Thursday, January 10, 2008

Welcome Aboard!

Why "the Artemis"? Well, as many of you--well-read and well-educated persons that you all are--know, Artemis is the Greek form of Diana. And owing to some unknown burst of inspiration on the part of my mother (I was supposed to be named Theresa Ann, but she changed her mind at the last minute, and my sister ended up as Theresa), I actually was named for the goddess of the moon. And I did have a ship in my third book (VOYAGER) named the Artemis.

Besides, I had to call it something.

I'd been talking to my editor at Ballantine about posting an announcement regarding our new graphic novel project (see post below), and she remarked that she couldn't wait to see what the response was to both the announcement and the artwork.

At this point, it dawned on me that I don't actually have a facility on my website for people to leave comments. Hence this blog.

Mind, I've never done a blog before, but I'll do my best with this one. And I really would be interested to hear what you think--either about the graphic novel, or anything else.


  1. Diana, I am thrilled you've started a blog and hope you'll be able to post on a somewhat regular basis. I am torn between letting you alone so you can finish the next novel OR pestering you for more tidbits.


  2. Diana,
    Congratulations on your new endeavors! I am excited for you! I loved seeing Hoang Nguyen’s image of Claire and can't wait to see Jamie's as well. Enjoy these new projects of yours!

  3. The picture of "Claire" as shown on your website is very nice. But she is way to fragile looking to be the "Claire" in my imagination. Could this girl kill a wolf with her bare hands? I think not. My image is of someone more earthy and substantial.

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  5. Diana,

    Wow! I am very impressed with the artist's rendering of Claire. Cool Beans indeed. I must be doing my part as a reader, as she looks just as I imagined her in my own head. I love her hair. It is rather well groomed though. Are you sure he can do her regular tousled look as well? (smile)

    I am excited to see how Jamie and Murtagh are rendered as well!

    January 11, 2008 3:12 PM

  6. I've just now read other comments under different heading on this blog and I have to comment further on this version of Claire. I have Clarie's hair - curly and unruly. I have corkscrew curls, but if I brush my hair it looks just like Claire's hair here. I imagine that her hair starts out the day neatly brushed, but as the day wears on it has a force of it's own. Minnie Driver? She's too freckled and has square face, not an oval one.

  7. The picture of Claire is beautiful! The eyes, in my mind are "spot on" but the face should be fuller and the mouth a little wide. I think of Claire carrying more weight than this face indicates. I imagine the hair to be curlier and shinier.

    Can't wait to see Jamie!

  8. This is so exciting!!

    I guess my comment would be that I always pictured her with light brown hair that was frizzier.

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Hi Diana!
    Great idea to have a blog! I'm so looking forward to the graphic novel!
    I have read my "Outlander" series books at least 8 or 9 times! They are almost in shreds! LOL! The artist rendering of Claire is lovely! Many blessings to you and your family!

  10. The painting is beautiful but I've always imagined Claires hair much curlier also.

  11. Jeanette--

    Wait. [g] This is Claire as a probationer nurse--before she's hit the battlefields of WWII; she's probably about 20/21 here. And a long time before she's hit the 18th century.

  12. Truly a woman worth fighting for. Her face is delicately-boned, yet strong with a determined chin; her skin is just as Jamie described it, almost translucent. I agree with some others that I imagined her hair with lighter highlights and curlier, but I suppose she's groomed for work. Very evocative artwork - can't wait to see the others. Oh, and happy birthday (with the present to us!).

  13. Diana, I'm excited by this new project and looking forward to reading it. I've not gotten into graphic novels...yet! My 22 year old nephew loves them, but I doubt I would be interested in HIS taste. LOL

    I like the picture of Claire, but I have to agree that she looks a little too perfect. I always pictured her hair as more curly and messy.

    I can't wait to see Jamie. I'm sure no drawing will ever come up to our collective imagination, but it will be fun to see someone try.

