Thursday, January 10, 2008

Photo Credit

I couldn't figure out how to attach a credit line to the photo in my profile, so this is it: This nice photo was taken by Nancy Castaldo at the 2007 Historical Novelists Society conference in Albany, and used with Nancy's kind permission. Thanks, Nancy!


  1. My pleasure, Diana!! Happy New Year!

  2. First, just let me say I love the Outlander series. I've read the series twice. I think the picture of Claire is too glamorous. Or, to soft with the perfect eyebrows. I picture her with this very unruly curly hair that you always describe. I in no way picture her unattractive or even plain but that picture oozes beautiful. I can't wait to see Jaime. My image of him is always shifting. :)

  3. I too am a huge fan of the Outlander series, and have read all the books...more times than I can remember. The first four probably at least 6 times each, the whole series thus far at least twice. I even won one of the autographed copies of Outlandish Companion that Random House gave away! :) I am so excited to get my hands on the graphic novel AND An Echo in the friends and I have been looking for to that one since, well, we started reading the last one. LOL As for the picture of Claire...I agree somewhat with cheryl, she looks a little too perfect, but I still like her. In my mind she's always looked like Rachel Weiss for some reason though, and I don't guess you can copyright her image for your graphic novel?? :) Anyway, I'm just crazy about your books and your writing style and just had to stop by and say so! Can't wait to see what Jamie looks like...take care!

  4. Oh! It just hit me... I've always kind of thought of her looking similar to Minnie Driver!

  5. Big fan! I've read all many times. I think the picture of Claire is gorgeous and I can't wait until the graphic novel is released! I'm so excited.

    Also, it would be wonderful to get a small glimpse of Jamie when you have a picture you think captures him.

  6. I'm with the others, the picture of Claire is beautiful. You know those graphic novels are all very smooth, flowing and visually pleasing. Nobody every has bad hair in I've always pictured Claire in my mind as having Minni Driver or Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio or Julianna Margulies type hair. I'm a go with the flow type so, I'm happy with whatever he draws, I've got her in my minds eye. Right?

  7. I love the series and while it is a beautiful picture of Claire, she is too delicate looking. I agree with Cheryl. Jamie is always talking about her "plump arse". This picture doesnt make her look like she has one of those! Cant wait for the new book and a glimpse of Jamie when his picture is complete.

  8. sireesanwar--

    Just wait. This is Claire at her best-groomed, just before starting her nursing career (you can tell by the probationer's cap she's wearing).

    I haven't yet seen her hair under stress [g] myself--but I'm looking forward to it!

  9. All--

    Jamie is sort of still under construction--but as soon as we have a decent take on him (and we're definitely getting close), you'll see it!

  10. I'm so excited to see the graphic novel when it comes out! I agree with the other ladies that the picture of Claire is beautiful, but not what I would have imagined at all... even if it is pre-stones! I think her lips are too cupie-doll looking and I never quite imagined her with plucked to death eyebrows. She sort of reminds me of a geisha. I know all of our perceptions are going to be blown to bits! And yet, I still can't wait to see what Jamie looks like! LOL! Congrats, Diana!

    Oh! And the line in the press release about a movie being in the works...nothing new has happened with that yet, right? Or is there something you're not telling us??? :)

  11. Thank you Diana for your writing the Outlander series, I have it on cd and have listened to the whole series at least 6 or 7 times. I cannot wait for Jaime's picture. Clare looks great!
    Bone cannot come to soon.

  12. Hello Diana!

    I'm yet another huge fan of the Outlander series and am eagerly awaiting the next book.

    In the midst of reading the books several months ago I found an article about you in Wikipedia, and much to my amazement read that we share the same birthday...not only same month and day, but same year as well! I just had to drop by to wish you a very happy birthday, and I hope that your day was very special. :)

    Best wishes in the New Year!

