matter because I know you will do what you do best....make all of us verra happy! It's ALL GOOD!

  90. william. definitely william. he's the "newest" character to have a big part in the books, and since he's had a "different" upbringing than the rest, i'm curious as to how that affects what he does (it's the whole nature vs nurture thing, lol)

    other than that? jemmy. especially with his sister's reaction

  91. If William has heard the rocks sing, in or out of the fog, is he going forward to his sister or back to the frog. I have not finished Echo because it is frustrating to me that you spend so much time on other projects, and I am trying to stretch it out.

  92. Dear Spud--

    I wouldn't write any faster if I spent all my time on one project. Books are organic things, and they come together in their own time. I work on other things _because_ there's space in my head while the book of the moment is slowly gathering itself, somewhere below the surface. [g]

  93. Diana, you may live to regret asking us the question!! I would like to know why the Murrays have abandoned(?) Lallybroch after Jenny's departure for America.

  94. Diana,

    I am curious about the contents of the Companion Part II. Will there be room for some tricks of the trade? I enjoyed the writer's corner of your website when you were updating it and love the podcasts you share. I am amazed at how generous and encouraging you are to aspiring writers and I have heard it mentioned that you might consider writing a book on the writing craft. Is that on the radar at all? Like everyone here, I enjoy the obsession with your work. I am, however, inspired by your teaching even more so. The permission not to conform to writing in a straight plot line opened up a whole new world for me.

    Wishing you and yours a beautiful Christmas,


  95. Jem, closely followed by Roger and Buck.

    And that can be taken literally, too. [g]

  96. I'm sure you know by now, how you and your books are loved. While many challenging things have happened in the last few years, I have so enjoyed "escaping" into your wonderful series. What a gift you have been given (and I know that you work really hard at it too)! Enjoy your daughters wedding and your travel. And yes, I hope you start with Jamie and Claire and then continue with the Mackenzie clan and where that leads. Happy New Year! And thank you for your work.

  97. Diana,

    I have been a faithful reader of your series and I must say I just finished EOTB a half hour ago. I wish you hadn't left so many loose ends. It is upsetting because I know I will have to wait so long to hear what happens.

    I think Book 8 should be the last. I know you had started out thinking 4 or 5 but they keep going on and on. I have started skipping through Claire's lengthy medical procedures.

    I know you've fallen in love with the characters--we all have, but it is time to be done.

    My husband had to stop reading Tom Clancy who fell in love with Jack Ryan and kept the novels endlessly coming.

    So...please finish the story with the next book and put in as much Jamie and Claire as you can.

    Thank you for your efforts.

  98. I guess it takes all kinds and that applies to readers. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but I, for one, am endlessly fascinated by Claire's ability to apply her 20th century medical training and expertise in 18th century conditions.

  99. Its so hard to pick just ONE predicament but i geuss if i HAD to choose i would say i want to see what happens to Jemmy and Roger! I am waiting with baited breathe with roger potentially back in time and poor jemmy in the tunnel! What will become of them?! lol...

    Thats not to say i am also excited to find out about Claire and Lord John being MARRIED and how Jamie is going to take their ermmmm time between the sheets...hehehhehe...

    But definetly most excited to find out about Jemmy and Roger!

    Can't wait! Take as long as you need! No one wants you rushing through anything - then the books wouldnt be as amazing!


  100. Traci- you are one brave soul to make that post. That said, I totally blew raspberries at you when I read your comments.

    I, too, am spoiled by finding the books rather recently...I have only been reading them for the past three and a half years, but I have re-read them all several times and just can't get enough!!! Echo was the first time I really had to wait for a release date and even that wasn't so awful. Two+ years for the next seems like eternity!

    I am so grateful for the gifts of these books and will wait however long I have to and I also hope the series continues even after Jamie and Claire. I've fallen in love with so many of the supporting characters that life without them will just feel wrong.

    I'm so interested in Roger's storyline and can't wait to see if my prediction re: Claire and John's marriage is correct. (Thinking it will be null since Jamie and Claire were still married- similar to the Laoghaire plot)....