  14. This is seriously cool, and very different..I love it!
    The picture of Claire if wonderfull, but I just hadn't imagined her as quite that pretty or delicate looking. I dunno, maybe thats just me. I must say though, I ADORE the hair!! :)

  15. Dear Diana,
    I am a RN. A nurse from that era would wear her nursing school pin at her neck with the top button buttoned. And NEVER wear her nursing cap with her hair loose. Just some thoughts. Claire looks very pretty. MB

  16. Now that I think on it a little more. I always pictured Claire to look a bit like Alex Kingston (from ER). And Jamie to be a red heided version of Gerard Butler. I like Nguyen's image, but wish the hair was a little more tousled!

  17. Welcome to the blogging world.

    The portrait of Claire is stunning. Wow! She's a hottie. But I agree, I always imagined her with curlier hair.

  18. The artist's rendition of Claire is beautiful, though I pictured her curls a bit differently -- interesting to have Diane M.'s comment about her own hair.

    Anything you are writing about Jamie and Claire will be most welcome! I want to say, in the most eager and reluctantly patient way, "Write faster!"

    And thanks for keeping us up to date. I'll be looking forward to the graphic novel, and more pictures in the meantime.

  19. I am very excited about your upcoming graphic novel (my dh is looking at me strangely as I sit here clapping my hands). I have always wanted to know what everyone looks like - and we all can finally see them thru your eyes... Keep up the excellent work! God Bless.

  20. Diana,
    When I first read "graphic novel" my heart sank. It's not my thing. Then I read "about Jamie & Claire" and my heart sored! I'll be there...on the day that it comes get my reserved copy!

    To me, they are real people 'wink' and I miss them very much. Any insight into their lives...i'll take it!

    As for the illustration. I think it is beautiful. My only comment is the hair. I thought Clair had unruly, curly hair. REALLY curly. But the face is perfect.

    And I really love your blog. I will check it often. Happy writing!


  21. Since I read that Diana said this was Claire as a young woman, I expect that she is 'posing' for her RN picture. Very appropriate. Good luck Diana - I eagerly snap up every book and story, and can't wait for a new one to come along.

  22. Yes- what Jeanette said. She looks so delicate. And-- I forgot how young she was in Outlander!
    Can't wait to see more (tho wait we all will).
    Happy Birthday--

  23. Hi Diana,

    Welcome to blogging! I love when you write in your own voice at least as much as your fiction but I'm also dying to find out What Happened Next, so you can add another tick next to "torn between wanting more entries and wanting the next book" and also next to "thought Claire's hair was curlier."

    And just out of curiosity -- of course, I'm bookmarking this page, but do you suppose that someone might be able to set this up with an RSS feed that I can get on my LiveJournal? (Diane Duane has hers done that way, so I know it's do-able, but have no idea how complicated it might be.) I know you have many fans there (including my good friend Lady Sorcha Fraser of the SCA, whose e-mail on the subject of name conflict you may recall) who would enjoy keeping up with your thoughts!

  24. Samantha--

    I've just barely managed to figure out how to creat a blog, let alone do an RSS feed [g], but I'll inquire, and see if anybody knows how.

  25. I'm among those who'd thought of Claire's hair as more riotous (in college, it took me an hour with a hot comb to make my hair look like the painting), but it's a lovely picture.

    Good site, too!

    Site feed info


  26. Thanks for starting this blog. I agree that Claire is more delicate than I pictured her and her hair is way more under control. Keeping in mind that she's a lot younger than when she goes through the stones, I'll withhold judgment. I can't wait for more!

  27. Diana,
    I am overjoyed with the knowledge of this graphic novel in the works. Any reimagining of the Outlander world will be fantastic. Claire looks beautiful! QUESTION: Nobody has mentioned the blurb about the "motion picture in development"!! Pray tell, what does this mean?? So many of us adoring fans are frothing at the mouth to see Claire and Jaime on the silver screen. I always envisioned a BBC, HBO, or Showtime miniseries that would have more freedom not to shrink the story, sex-scences, or foul-language. A movie would be great though. Any small tidbits or crumbs you could throw our way?? Thanks!

  28. I have only one word that can describe how excited I am for your new project:


    You rock!

