Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Jamie and Claire in Aberdeen this Saturday!

Edinburgh born actor and singer, Allan Scott-Douglas has worked extensively in various musical and theatrical productions all over the UK since graduating with distinction from drama school in 2006.

In 2009, he had the distinct honour of being cast as 'Scotland's favourite son', poet Robert Burns in 'Ae Fond Kiss: The Life and Loves of Robert Burns' for which he received critical acclaim. This included recording his first ever 'Original Cast Recording CD' which has been useful experience for his work on 'Outlander - The Musical'.

He has also recently been involved in a modern day re-telling of the legend of King Arthur, playing the Macchiavelian war monger Sir Breunor. The play had it's World Premiere in 2009 at the Edinburgh Fringe and is currently being re-rehearsed for an open air run in a castle in September. It is then likely to be touring all over the UK in 2011.

Allan is absolutely delighted to have joined the Outlander universe and hopes he can live up to the expectations and fluttering hearts that Jamie's words have set over the years -- if all else fails, he is at least a 6'4" redhead who regularly wears a kilt and whose nose is slightly too at least he's got that part of Jamie covered!

Sue Robertson (Claire)

(sorry, no picture available yet!)

Sue started on stage at the grand old age of 16 with Dundee Operatic Society (DOS) with whom she has played many principal roles over the years such as Nancy in ‘Oliver’, Minnie-Fay in ‘Show Boat’, Adelaide. in ‘Guys & Dolls’ and Millie in ‘Thoroughly Modern Millie’. Sue has also had the privilege of working alongside playwright Mike Gibb playing the part of Grace on four occasions during 2005 - 2007 in theatres across Scotland in his musical play ‘Five Pound & Twa Bairns’ and Barbara in ‘Sunday Morning on Dundee Law’ which Kevin Walsh wrote the music for. She has also been in the ‘The Steamie’ playing Doreen in 2002 and again in 2004. Sue has recently enjoyed playing the ‘mad’ role of Helen for the second time, working with the cast of ‘The Berries – Twa an’ a Half Pence a Pund’, written by her husband Dundee author, poet and playwright Gary Robertson.

July 31st—that’s THIS Saturday!—is “Tartan Day” in Aberdeen. Which would naturally be cause for great excitement on its own [g]. However…

This Saturday is also the Official Launch of OUTLANDER: The Musical, with three live showcase performances of songs from the show. Mike Gibb, lyricist and producer of the show, says:

“The showcases are in the Drum Aisle (where the ancient "Drum of Irvines" were buried) of St Nicholas Kirk in the centre of Aberdeen at 1.00, 2.15 and 3.30 on Saturday. Admission is free. Any Gabaldonians wanting to come should email me ( so I can reserve seats. Reckon all will be "sold out" as it is at a Scotsman’s favourite price! Lots of overseas holiday makers over here just now as well and an article going into the local press on Thursday.”

Those of us not fortunate enough to be in Aberdeen this weekend are promised later video of the event, though! If that works out, it’ll be up on the OUTLANDER:The Musical YouTube Channel as soon as possible.


  1. As I am a resident of Aberdeen I am going to go see it! Very excited and think it will be interesting :)

  2. Wow! So exciting! I am just disappointed that I can't hop on a plane and go see it.... more things like this need to happen in Ontario (Canada) so we, obsessed Canucks, can be a part of it!


  3. Sounds very interesting! Look forward to the opportunity to view it.

  4. That man is BEAUTIFUL. Also, I used to live in Aberdeen (I'm American), and I have never been more bummed out that I'm not there any more! My husband (who is from Scotland) and I have been talking about moving back... wonder if we could make it by Saturday!

    This project is so great, and the music just gives me goosebumps.

  5. UMMMMM - i think I'm in LOVE!

  6. Dear Diana,

    Sorry to impose myself but I just saw a bio of an actor to be perfect as Jamie in the tv series :

  7. I see Marcus Schenkenberg more as Frank/Johnathan Randall or Roger.

  8. My first impression of Schenkenberg was that he would make a good Valdez from "The Impetuous Pirate." :)

  9. On that picture, I though he looks like Jamie lol

  10. He is Yummy! Can't wait!

  11. 一個人的價值,應該看他貢獻了什麼,而不是他取得了什麼.................................................................

  12. Meow ...all he has to do is talk baby.

  13. Dear Bee's-- there a comman between "talk" and "baby"? [g]

  14. "comma," I mean (can't type tonight)!