  101. Diana anything you write on this subject is pure gold, so I am willing to wait to be sure we get your best. However, like many others I am interested in the current love triangle between our favorite homosexual hunk and our two main characters. I am more interested in Ian and his quaker love interest. How will they recolcile their lives and love. And Jenny, and how she fits in...So much to deal with! But I am looking forward to the graphic novel. Keep up the good work!

  102. Dear Traci--

    Well, you know, the story will be done when it's done [shrug]. I certainly wouldn't "keep them coming and coming" if the story wasn't there to be told--but it is.

    I'd thought ECHO might _be_ the last book, but plainly it wasn't. [g] Don't know about Book Eight, but I _do_ need to get through the American Revolution.

  103. I would like to know how William handles his new knowledge concerning Jamie. Meanwhile, the time until the next book comes out gives us time to read the entire series again. I'm also looking forward to reading the other books, Roger's father, Lord John, etc.

  104. Funnily enough I have been listening to Echo via Audible and I picked up on something that William was thinking when he was in the Great Dismal - he "talked and listened" to the rocks in the Lake District! Is this because he also has the ability to "hear" the stones and if so, from whom did he get this ability, since it definitely isn't Jamie's genetic trait. Just imagine what complications this could give rise to if William can "travel" where Jamie cannot.

    Also, I want to know how Claire and Jenny resolve their differences.

  105. I would like to hear how "Lady Grey" gets out of being Lady Grey and back to plain old Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser -- and how little Jemmy finds his grandparents and Roger when he swoops back through the "time hole" in the tunnel! I'll be thinking about that for the next two years. In the meantime, I've started rereading them all over again.

  106. Jaime, Claire & Lord John's current circumstances. They are the heart of Outlander. Then Jem and Roger please!!!

  107. > poked around in the research material, coming up with bits and pieces of other, future books (like the first Master Raymond)

    I'm excited about this. Another Master Raymond book, yay!

    > that I haven't started working on in any focused way, but that are waiting on the sideboard for their turn.

    I'm not excited about this. [g] I hope his turn comes quickly.

    As for book 8, I want to know what Jem's up to, in whatever time he's in, and if Mandy can "see" him, again, in whatever time he's in.

  108. Of course, as the consensus seems to be, I'd love to have the Bree/Jem/Roger/"Buck"/Rob Cameron situation explained, and the Claire/John/Jamie situation. I immensely enjoined William's narrative throughout Echo--I've been itching to know more about him ever since the fourth book when he sees Jamie and Claire on the Ridge. I was so happy to see him emerge as a main character in Echo, and I really hope the trend continues in the next book!

  109. Diana, LOVED Echo. I guess I'm a little late to the party, but I'll give my preference.

    Jemmy seems like he has Jamie's luck when it comes to getting out of a jam and Bree is not a mama bear I'd want to mess with. IM WORRIED ABOUT ROGER!!!! If he went through the stones and Jemmy didn't and hes just running around the 1780s looking for him i think that spells trouble.

    I'm fairly certain that the whole Jamie/Claire/John situation will be figured out.

    and I just wanted to say I've been writing screenplays for that past 3 years and you've motivated me to actually get on with my first novel. Thanks! :)

    - Rebekah Weatherspoon (someone on the line was Scottish. i am very much so brown)

    ps Jamie reminds me so much of my father who is a very good man. just another reason i love your books. he has added your series to his to must read list.

  110. as an american history teacher and an indescribable fan of this series, I must say I love the way the revolutionary war and all its intricacies have been portrayed. as we all patiently await the next book, I look forward to seeing how the political positions of Lord John and Jamie play along with the conflicts between dottie and Denzel, etc. It was all so masterfully interwoven I was continuously amazed at the recurrence of these conflicts. if was historical fiction that made me love history as a child and this series has kept that flame burning.

  111. I have to echo Kym's comment. I teach American History and love the way the revolution is portrayed in this novel particularly. I wondered why Claire called Henry Knox - Henry Fox? Was that intentional or am I mistaken about who brought the cannons from Ticondergoa to Boston? Is Arch Bug dead for sure? I am also mostly curious about what is going on with Roger and Buck. Where are they? Did Buck make it through the stones okay? If Brianna read more of the letters, would they mention Roger showing up at some point. 2 and 1/2 years....well, you are a wonderful writer and I will surely be looking for the nexxt book with eager anticipation.

