Monday, February 8, 2010

February Appearances

Hi, all!

I'm BACK (at long last) from the UK and New York (where I was food-poisoned the night before our return to Arizona. All I'll say about that is that it's marginally better to be deathly ill in Business Class than coach; no one notices if you pass out in your seat, and it's much easier to get into the lavatories). Now dealing with all the Stuff that accumulates when I'm gone, plus some urgent Stuff for the German book-tour _next_ month. But thought I should at least post the appearance schedule for February (all in Arizona). Stay tuned, though, for my riveting account of the UK book-tour in three parts: "The Highheidyins," "The Big Wheel," and "Goose Poop and Candlelight." Coming soon!

I'm trying really hard not to go anywhere or do anything, so I can sit still and write books. Believe me, 2010 is already completely booked, in terms of appearances (yes, I'll be in Germany next month, and yes, I'm doing a short –five cities, they said—tour for the graphic novel when it's released in the US this September—and yes, I'll be at Comics-Con in New York. I'll do the whole-year schedule (as now known) a little later this week). I'll mostly be at home in February, but will be visible at five events (all in-state) this month:


February 13th -- 11 AM-1 PM

I'll be signing books from 11-1 at Ann Chamberlin's bookshop, located (I'm told) in a particularly desirable location near the jousting (desirable—I'm told--because it's opposite the privies).

February 16th -- 7 PM at the Arizona Biltmore
The Poisoned Pen sponsors an event for Dana Stabenow

My friend Dana has a new Kate Shugak novel out on the 16th, and will be doing the launch party at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel ( ). Laurie R. King (who also has a new book out—GOD OF THE HIVE, a Mary Russell/Sherlock Holmes novel) will be there, too! Free admission, and you're welcome to have books signed by any of us.

February 19th – noon-2 PM
NAU Bookstore signing
Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ,+AZ&cid=2306869829449448178&ei=7llpS5_TEI7ysQOXtKz4BA&sa=X&oi=local_result&ct=result&resnum=4&ved=0CBgQnQIwAw

I'll be signing all my books (which the bookstore presumably will have in stock). Feel free to bring your older books from home, if you like, too; just be sure to let the bookstore personnel know when you come in.

February 20th – noon-2PM
Northern Arizona Celtic Heritage Society Celtic Tea
Thornager's Kilted Cat, Flagstaff, AZ
Call Jude McKenzie at 928-556-3161 for tickets and information.

This is a fun event that usually runs between 2-3 hours. I'll be speaking, reading, and showing off some of the art from the new graphic novel. In addition, the Heritage Society ladies also serve high tea (sandwiches, pastries, and scones, with tea), have a hat contest, a silent auction, and other small entertainments. Books will be available for sale, but you're also welcome to bring your older books from home.

February 26th
Brandeis Books and Authors Luncheon
At the J.W. Marriott Resort and Spa at Desert Ridge

I'll be a speaker (one of several) at this fund-raising luncheon on behalf of Brandeis University. I'll be speaking for about fifteen minutes, and there will be books available for sale and signing. This event is open to the public, with a ticket price of $100 for the day's events, including a gourmet luncheon.

The other speakers are:
Lisa See
Christopher Reich
Joseph Kanon
Allegra Huston
Christopher Kennedy Lawford

The moderator is Andrei Cherney, the honorary chairman is Al McCoy and Clive Cussler will also be there to sign books and present the first Clive Cussler Award for Literature. (Which they are, very kindly, awarding to me. )

Please contact for details and/or tickets.

Hope to see many of you at one or the other of these events!

[That's Violet up top. She hasn't got anything to do with the subject of this post, but she doesn't get a lot of face time, up against the photogenic Dachshund Brothers.]


  1. I am moving back to the mainland soon (from Hawaii, and I am not even going to start on that...I mean WHO LEAVES HAWAII).
    However,one of the things I am REALLY looking forward to is FINALLY making it to one of your apperances!
    Get some rest, and don't forget about our Jamine and Claire during all that globe troting :D

  2. *Jamie* I do know how to spell, I think :D

  3. Hi Diana, welcome back :-)

    Hmmm... food poisoning? I have been listening to 'A Breath of Snow and Ashes' over the last few days. I would like to think it wasn't anything like Claire's bout after Malva slipped her a few germs!?! Hope you feel fully recovered soon.

    Pity you aren't in Germany now as it is the Karnival season in full swing with next Monday being the climax. You certainly have lots of fans over there some of whom waxed lyrical about your books to me long before I got round to them.

    If you don't get a chance before, you can always pass your next time in business class by reading all our comments to your last Blog entry. Probably enough to last you through the return journey as well *g*

    Oh, and as I have been listening to the book... I absolutely love the scene where Jemmy gets his hair cut. Grandma and grandson time first, then the mayhem of the cookies, then the amazing discovery that Roger and Jemmy have identical marks on their heads... oh, Diana, the entire scene is so full of life, so vividly described. I could read hundreds of scenes like it and not tire of them. You at your best!