  15. In re Mr. Schenkenberg...

    [blinking] Um. Well, tastes do differ. Though I often wonder, seeing people's suggestions, just what they've been reading, because it sure wasn't anything I wrote. [g] (Let's seeee....tall young red-headed Highlander, 23-year-old virgin...oh, of course, let's start with a 42-year-old dark-skinned Eastern-European who looks like he's been dipped in cooking oil....) [g]

    Hey, if that's what you like in a man, that's what you like, no issues there. [g] Personally, I've been married to a tall, lean red-head for 37 years,and, you know...that's what _I_ like. [g]

    In re Jamie and the ever-present Casting Question (restraining urge to roll eyes)...well, look. Basic looks are fine, but the real question is whether the gentleman in question can _act_. You could have someone who resembled Jamie in every particular, and if the guy couldn't act his way out of a paper bag, it wouldn't work at all. Whereas a good actor--well, an actor's an artist, as much as novelist or sculptor or musician, and an actor's art is to embody someone they aren't. You can't tell whether a person can do that or not, unless you see them actually do it. Hence the notion of auditions. [g]

  16. Really looking forward to seeing the show in Aberdeen!
    Absolutely agree with you re Marcus Schenkenberg Diana *rolls eyes* LOL!

  17. Dear Carine--

    Take pictures! (And have fun! [g]) Can't wait to hear how it goes.

  18. I don't know which is more amusing - your posts or comments (-:

  19. Dear adventures--

    Well, it's all me, either way. [g]

  20. Dear Diane and Scarlett,

    Aww shucks, thanks you guys...! (insert bashful smiley here) haha :-D


  21. Dear Allan--

    See, that's one of the nice things about red-heads; they blush so beautifully...




  22. OH! OH NO! Did I just read that???? LOL! Hilarious!!

    These posts just get better and better~ :)
    I gotta get me a redhead.

  23. Dear Diana (and Allan),

    I am tickled that there is now a soundtrack of sorts to listen to. The samples are a tease. I'm looking forward to hearing the entire score.
    Also, if you have been watching "The Pillars of the Earth" mini-series, I wondered if you thought the quality of the production would translate to "Outlander", noting of course the eras are different?

    And to Allan, your welcome- it was my pleasure to add your link ;). Break a leg-you'll make a braw Jamie. All the fans are very much looking forward to the video of the performance.


  24. Dear Lynda--

    Haven't seen "The Pillars of the Earth," no (I never have time to watch TV; that's why I'm at such a disadvantage when people ask me who I'd pick to play Jamie--I don't know _any_ actors). As to production quality...geez, who knows? It would depend on who did the production, I imagine.

  25. Diana and Allan,

    I must say first off that I literally got chills when I listened to the song, it is just beautiful and beautifully sung.

    On another note am I the only one who thinks it's just slightly funny that Outlander has been turned into a musical when one of the main characters happens to be tone def?

  26. I agree Diana. Though that guy they posted the link to is good looking, is is definitely not Jamie. The strawberry blond I am married to is 6'5" and very muscular. He is my "Jamie". :)

    I think getting a book character transferred to the big screen would be a difficult job, not everyone is going to be happy. For example, I loved the Twilight Series books, but felt the casting for the movies was horrible and thought they were dreadful. The main character was suppose to be super model hot and Robert Pattenson is just not that for me. Not sure I would see the Outlander as a movie, I would be afraid it would distort the images I have of the characters you have created for me in the books, the characters I love. :) I have read all the books and am listening to the audio tapes for the 2nd time (or at least the 1st 4 books since you didn't do unabridged with 5 & 6 and I couldn't listen to anyone do Claire but Davina Porter).

  27. Dear Jana--

    YES, there are unabridged versions of FIERY CROSS and ABOSA, read by Davina Porter. You just have to order them from Recorded Books (, rather than A non-compete clause in the abridged contract prevents us from selling the UNabridged version until each book's licensing contract expires. It _has_ expired for the first four books, and will expire for FIERY CROSS next year. But in the meantime, the books are still certainly available.

  28. OMG!! Thank you so much for that information!! I love you! LOL

  29. Goodness gracious me, I think I'm in love, but don't go telling my husband that. *grin*

  30. Oh what fun!!! and yes the audio versions by Davina Porter are just wonderful too!!!

  31. Oh my I wish I could have seen the production. I hope sometime soon this will come to the states. I would love to hear Mr. Douglas' voice will there be any soundbites from him?

  32. Dear buttrfly--

    There are sample snippets from all the songs (and the complete, downloadable version of one song) on the CD's website: . Allan sings on many of the tracks, and you can hear his speaking voice on the whole song, "Ist tu fuil.." ("Blood of my blood.")

  33. Amanda in Sydney, AustraliaAugust 23, 2010 at 6:28 AM

    I have practically worn out my CD of Outlander already - love it! While I have serious reservations about an Outlander movie (for the "not what I had in my mind" issues mentioned above and elsewhere), once I got past the Jamie-is-tone-deaf situation, I didn't have any such issues with a musical interpretation of Outlander.

    I, too, got goosebumps on first hearing "Blood of My Blood". My favourite song is probably "Falling", followed closely by "I am Ready" (great singing, Allan!). Say The Words is hauntingly beautiful but with those haunting lyrics, and having read the book, almost too painful to listen to.

    I think Allan is ideal as Jamie (especially with those looks :-) ).

    PS Redheads rule!! (well, I am biased - I am one :-) )

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