  112. I will just be delighted to read whatever is written...though it really did concern me about Jem Roger and Brianna...Lets face it - there is HEAPS I would like to know...but know it will all there whan you have finished No8...with probably as many questions about the 'next' book after that. ?No9 :)

  113. Oh... Jem, please! I worry about the little guy. That is the one thread that, when I closed the book at the end of the text, caused me to stomp about the house, ranting about the frighteningly long wait until I can find out what happens! I have three little boys of my own, and do tend to get attached to your characters like they were my own family... especially little Jem.
    Thank you, most talented of authors, for another beautifully- written tome about my favorite literary family.

  114. I felt like the last 200 pages of Echo were somewhat rushed and incomplete.... What were Jamie and Jenny up to? I could see starting the next book up when they left Scotland and fill in what was going on with them and then flesh out details of the other story lines. Then the book can just keep on going from there. I can wait as long as it takes and console myself reading the overs over again. Thanks for your transporting work.

  115. What a loaded question, but I'll bite anyways.

    I am interested in William's state of mind. How will he handle this whole mess, and a new-found dad? I would be interested to read interaction between him and his (new) aunt Jenny. I wonder if they rub along as well as she does with his father? Will she be the glue for some mending of fences? Jenny always held everything together at home, I remember her being the force to reckon with. I doubt this will change. :)

    Thank you Diana, for feeding our imaginations with your Mind's Eye world. Your passion to tell such amazing stories gives us the passion to keep reading.

  116. leave jem stranded in the stones, leave roger stranded in the past, leave bree fretting at lb. I want to know how is Jamie, what is Jamie thinking, what is Jamie doing, what is Jamie feeling, what is Jamie eating, what is Jamie wearing, what is Jamie ......... all Jamie all the time.

  117. Of course, I'd be happy to read absolutely anything you write, I cannot seem to get enough. I do feel at a loss after reading all that you have published - finished this week, actually - I'll have to start re-reading things until something new is released! I do share a sort of fear that one of us will not live to see the end of the series, if it in fact has an end... (Jemmy will have his own children, too, I would imagine. Do any of your own children share your talent for storytelling?)

    I would have to say I really NEED to know what is going to happen with Claire! She is my all time favorite heroine, thank you so much for creating such a brilliant and inspirational character!

    Godspeed with your writing, and as always, I remain

    your most humble servant,

  118. Your book left more than the 4 lines open. I would like to see how the Claire/Jamie/LJ comes along, but I loved the way Claire and LJ related, being strong and decisive, couldn't have done things differently. I've read all LJ books and I've enjoyed them. But I think he is at his best when he interacts with any of the Frasers.
    Also a very interestin thing is the connection between Mandy and Jem, that's something that can go a long way.
    As per Rogers, I think I know where he is going, but will be nice to know for sure?
    Your books are more than the story. As with any good book, I read them more than once, and then is when you get the real flavor, and all the fine subtlety of your mind.
    I like what I can perceive there more than anything, that's what makes the books so interesting.
    I was waiting for LJ and the S prisioner, that should be very good.
    How William will digest the situation? Is Jenny having something to do there?
    Well there are so many things taht I don't know how you can write them all in 2 years, so take your time, wew will wait (patiently, (g))

  119. Jamie & Claire first please - they are the heart & soul of the Outlander books & should always be first!!!!

  120. I agree with kittymoore. Jamie and Claire first, then Roger, Briana, Jem and Mandy. It would be nice to have them all reunited.

  121. I would really like to see Jamie get to spend more time with his son William. The poor guy already missed out on a huge part of both of his children's lives. Maybe Jamie could find a way to come through the stones himself and pay a visit to this Cameron fella but please.. please don't let Claire turn up pregnant by Lord John. *shudder*

  122. Roger...always had a soft spot for him, cuz he reminded me of my husband...and now he's lost in the past...please tie that one up. And help him find himself. And don't let Bree fret too long with me. Also...please let her kick Rob Cameron's ass...and find Jemmy.

    Almost thinking the past would be better for the whole family than the present, but like that they ended up at LB.

    And like the psychic connection between Jem and Mandy...wonder if that's part of Jamie's influence, since he dreams of them. Interesting talents...