  13. First of all, Happy Birthday again, Diana!! Next, the initial drawing: She needs an edge. I know this is her at 28 yo (or so), but she needs: a. coarser, curlier hair ( even if the original drawing showed it pinned up a bit, but still popping up and out a bit), b. A more prim, thinner nose, she is English for goodness sakes *g*,(yet sexy.) c. a wider mouth/jawline with slighlty thinner lips. It has to hold all those perfect, white teeth! I do not see her with pouty lips. The eyes are perfect!! Bolder eyebrows, yet still shaped for the times. Whew! Mr. Nguyen sure has a challenge here! I am sure the final product will be wonderful, and I canot wait to see the rest of the clan!

  14. The picture is beautiful. I especially like the eyes. I just got back from seeing the movie Atonement & was thinking about how Keira Knightley would portray a great Claire, delicate of feature & frame but strong of will & spirit. I think the artist captured that same essence in his (& your) portrayal of Claire. Everybody has their own "mind-image" of what Claire looks like to them, of course. I find it very gratifying to finally be able to see YOURS. Thanks for sharing. Robin B.

  15. Welcome to the world of blogging! Great pics of both you and Claire. Glad to hear that Claire is looking her best here. Her features are more delicate than those she's had in my mind's eye since '92, but this rendering could certainly still fit nicely with that mental image. I've not read many graphic novels, but I'm looking forward to reading this one and to seeing the characters. I don't have a set image of Jamie, but I seem to have no trouble eliminating potential look-alikes. I'll be interested in seeing how graphic Jamie(!) *G* compares.

    BTW, if you're still interested in adding a credit for the profile photo, at least on the main blog page, one option would be to add it to the About Me section. Go to Template | Page Elements. One of the boxes should say About Me. Click on Edit and you can type the credit in the description box, save it, and it should show up near/around the photo. Alternatively, you could use photo editing software and add the credit to the photo itself.

    Happy Birthday! Hope you had a lovely day. :)

  16. You were the first fiction/ historical fiction/
    romance/whatever-the-heck-each library/bookstore decides to classify you as author I ever read and you've marred me for anyone else. :o) In some ways, I am DYING to 'see' everyone and at the same time don't want to see them. The world of Jamie & Claire is so clear in my head I just don't want it ruined!

    I'm agreeing with Cheryl and the others. I, myself, have curly, unruly, dark hair and LOVED that Claire shared this attribute with me (my hair is generally portrayed well by the homeless extra in the movies). I also pictured her 'less perfect'... more 'normal'. Whatever the heck THAT means. I don't like the way he's drawn her lips at all. Thanks for allowing the feedback!

  17. Oh, Please, please, please do not publish a picture of Jamie!! Everyone's version of him is as varied as the wind and I would hate to have my mental image of him replaced by what he actually is supposed to look like! As you may have gathered, I am a HUGE fan of yours and I love to escape to the world that you created just for Jamie, Claire and myself!!! lol I can hardly wait for the next book!

  18. Not how I picture Claire in my mind. Too girlish, no maturity that a war nurse would have. The picture at the moment reminds me of a pouty 18 year old schoolgirl.
    At least make her the age of 25, which I believe she is in Outlander. Remember, Claire herself thinks she has 'flaws'!


  19. Diana,
    My mother, who passed away this past year, introduced me to Outlander. I spent an entire family vacation reading it much to the dismay of my family who thought I was really being a stick in the mud. My response, of course, was for one of them to try reading that book and putting it down!
    I can't wait to see the graphic novel. It's an excellent idea but I too think this rendering of Claire shows a too young and innocent Claire. I have always pictured her as being less fragile, more determined, more worldly and the amber eyes more striking.
    Just my two cents. Thanks for giving up the academic life and giving us Claire and Jamie.


  20. Wonderful - she is just like I imagined her, Diana. I can hardly wait to see Jamie!

  21. Diana,

    I think there's a place in the "Add Page Element" "Add a Photo" box for a caption.

    And what fun. Your very own blog. [g] Looking forward to future entries.


  22. I too am a big fan. I love the books and cannot wait for the next one. I love the idea of a graphic novel and am anxious to see it. I think Claire looks great but perhaps the hair should be curlier. And I don't agree with robin b about Keira Knightley - she is lovely but way too thin and young. Anyway, my two cents. I cannot wait to see Jamie. Thanks Diana for giving me a great diversion and Happy Birthday.