  29. I agree with some others; I also saw Claire with much tighter curls. I also saw her with darker hair-- because it lightens when she gets older but hers can't lighten much more than this picture shows. She is almost not strong enough looking as well, but can pass for a "wolf killer". She is beautiful, as is Claire. What does she look like 20 years older?

  30. Oh, the movie. Well, yes, we _do_ have a new movie deal, with an excellent independent production company, whom we like very much. But I'm afraid that's all I'm allowed to tell you about it right now! They've hired an excellent screenwriter (whose name you would actually recognize [g]), but he is of course on strike with the rest, and they don't want me to reveal any details until the script is done and a director "attached," as they say. So that's it. But keep your fingers crossed!

  31. Diana, Are you concerned that your novels won't get the coverage on the big screen that they deserve? I always find it sad that beautifully written prose is destroyed for the sake of time or even money. Someone, besides me, must want an excellent treatment of your books- and hey, I'm not in the WGA just the CTA/NEA!

  32. Nice christening of the Artemis!

  33. Diana, in my world you are a Queen. How any one person can write so much that touches so many layers of my being is something amazing to me.

    I do like the rendition of Claire, but as others have voiced, in my minds eye, I see her hair curlier and I don't see bangs. And I think her lips in the picture are a bit off. In my mind, her lips are fuller and not so perfect. She's not a dainty thing! She's an army nurse, has seen combat, and rugged enough to cause a grown man to go "OOOphhhhh" when she wails him.

    But, hey...she came to YOU for her story to be told...not to me. You know her better than anyone.

  34. Regarding Claire~ Woo boy...Hair is the right color but I have to question it flying loose and free (even if that's what it usually does) while dressed in a nurse uniform. It seems like it should be put up or back if she's wearing that. Eyes are proper color but too slanted. In fact she looks too glam and too cartoonish. I picture her as a natural beauty. This woman doesn't look like she could manage 2/3 of the things Claire can. This gal looks like she'd faint... in a cartoonish way of course.

  35. Diana,
    I think the picture is wonderful. You, so far, are the only person that knows exactly what Claire looks like. My first thought, after seeing the picture, was how lovely she is and how gracefully she would age. I had expressed my concern to you - at Fergus - that the artist wouldn't get the characters right. You assured me that you would work closely with the artist and have the final approval. Nice job. I can't wait to see Murtagh, Dougal and, of course, Jamie.

    Thank you for all you do.


  36. I think a graphic novel is a great idea, as were the podcasts. Looking forward to the graphic novel and the next Claire/Jamie book. P.s. announcement of the graphic novel noted there was a major movie in the works? Is this something more finite than someone sitting on the filming rights?

  37. Dear Diana,
    I worship you and your work. Any chance you might travel to Idaho for a book signing? I wish. Anyway, I love the pic of Claire. Although, I have pictured her eyes slightly more golden, like whisky when the light shines through it.
    Am I right? Keep up the fabulous work!!!

  38. Hi Diana, I'm going to be really honest because you asked for feedback. I am a big fan of these books and the picture of Claire isn't "my" Claire. I almost don't want to look at it again because I don't want it to morph into Claire for me. I have been so excited about the storyline for this GN (via posted excerpts, which I have LOVED) but now I'm feeling torn. I'm a little nervous to see Jamie now.

    The picture is lovely. "My" Claire is not this gorgeous. She is, well, real. Not quite so beautiful, but certainly not ugly either! In my head, the hair is not wavy in this way, but actually quite curly, to the point of almost frizziness. She is a strong, confident, and smart woman whose looks convey these things in a less sultry way.

    It is entirely possible that this picture has thrown me off because it is a Claire that is younger than when we actually meet her. And she's not yet thrown through the years to a more harsh time. And admittedly, I am not familiar with graphic novels. I guess I expected the pictures to be sketchier than this. ? The picture in my head isn't really very detailed, but it's just not this picture (lovely as it is).

    Ugh, I feel really bad being so disagreeable but you asked.

    By the way, regardless of the images, I will buy the graphic novel. Even if I am unsure of the images, I can't wait to READ it!