    Please...whatever you do...don't leave us hanging this badly on the next one. Trust me...we'd come back for more, but perhaps a little less stressed from the two year wait till the next release.

  123. Just finished Echos. I think it might be my favorite of them all, so much to chew on! I am curious about how Hal is going to react to his daughter marrying a nobody Quaker. I enjoyed that scene very much and look forward to more of her spunk!

    To start the next book off? I am with most everyone else here, Roger/Uncle Buck. I am very curious about Buckleigh. I like him.

    Wouldn't it be neat if Jemmy goes back in time and ends up fathering another Jemmy so that he himself is his own ancestor? As you said, there are many of that name in the family line.

    I love your books. Take good care of yourself and we will wait for you in your own time.

  124. I love how your brain works. The way these novels are going you will have material and characters for many series. How satisfying. I just with they could invent something that could read your brain and then we'd have the answers faster. smile Thank you for some wonderful reading moments in my life. Of course, I would like you to address Jamie and Claire first...then everyone else asap.vaillit

  125. Dear Diana,

    first of all thank you so much for another most wonderful novel.

    At the end of this book I was almost disappointed not to find out what happens to Jem, Brianna and Roger, although what happens to Jamie, Claire and the rest of them is almost equally as important.

    But no, for me, Jem's, Brianna's and Roger's fate is foremost on my mind. Has Roger gone through the stones with William Buccleigh, thinking that Rob Cameron has taken Jemmy back in time? And if he has, does he manage to find Claire and Jamie?

    I think I would very much like to read about them first.

  126. OMG!!! Just one?!?!

    Well, I've got a few story lines I'd like to see addressed right off... 1) Jamie reguarding Lord John's "carnal knowledge" of Claire, 2) Ian & Rachel, 3) Claire & Jenny, and 4) Because I know Jem is quite resourceful, I'll save him for the last, OH! And Roger Mac & William Buckleigh...

    Also, I would like to send to you a HUGE "Thank You!" You are an absolutely wonderful writer! This is the first thing that my mother & I have been able to agree on in, Oh... let's say 15 years? ;)

    Love & Hugs & "Take your time! It's always worth it!"

    Lisa Ceniceros
    Moab, UT

  127. Jamie and Claire and John, by a LONG shot! Just how is Jamie going to deal with John's confession?? How much long does Claire have to wait to get back to Jamie?? It's those two who make the story for me.
    then, Roger/Bree/Jem.
    then William with possibly a visit from his Aunt??
    and then Ian and show things work out for the "wolf in the night".

  128. Oh my! I nearly forgot! it's been almost 4 months since I read the book.

    Ok, Jamie/Claire/John, first and formost! Then I want to know about Willie!

  129. I would really love to see the Jamie, Claire and Lord John triangle worked out up front. I really will be disappointed if Jamie holds a grudge against either or if they are held apart for long... I also look forward to really how William will workout his feelings and how the love affair between Ian and Rebecca works out. Waiting......

  130. JEM! You left the kid, Roger and Buck hanging in Echo. Need to know they're OK!

    I expect Jamie and Claire will be OK - as will Lord John.

    Oh - and PLEASE give William a sense of direction. He's got too much potential to keep getting lost that way....

  131. I became aware while reading ECHO that some part of my emotions regarding Jamie were being extended to Jem. He is a new generation of adventurer, and I really really want to know what happens with him next. He has become to me the young Jamie we didn't really get to experience. And his relationship with his sister is so sweet, I just love the connection. Thank you, Diana. Continue to take your time and produce such joyous, inspirational, sexy, humorous work.

  132. Of course, Jamie and Claire as they are key. I can't imagine a triangle involving Lord John as you've made it clear that they always find their way back to each other. I like that you don't drag things out like a 'romance novel' and instead give interesting storyline based on history and what it was like to live and sustain life 200 years ago.

    I love young Ian's character and would like to see much more of his storyline (with him happy I hope). Also, how Jem will fare.

    2 and 1/2 years seems like a long time. I'll be looking forward to 2013!