  4. Hi Violet! Cute!

    Have a wonderful February! Looks busy ~ but fun.

  5. Being here in cold snowy Virginia, waiting on our 4th major snow storm in as many weeks - I would LOVE to be at that Arizona Renaissance Festival. Having you there to sign my books would just be the icing on a warm sunny cake.
    Enjoy some sun for me!

  6. Gee, busy much? (wry g)

    Looking forward to the graphic novel! Just in time to get it signed at the SiWC.


  7. Hi, Diana,
    Welcome home! Get some rest. Can't wait to read the accounts of your tour. They sound very interesting. Love Violet. She appears to be a very wise soul.

  8. Hope you will be able to make it to Southern California this year. Will be on the lookout.

  9. Is the beautiful but intense cat "Adso"?

  10. Why can't they send you to Hannover? It's really not that small. :(

  11. We could learn a lot from crayons. Some are sharp, some are pretty and some are dull, Some have weird names , and all are different colors, but they all have to live in the same box.............................................

  12. What a busy life you lead...its exhausting just to read of it...wonder if you will ever get time to visit Perth in Western THAT would be somewhere I could get to easily :) Just beginning your Outlander series again for the fourth time...while I sew. Its amazing how much more I pick up each time I read the series...Please find time to continue the saga...

  13. Hi Diana. My husband and I are currently stationed in Germany and I would love to make one of your tour dates next month. Do you know yet when/where you'll be?

  14. i love the photogenic dachshund brothers but violet definitely deserves more face time, she's adorable! hope your germany tour takes you somewhere close to my place...

  15. Geesh, you sure stay busy! Glad you returned to the states safely, if a bit worse for the wear. Hope you feel better soon. How about heading to Florida one of these days?

  16. The German tours are always short (in terms of days and cities--pretty long days, though ). This time I'll be at the Cologne Literary Festival on March 16th, then Hamburg (17th) and Berlin (18th), and a Reading Hour (don't know yet what they mean by that) in Dortmund on the 19th.

    No, Violet isn't Adso. Adso was based on the late, great Gerald, a Mighty Hunter with silvery-gray fur, who died last year, at the ripe old age of 22. Oldest cat I ever saw.

    Geez, I was just _in_ Perth! (And six other cities in Australia.) I was there for two weeks in November. Probably won't be back 'til Book Eight.

  17. Dear Diana!

    I am *over* the moon that you're gonna be in Berlin Germany on the 18th of March! So, so, so excited!


    1. do you know which bookstore?
    2. do I need a ticket?

    I want to get it all set up, for as you see, I'll be in my ninth month of pregnancy - but I MUST see you and shake your hand! It would make a dream come true for me!

    As soon as you know details, can you post links on your blog?

    I'm so indecently excited!

  18. It'll be Thalia bookstores sponsoring the event, but the event likely will be held in some big venue, like a warehouse or opera hall (I think we did it in the old opera hall last time I was in Berlin, but that might have been Bonn...I can't remember.)

    Anyway, any Thalia store should be able to tell you when/where and how to get tickets.

    Good luck with the baby! [g]

  19. Oh Goodness Diana, Now I have two reasons to really look forward to your next book....first to see what happens next and secondly to hope you come to Perth again, and actually get to meet you! I hadnt found you web-site before...otherwise of COURSE I would have been there.

  20. regarding the Graphic Novel - are you allowed to say the name of the publisher? I normally only buy DC Comics, but would be more than happy to make an exception if necessary to read The Exile. Will it be available in comics shops only? Or mainstream bookstores too?
    Jen in Oz

  21. Hi Diana, Welcome home again. Get some rest. I read the Outlander books overthis past year and have loved everyone. Now I listen to them on audiobooks that I have purchased. I have my favorites that I listen to over and over. But missing reading so I asked many to give me ideas of books similiar to yours until book 8 comes out and was given the Into the Wilderness Series as a suggestiong and was happily surprised to know that the Bonner family mentioned the Fraser family in the first books! I enjoy Sara's books but nothing compares to Jamie and Claire!

  22. Wow, quite a busy schedule you have going! I'm eager to hear all about the German book tour since much of my husband's family lives there.

    Love the kitty pic!