  39. mommio--

    [g] There's really no need to apologize; there isn't any reason why your mental image should precisely match someone else's, whether said image is mine or the artist's.

    Do consider though---nobody necessarily looks like any one photo of themselves, do they? Most photos of me _resemble_ me, but I couldn't tell you how many hundreds of people who meet me at book signings assure me that the cover photos "don't do you justice." Well...of course they don't. They're static images, taken in specific--though transitory-- conditions of setting and lighting. I'm alive, [g] and therefore mutable.

    Claire (in the graphic novel sense of her) will be somewhere between these states--i.e., you won't be seeing just a single full-face "portrait" take of her; you'll be seeing many images, done in different conditions of lighting, wind, setting, humidity [g], etc., through the book. Some of those images may be closer to your imaginings, some less so--but overall, you'll have an _impression_ of her overall, rather than a little checklist of features to match against your extant mental image.

  40. Congratulations on the Artemis, Diana! You've found yet another way of keeping the story "alive" for us while we wait for the next Book. ;o)

    Happy belated birthday and congratulations on all of your latest projects!

    P.S. Do you ever sleep? *G*

  41. PGood point, Diana. I'm reminded of the annual tradition, The Taking of the Christmas Card Photo. It's painful. I have children and I want it to look right. Some people who see that photo only get to see the children once a year or not at all. So I want the photo to convey how beautiful and bright and wonderful they are. So if someone's smile is unnatural or ear is sticking out awkwardly, I don't want it. It's not that I want them to look "prettier" but that I want them to look like THEM. I want the representation to be true, which is difficult, even in taking an photograph of the actual children involved!

    So yes, you make perfect sense.

    I will be more open minded.

  42. Congratulations on all of your new projects!
    My husband is very amused by you releasing a graphic novel as he's very into the comic ones - the boy ones :D and i make fun of him regularly. :D But I will definately be getting yours! I do love the picture of Claire - i imagine her hair to be curlier (and with loads of loose little curlse around her face) but otherwise it's amazing.
    Can't WAIT to see Jamie and others!

    The movie sounds interesting; funnily enough I was only saying to Adam the other day that I would love to see a movie made of your books but it would be so hard to get enough detail into them - your books are so interwoven and well... LONG. :D (Not that i'd wish them any shorter!) but the fact that you are involved and it'll be an independant producer does help matters! I look forward to hearing more about it!!

    Well done for all of your new projects, can't wait for next year and all of the new releases! x

  43. I'll be another person who expected a more Alex Kingston-ish head of curls.

    Actually, the actress who always reminds me the most of Claire, in looks and personality, is the wife in Mad Max.

  44. tracee (and others with movie questions)--

    Well, the thing is, a book is a book and a movie is a movie. Different media, different structures. The only way to preserve the "beautiful language" of a novel, I'm afraid, is to have James Earl Jones or Mel Gibson read it as a voiceover--and I'm pretty sure we don't want _that_.

    Even the storyline of a book the size of OUTLANDER would take about ten hours, if filmed incident for incident. Obviously, what's desirable is a good adaptation--and adaptation is as much an art as is the original novel.

    Look at GONE WITH THE WIND; it's a big book, a big movie--a great book, a great movie. And I think most people would feel that the movie was "true" to the book. But there are two-thirds of the book that aren't in the movie--whoever adapted it removed two whole husbands and an extra child from Scarlett's life, to say nothing of the KKK and a few chunks of the Civil War.

    Ergo, no, I don't expect a movie to be a literal translation of the book; I do hope--and expect--that it will be a _good_ movie, though.

    (And as my US publisher once remarked to me, "Well, we've sold a lot of books off lousy movies." [wry g] Presumably anyone intrigued by the movie would in fact then go read the book, and thus acquire any missing parts of the story.)

  45. I wonder if this is what it was like long before email, back when people actually wrote and read letters to each other long distance. People may have seen a small snap shot sent in a letter but for the most part what each other looked like was etched a certain way in the mind's eye. I wonder what is was like when these people ever really met? Were they happy, disapointed, surprised? I have this feel with this new graphic novel. I'm not sure, just not sure.