  133. Jamie and Claire, always Jamie and Claire

  134. 1st - Jamie and John
    2nd - Jem and Brianna
    3rd - William
    4th - Roger

  135. I keep wanting Jamie to be able to travel to "modern" times. I would love to see his reaction to everything, from cars to phones to supermarkets. What kind of work would he do; how could he still provide for his family and be the laird?

  136. I am DYING to know about Gem & how his parents deal with the Rob guy...
    I have also been imagining how the Claire-Lord John & Jaime things works out..BTW-I may NEVER recover from the sex thing between Lord John & Claire. (mind you I cried out loud at Ian's last words...) but sex with John, with a girl...with CLAIRE!? I thought maybe Ben Franklin-never Claire. They were just a wee bit too casual about it...I felt a little bit----betrayed..
    Thanks for letting me vent.
    BTW-I'm heading to Scotland in September!!
    Amber on her husbands email!!

  137. I've had so many thoughts going through my head since reading Echo(and then rereading the entire series) that it's hard to choose just one storyline!
    I'm not concerned with the Jamie/Claire/John situation as Jamie's response to John's "carnal knowledge" comment put my mind at ease.
    I would like to know more about Rob Cameron and his connection to Geillis...and the Brahan Seer's Prophecy regarding the Frasers that we learned of in Voyager.
    William is also of great interest. Why can he hear the stones, Diana!!??
    Oh, and I can't forget about Percy and the lost Beauchamp heir. I have a feeling that is going to be a very interesting storyline and I look forward to finding out if my twisted mind may be on to something with that one. ;)

  138. the story line that keeps me up at night is from the first book; was Jamie really there watching Clair through the window when Frank walked by? Can Jamie travel? Did Jamie seek Clair out first? I think about this often!

  139. I really will need to see what happens with the Jamie/Claire/LJG situation...will just read ahead if it isn't first...that whole situation totally shock me..LOL.
    I agree with other readers though..take you time and sock it to us as you always do.

  140. Hilarious about others worrying about Diana's health...I in fact had the same worry!!, but superstitiously quickly buried it.
    Couldn't help thinking about 'Gone with the Wind' and what Scarlet's life would have turned out according to Margaret Mitchell. Just couldn't get into someone else's idea in Scarlet.
    Take Care Diana, you are the greatest!

  141. First I want Jenny to get trampled by a run-away horse. I really can't stand her. She should've stayed in Scotland and minded her own business. Then I want Roger/Bree/Jemmy/Amanda all reunited, preferably in the past. Then I want the Jamie/Clair/John thing worked out, although I totally got Clair's reasons for marrying John and think that Jamie was absolutely understand them, even the sex, because he knows what it is to need comfort.
    I want William to be accepting of Jamie as his birth father - if Bree were there she could help him with this as she's already been through it.
    I want Ian to have happiness and get to raise his son - not with the Indians.

  142. Wow.
    I can't believe so many people hate Jenny!
    Can't you folks cut the woman some slack?
    She isn't THAT bad.

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  144. I was left flat by the end of Echo with too many unresolved issues. Claire and Jamie are the core, put them together at the beginning and leave them together to deal with the rest of the issues from now on. I enjoy Ian, Bree, Roger and Jem, but you can send John and Jenny to oblivion as I find both of them selfish and devious. Their "good deeds" are are only their manipulative way of reaching their self-serving desires---no matter how much gloss you put on them. Thanks for the input opportunity--Jul

  145. First off let me say your books are captivating, I've enjoyed them so much, that by the time I bought Echo, and knowing how long between books I only read it during my work break. Unfortunately, I've now finished it. I am amazed at how you can have so many storylines going and they don't get confusing. I am also impressed by your writing and skill in storytelling. I can pick up one of your books and within a few pages I remember what happens from the last one. I will be waiting on pins and needles for the next one and anywhere you want to start will be just fine with me.

  146. Diana, please take care of Jamie and Claire first as I need things put right with them before I can move on to the rest. Also, would it be too much to ask for a quick annulment of the marriage between Lord John and Claire? I can't wait to see Jamie's reaction to what Lord John is about to tell him!! I am loving the relationship I see forming between Ian and Rachel. Looking forward to what the future hold for them, but William may end up with a broken heart over that. William....I didn't want to like him but you made me! I was so upset about the Geneva situation and that Jamie had a child with someone other than Claire that I had a really hard time accepting William, but after Echo I love him. I'm really looking forward to the relationship forming for him, Jamie and Claire. William seems to trust and respect Claire already. Oh, if you could get rid of that Laoghaire it would make me quite happy!! Please never stop writing the Outlander series!!