  23. Certainly--the publisher of the graphic novel (titled THE EXILE, btw) is Ballantine/DelRey. Hope you enjoy it!

  24. Hi Diana!
    I know your last blog post about the Outlandish Companion had a LOT of posts attached to it, mine being one of them. I was wondering if you got a chance to read about the unabridged audiobooks not being available for download with Breath of Snow in Ashes and the Fiery Cross? All of the others, including Echo are available in unabridged download, but as I said before, Audible tells me that the only folks that can change this fact would be the publisher and/or the author.. So, would you please at least answer this post so that I can know what direction to go from here? I have all of the others in unabridged, but I can't see getting the abridged versions, because they are seriously cut down from the unabridged versions. Which of course means that a TON of the great storylines are lost in those versions. Please see what, if anything, you can do about this. I know you are slammed with work, writing, and appearances all over the globe.. I just hope that you can squeeze this in as well. I know that your audiobook fans would be most appreciative, especially this one..

    Thank you so much for whatever you can do!

  25. two all time favorite authors in one place-with one honoring the other no less. Clive Cussler captured me with his whimsical and smart take on history and mystery, and you have thrilled me with each successive book. Bravo to you-well earned award!

  26. Dear Linda--

    I can do exactly two things about it: 1) tell you _why_ the unabridged versions of FC and ABOSA aren't available on, and 2) tell you where they _are_ available.

    1. The original contract with Random House (well, two contracts, in fact) covered the _abridged_ audio rights to the first six books. These contracts left me the unabridged rights--which we sold to Recorded Books (the one who uses Davina Porter)--but specified that the unabridged versions could not be sold in the same retail outlets where the abridged versions were sold. (The reason being obvious; if anybody _saw_ the abridged and unabridged versions side by side, they'd realize instantly that the abridged (Geraldine James) versions leave out 2/3 to 3/4 of the story (no, not exaggerating!), and not buy them.)

    Those contracts run for a period of ten years from original publication of each book. Ergo, the contracts have expired for the first four books, but not yet (!) for FIERY CROSS or BREATH. As soon as those ten-year licenses are up, I'll get the abridged rights back, and be able to stop Bantam Audio from publishing them--whereupon will be able to sell the UNabridged versions.

    2. Recorded Books, as I say, does the unabridged versions and you can buy ALL the books in unabridged format from them, any time.

  27. Thanks for answering our questions on the topic, Diana.

    I guess I'll have to wait... the prices for those unabridged recordings are way out of my league.

    I have managed to get a copy for BREATH from the library, the only copy in the entire county, but can't locate one for FIERY CROSS anywhere in the UK. It is a pity that for most fans those two books are out of reach not only to buy, but even to borrow from libraries.

    For most die-hard fans the abridged versions are simply not an option. Not only that they miss out on so much but also that having got so used to Davina Porter, hers is the only 'true' voice of J&C.

    I do think it is wonderful how you have immortalised Davina by making her Jamie's Grandmother.

    And on the topic of family trees... Phaedre being the daughter of Hector Cameron makes her Jamie's illegitimate cousin by marriage. I missed anyone making that leap from daughter of H to cousin of J in the book. Have Jamie and Claire consciously thought of this off stage?

  28. Dear Anette--

    I don't know. Given that Jamie didn't really know Hector personally, that he was Jocasta's third husband, and Hector's now dead, I don't know that Jamie would have thought of him as an actual uncle.

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. Wow! Thanks so much for explaining that to me. I went over to and saw that one can rent the 2 books for a reasonable price, so I may go that way. I definitely do not want to wait until 2011 for TFC and 2015 for Breath to be available in unabridged format. I have checked out Breath from my local library, but I will have to rent TFC from recorded books. I can't fathom the abridged version's.

    Is this contract issue the reason that we can get Echo in unabridge format hot from the presses? I am guessing that it just may be. I know that for me, I was SO excited to see it on Audible. It took me may 2.5 seconds to start downloading it! Somehow I doubt that you even have a choice in the audio formats, do you? I read one of your posts on abridged vs. unabridged, and it is quite clear how you feel about that subject.

    I will be getting in contact with recorded books on Monday to find out more about their audiobook club vs. the rentals.

    I appreciate your candor on this. Sorry to bug you. :) I look forward to having the opportunity to add the 2 to my audio collection once they become available on Audible in a few years. I suppose that I will have to be happy for the print versions of all of them right now. I think you are only 1 of 2 authors that I love so much that I have the hard cover's of their books AND the audio recordings.

    Take care!

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. Diana, you should take a look at using Jon Montgomery (Vancouver 2010 Olympic Skeleton Gold medalist)as your Jamie, he has it all, colouring, heritage, charisma and talent and would be fabulous with a few acting lessons and accent coaching. Another Olympian, Melissa Hollingsworth would be a perfect foil and fabulous Claire. Then bring Euan McGregor onboard as Lord John to add weight. You'd have a box office hit for sure.

  33. Hi, Diana,

    I am doubly thrilled about you getting the Clive Cussler award since he is my other all-time favortie author. Congratulations!