  23. Diana,

    I think the illustration is lovely, with one minor change: please make Claire's hair both longer and curlier. You have spent so much time describing Claire's hair to us, that it would be very much of a disappointment that it be otherwise. I don't mind her being so "glamorous" as this is all fantasy, right? Thank you for your wonderful books.

  24. I've read so many comments saying to change Claire's hair or she looks too perfect. Granted I have always imagined her as being a little bit more real looking... she's not a stick woman. But as I recall in the beginning her hair was shorter (maybe a little curlier) but she was very attractive and did look young for her age! I mean you've only said that how many times during the series! lol

    I think she looks pretty good and I can't wait to see the graphic novel with all your descriptions brought to life! Thanks for feeding our Outlander addiction.

  25. Happy Monday Diana -

    Off to work on a Mohawk Death song eh?

    Hoang's art is beautiful. The details he has provided in the depiction of a young Claire is appreciated. As long as you have given your stamp of approval, I am satisfied with the image of Claire.

    A graphic comic book written by Ms. Gabaldon? Sold! *g*


  26. I can't wait! I can't wait! I can't wait! for the graphic novel and An Echo in the Bone to be released.
    I love this picture of Claire. I imagined her hair curlier of course and her eyebrows are a bit off but overall I did imagine her to be delicate looking on the outside with the steal core that takes everyone by surprise ;0)
    Can't wait to see Jaime! Yummmy!
    The article mentioned a motion picture in the works...where have I been that I didn't know this? Or is this something new? Is it in production yet? Any expected release dates? Do Tell.
    Will you also be mentioning the battle spoken of in the Wilderness series where Nathaniel Bonnor meets Jamie and Claire? Will Rosana Lippi let you use some of her characters in a scene?

  27. Diana,

    Thank you for the autographed book A Breath of Snow & Ashes. My mom got it for me when she lived in Phoenix and was in Scottsdale to see you personally. I enjoyed all the books and have read them til the pages come out! I wanted to say that the photo is wow! I just love to see other peoples descriptions of your characters and have a few thoughts of my own. Everytime I read I get a different vision of Clair. My first was of Rachel Wiess, my next vision was of Ashley Judd and for my final vision is Kate Winslet (from Titanic). Those are just the main three that I have really settled on. My mom and I have this on going thing where we picture who could play Claire and Jamie should their ever be a movie. I must say I am pleased to read that there will be a movie and a graphic novel that I will absolutely purchase just to have it! Not to mention the 7th book!! As for the rest of the people in the series we are still speculating who could play them. I am definitely set on Kate Beckinsale for Brianna and Collin Farrel (I think that is how its spelled) for Roger. I could go on and on. Anyway thanks for giving the world a great book!! Happy Writing!!

  28. First, I'd like to say what a pleasure it was meeting you in Seattle last year and hearing you read the excerpts from the much anticipated new book. Regarding the photo of Claire - I've always pictured her looking exactly like ME ;-) Barring that, I see her as not quite so "cute" and with wilder curlier hair. How fun to see your characters come to life - can't wait to see Jamie.
    I'm reading your Lord John series while I patiently wait for your new book and the graphic novel.
    Thanks so much for the many hours of reading pleasure.
    Chris F.

  29. Hopefully I find the right words - I´m German :o))

    Well - the photo is drawn perfectly! I admire people being able to draw like this.

    But to be honest - this is not my Claire. She´s not that perfect catalogue-face. She´s more natural to my mind.

    I´m curious about the Jamie-Photo...

  30. I like Mr. Nguyen's drawing of Claire, in my minds eye I see her looking like the Actress Andie MacDowell (Older Claire) or Julia Louis-Dreyfus (As she looked with curly hair in "Seinfeld") But I could not see this actress portray her on screen. I am thrilled that a graphic novel is in the works and the new "Echo" novel.
    I just finished reading "Lord John and the hand of Devils" I enjoyed the series of Lord John Books and hope that he may be included in the Graphic novel or have his own.
    I admire your creativity in bringing these characters to life and am looking forward to more Stories of Jamie and Claire I never want their Adventures to end!