  147. Jamie, Claire, and Lord John ofcourse!

    Also hoping that if the "Mackenzie's" are coming back that Brianna gets to truly bond with William. Love interest for William???????

    In love with the series....i won't even admit how many times I have read all 7 books and the Lord John Series too.

  148. Diana...these books are such a fabulous escape. Your imaginiation has become one of my favorite places to be!

  149. Diana...your imagination is one of my favorite places to be!

  150. Do whatever but don't kill Jamie and Claire off or let them die. I would never be able to read the stories again and they answer something in my soul. You would think after 10 readings I would have enough but each time they get better to read. Now I'm Depressed,but Thanks for the great books .

  151. For me, it's always about Jamie & Claire...

  152. Anyone who has read any of your books know that it sure doesn't SEEM as if you need any suggestions for your books. Good grief! (what a run-on sentence that was!) I think you only ask these questions to keep us busy reading each others ideas. If YOU read all of them, it would take alot longer to get each new book out! Fun for us though.

  153. Oh well don't take two long "remember the problem that 2012 is to have". We need time to read all the books again to enjoy #8 and it would be a shame to miss them because we're not here.LOL

  154. I would love for you to begin with Roger & William Buccleigh Mackenzie....whenever they may be :)

  155. HI Dianna, I have to say I am absolutly in love w/ your novels.
    These books are by far the most incredible books I have ever read.

    I am worried about Roger, so I think I would like to see how he fares first, I am fond of wee Roger,lol .

    I think the biggest thing I most want to see resolved is what happens to Bree, Mandy and Jem.
    Jem's an incredible kid, so i think he will be Okay, but I am curious about what Bree will do to Rob Cameron, I hope she messes him up!
    I saw red when I read the part where Rob Cameron was pushing Jemmy into the stones,(poor kid.

    I really miss Bree and Roger living in the past w/Claire and Jaimie.
    I LOVE Roger's relationship with Jaimie, and was heartbroken when Roger,Bree and the kids left.
    I miss Bree and Roger's relationships w/ Claire and Jamie, and I especially greive for Jem and Mandy that they are seperated from their Grandparents, so I am anxious to find out if the family will ever see Jaimie,Claire, Ian and lord John again.

    I would also love to see Bree and William meet again,**Spoiler!!**
    especially now that William knows about his parentage, I would love to see Bree to have a relationship w/ her brother.

    Actually, to be honest I have complete faith that whatever you put in the novel will be incredible, you have yet to disapoint me, and I truly can't see it ever happening, even if Bree and the kids don't go back in time,lol.

    These books are so incredible, I Have been an avid reader since I was tiny, and few books have made me love the charactors as much as these books do.

    I think I was 14 when I first read Voyager, ( I did not know it was a series at the time,lol) I read Outlander after Voyager.

    These books have been an important part of my life since then, and though I am anxious to see what happens in the next book, I can always re-read the novels over and over again until the new book is out, besides, I like the suspense,lol.

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  158. Dear DG, Well, since you DID ask, the thing I would love to see the most is several more novels. You know, Patrick O'Brian wrote 21 in his Aubrey-Maturin series. With characters as incredibly rich as Jamie and Claire, can't you see your way to keeping them around for a bit longer than one more book? And I've love to see more continuity - there were some areas of Echo that contradicted previous books, and the pace at the end was almost rushing through plot points, instead of taking its time. You are such a gifted writer, I'd just love more of your amazing writing!!! In Echo, every page at the end was a knockout punch.
    That said, I'd love to see the William-Jamie story addressed, then Jamie-Lord John-Claire (for some reason that one doesn't worry me too much, since we all know nothing can stand in Claire and Jamie's way. Um, or I hope). Then, of course, Roger-horrible William Buck-Bree-Jem. And then, Ian. Thanks for the opportunity to chime in. I canna wait for the next book(s!!) in your series - definitely the best series ever written.