  46. Love the idea of a blog. I wish there was some way to subscribe and be notified when a new entry appears. Clicking on the link at the bottom leads to a text only page that repeats the blog entries???

    Oh, well, guess I'll just have to check back on a regular basis to see what's new.

    As far as blogging, posting to Compuserve, writing book reviews, fighting with computer geeks, etc., taking away from your writing, I expect a change is as good as a rest. Your method seems to work pretty well, allowing your conscious mind to be disracted enough to allow you subsconscious mind to refresh so that when you do focus on Outlander stuff, you are recharged and ready to go.

  47. Kilian-
    I believe you can subscribe to this blog by clicking on the button that says subscribe.. at least, I believe that's how I did it. I subscribed to this blog while on meds for pneumonia so forgive me and my addled brain.

  48. I'm afraid I know absolutely nothing (as yet) about blogs and how they work. I just managed to get this one started, and haven't yet had time to hunt around and figure out niceties like subscription and RSS feeds (though somebody in one comment was saying that the RSS thing is something you-all can do, rather than my doing it).

    I'll let you know when I _do_ figure it out, though! Meanwhile...I have a Mohawk Death Song to compose. See you later!

  49. That's the way it works on all the other blogs I subscribe to, but I have had the same problem with this blog server. Clicking on the subscribe button does nothing but go to a text page. Oh, well, I'll just make it a point to check back regularly and make sure to have the follow-up comments notification sent to me.

  50. I must have spent too much time in the desert sun in my garden as I have no idea what a graphic novel is? Is it an adult comic book? Oh shoot..that sounds x-rated...ummm because maybe me thinking Claire looks cartoonish is exactly how she is supposed to look???

  51. wee--

    Well, yes. [g] A graphic novel is indeed a (fairly sophisticated) comic book for grownups.

  52. OH ok an adult comic book (not x-rated :-)well where the heck have I been? I was so confused and well I live in Las Vegas. Things are always distorted here. Thanks Diana for the explain. :-)

  53. Diana:

    Thank you for blogging with the rest of us peons...but I'd like to know if you'll be podcasting any new/other episodes? I've enjoyed hearing you speak about your craft, process, or simply sharing the delights of getting through a typically insane day. Of course, this would be in addition to all the other heroic tasks at which you labor. Maybe you should change the name of your blog from Artemis to Hercules..... ;}

  54. Hi Diana,

    I think the depiction is quite good-I do agree that she should have her hair up if she is in her uniform. I think the artist captured the eyes very well-he has drawn them in a way that alludes to the personality behind the face. I CAN see her being the person you have written-sometimes defiant, sometimes sexy, sometimes angry and also capable of killing if moved to . I wrote here because I can't get any text when I log on to the Writers Forum-I have an email to Alex. Congratulations on finding such a good artist.

  55. Hi Diana,
    This graphic novel promises to be quite beautiful if that picture and your incredible talent (ok,ok huge fan, love all the books, gushing slightly) is any indication.

    I'll add my comment that I thought claire's hair was curlier, to the masses, but I have curly hair and it morphs into all kinds of things on the spectrum, from tight curls to a bushy, wavy mass. This is highly dependent on humidity, hair product and randomness.

    This is a great picture of one Claire...What i find interesting is that people either want to see a concrete i.e. movie, illustration Claire or they want to just keep their own image. For me, when I try to describe the visual of a beloved character, location, anything from a book, it is more of a hazy representation than anything else. Almost like a real image missing detail and slightly veiled. The real magic of reading (and why it is my favorite thing in the world) is that somewhere in my subconscious, these images are created, the "world" of the story is reconstructed and FEEL real. But, yeah, asked to describe them, they are vague. So, this image of Claire will meld with my other ideas and my vague representation, but I doubt it will change the way i read/think/visualize her. I found that happening with Atonement, a book I loved. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I have seen enough previews and trailers to know that the Keira knightly and other actors portraying these roles may slightly influence me visually if I reread the book. They will meld into my version, but I will still feel my own visual representation and characters.