  159. After reading some more of the comments, I'd like to add a bit more to my last post: I don't know if you, Ms. Gabaldon, read these comments, and Lord knows you don't need any suggestions from me :-). Asking you to keep writing more is really just a wish from the soul that this series won't end. It really is exceptional.
    And, I too would love to see Bree and William have a relationship. He was already captivated by her when he met her and didna know it was because they share the same blood! And, it would be great to see Jenny take a long walk off a short pier. I used to love her, but her scheming ways and bitter hatred of Claire have really bummed me out. Jamie needs Jenny to be as awesome as Claire is, so if she can't shape up, ship out :-)
    And, did I mention, please never stop writing about Jamie and Claire? The other stories - Lord John, Raymond, Jamie's parents, Rog's parents - are wonderful to add to the mix, but I'd love to keep learning about Claire and Jamie's lives together, um, forever :-)

  160. also, any problems I had with continuity may have been on my end.
    It did go ny faster than the pac of previous books considering the magnitudew of events, so it's probably just that I missed a few things :-) Because although I was a little bewildered, I did love the books

  161. I want to know about Jemmy. I'd like to see a lot more about time travel. If not people doing it, more character research and the characters hypothesising how it works. It was the time travel that got me into the books originally and I have been disappointed it hasn't featured very much since the early books.
    Please, please, please leave off the sex with Jamie and Claire. They have more sex than I do and I'm half their age. It seems so ridiculous that they are always at it like rabbits. I always skip those bits as irrelevant to the story.

  162. Dear everyone,

    I am an antsy Nancy and just read all the comments posted, hence spoiling the ending of EITB for myself. Now I am suffering the consequences of needing to know what the heck happened between Claire and Lord John. Why did I do this to myself?? I still have more than half way to go to finish. Waaahhh!!!

  163. Just to echo Sheena's post, I have to say I can TOTALLY sympathize! For me, I had to read a spoiler somewhere that told me that Jamie and Claire would reunite after their separation, But I did kinda regret it!
    And I also would like to add, Dear Ms. Gabaldon, please don't cut back on the intimate moments between Claire and Jamie! One of the best things about the series is how deeply connected they are to one another, and sex is one of the ways that humans in love show each other how they feel. In fact, with a really passionate love like jamie and claire, I dinna think they could stop it if they tried! Remember when Jamie said the only time he wasn't in pain was when he laid with Claire? Don't take that away from him! I want to believe that you can be as frisky in your 60s and 70s as in your 20s! Dinna stop, Ms. DG.

  164. TJ speak for yourself. I love the sex LOL Its so well done and gives me chills.

  165. I want to see Young Ian finally get his happily ever after. Poor guy, all the crap happens to him. He's got a lot of baggage to carry. So I want to see him find the right girl (is Rachel the right girl? I'm not certain...), find closure, and find a place to call his own.

  166. I have spent the last few months reread book 3,4, and 5. (I needed to be surrounded by my "friends" while waiting for the new grandbaby!)
    Anyway after finishing Fiery Cross I have something else I hope will find it's explaination before you end it all.
    Who, or What is Raymond???????

  167. Since the moment in Echo when Lord John acquired "carnal knowledge" of Claire, I've wondered how Jamie will react. And I will wonder anxiously until the 8th book...

  168. Ok, now that I've had some time to decompress and chew over the whole series, there are a couple of things I'd like to see:

    1. Good things for Young Ian (as mentioned above).

    2. An explanation on why Jack Randall's tombstone was where it was. We know why the one with Jamie's name on it was there, but Randall supposedly died at Culloden, too, and as Claire observed, it's an awfully long way from the battlefield. There was never really any closure on his death; it was rather anticlimactic after all he put Jamie through in the beginning of the series, I felt.

    3. A reappearance of Master Raymond. He's my favorite minor character! Eagerly awaiting his first book, of course, but I'd love to see him back in the main action once again.

    BTW, y'all, that is NOT a love triangle. There's no force of attraction on the Claire-John leg of the thing, in either direction.

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  170. Jamie and Claire, Jamie and Claire, Jamie and Claire....I don't think their story will ever get old.

    I'm with Kara on her comments, but would like to add..please bring the family back together, in the past preferably. Jem misses his Grandda and Brianna misses her mother. They should be together.

    And what of Buck? Is he not the same one that tried to kill Roger?

  171. A friend gave me Outlander last January and I read straight through to Echo, finishing a couple nights ago, and all I can say is "You have nay soul" to leave us hanging! Personally, I think your series has at least 2 more books in it because we do have so many story lines to complete, a revolution to finish, and what had best be some semblence of happily-ever-after for poor Jamie & Claire.

    Let's do start the next book with them...we, your gentle readers, love them and love them together. I personally can't swallow that they would've actually separated for the perilous trans-Atlantic voyage in the first place, given what they've been through. I'm also disappointed that Claire couldn't have the strength and character in mourning that Jamie showed in the years after Culloden. Maybe they need to broach these subjects in their relationship as they heal? Just please, please don't make it that Jamie actually lost his v-card to the nameless French girl but forgot about it because he was whacked in the head with an axe.

    I love the detail you pour into your writing and your insight into the human psyche. Now get going on that Book 8....please.

  172. I am definitely dying to know what happens with Roger/Brianna/Jemmy. Over all, I'll just be happy to have the book in my hands!

  173. I'm still stuck on some of the older story lines.
    The war is just a big distraction.

    1. Is ARCH BUG really dead?
    The letters claiming that he was the #3 man of the Gold heist (Culloden time) were dropped off (in Scotland). Philadelphia (printshop) happened after.

    I can't wait to hear the REAL story of the GOLD (Culloden end). Gold type fonts. Gold in the Cave...Gold Astrolabe (maybe a stretch-but maybe not)

    2. What was in the little pouch that Jamie HAD to get from Fergus-before he even saw Claire..Must be important.

    3. Michael Murray..he has been off in the wings doing things in France...(I think of Voyager and the current that went between Jamie and Ian Sr. when mentioned at Lollybroch.) I think he has been involved at odd moments of Jamie & Claire's adventures...I'm suspicious of that one!

    4. Duncan Kerr: Have we ever gotten the connection between why Duncan Kerr knew about Geilie's/Sandringham/Silkie stash...The question of was he dropping it off or picking it up?

    5. Geilie: 1967 vs. 1968
    Dougal's message 1-9-6-7.
    She looks really different from the what 6-7(?) months or so since Claire/Roger/Brianna saw her go through the Stones all young and slim. ( I haven't dug hard enough to find a post explaining this. I'm not sure if the 1945/46 thing would cover this.)
    Claire planned to come in 1967 but cancelled, then coming in 1968.
    Geilie had the Compte St. Germain's Grimoire in Outlander (in Attic). (Silkie Stash/Sandringham)
    OH YES-and Geilie claims to have had 5 husbands since....(Jamaica?) What about her time in France?

    6. What else was in that garage of Reverend Wakefield's?

    7. Martletts, suns etc...Percy's letters (Seals at Black Chamber) Looking very much like Claire's Q. Lamb's genealogy packet. Confirm the Beauchamp thing-(Percy not aware of having any kids yet-)

    8. Philip Wyllie-PW? 9. The Sin Eater-(S&A)

  174. I've just finished my first run through of Echo in the Bone. in the forward you say that every book takes you three years to write so I was calculating and hoping that three years starts from last year which means 2012. Now I'm maybe having to face the fact that it could be 2013...or even...God forbid...2014! This is what hell must be like. Do try to hurry? Although I do take your point about James Patterson. LOL!

  175. Jem, Brianna and Roger- while I am dying to hear how Lord John is going to handle his talk with Jamie- I savor every moment of reading that includes Claire, Jamie and anything to do with them- I don't want too much resolved too quickly. Another starting point might be bewteen Claire and Jenny...oh an dif I might be so bold as to ask a favor- no pregnancy please from lord John and Claire's coupling- too soap opera-ish.

  176. I have to admit that I am not the hugest fan of the Lord John novels. As usual, Diana's attention to every detail is mesmerizing, and her intricate weaving of characters and situations is the work of an unrivalled master. But though I relish every scene involving Jamie, I miss Claire and I miss the rest of the Fraser family. Nevertheless, I thank her SO much for giving us a book to savour while we wait for the next.