    Actors are good, but they are never good enough to completely usurp a character from my own representation or completely inhabit MY version of the story.

    anyway, bravo, Diana! What a quality project it looks to be.

    Robin L.

  56. Thanks, Robin!


    I'm sure I'll do more podcasts at some point, since people seem to like them. The ones I've done, though, have been at the publisher's behest--meaning they handled the technical end of producing and distributing the podcasts; I just either showed up at a recording studio, or did it over the telephone.

    I'm sure it would be _possible_ for me to produce my own podcasts; I just don't at the moment know how, and lack the time to find out.

    If any of y'all happen to know what's required to make sound files, and how these are then listed on iTunes, etc., I'd be happy to do more. Otherwise, I reckon the publisher will have me do a new batch next time they want to promote another book. [g]

  57. Diana, your Claire is beautiful but I too visualized her with corkscrew curls. Very, very curly like my own. I understand her frustrations and Jamie's comments with regards to her hair in the rain and wind; frazzled.

    As far as finding Jamie's backside, which is quite funny, you will know the right one when you see it. Check out Michael Pare' in Sanctimony. He drops his towel and his back all the way down to his toes is very fine. His pecs are fine too...

    Hope this helps. LOL We want you to keep writing.

    Many thanks for all your previous books.

  58. Dear Diana,
    Happy Happy Birthday! The picture of Claire is beautiful. I am so looking forward to reading the graphic novel. What a wonderful way to enhance our Outlander experience. Thanks for countless hours of reading enjoyment.

  59. Ms. Gabaldon, I anxiously await your next release. You are part of my daily routine...Get up,feed kids, kids to school, read Breath of Snow and Ashes while on the biffy,get ready for work, eat, to work, home, thumb through daily paper on the biffy, Wash hands thoroughly and make supper, help with homework, hockey practice, twenty minutes(groan) on treadmill until spring comes and roads are no longer slippery, do dishes and then work on my own novel I started last July and have now 200 plus pages because I write when I have the time(phew),get kids to bed, me to bed with husband, read Breath of Snow and Ashes fourth time around(in bed this time, not on biffy),go to sleep. There - God help you, you are now a part of my life!!! By the way, Claire is absolutely beautiful - reminds me of myself twenty years ago when I was fresh and pretty (and humble). Keep up the fantastic, get back to writing!!!
    Clara Beaton, Canada

  60. Diana -

    I am SO stoked about the graphic novel project! WOW. What a unique/creative way of approaching a visual of Jamie & Claire and everyone else in the "cast." The artist seems incredibly talented. Can't wait for it to hit the shelves. :)

    I have to agree with a previous post that said Claire looked a little too delicate. I know it's not the final draft, but she looks a little too ephemeral? angelic even? hahaha.

    [For those who are skimming the comments and wondering what the heck a graphic novel is - some have been made into movies recently: "300", "V for Vendetta", "Sin City"...granted all those a little darker than J&C, but just for reference sake. Check out your local bookstore...they should have a section for GN's.]

    Blog idea is perfect. Not only can you share things with your audience, we can enjoy your fabulous writing and get a chuckle now and then. (From now on, I know what I'm doing when I need a break from work.)

    Best of luck with it all!


  61. Thank you for the photo of Claire. It looks awesome, and I'm happy to say it is quite like my imagination with some of the "holes" filled in. Also I would like to comment that I think the graphic novel will draw in alot of men to the series, too. I mentioned to my husband, who is reading the books, that there will be a GN soon. His eyes lit up like that only reserved for all things Hunting, and Weaponry, and said "When????" It was fun to see him so excited about it!

  62. Diana,
    Congrats on the new projects!
    Love, love, love your series and have lost count of how many times I've read them.
    I love the rendering of Claire and think you're on the right track...but beeing as you've created her out of your imagination, I didn't think you'd have too hard of a time with it. LOL!
    I don't know if anyone will agree, but I've actually pictured Jamie looking somewhat like Eric Dane (aka Dr. Mac Steamy) from Grey's Anatomy only taller. I've seen him without the beard in photobucket and he's gorgeous!!!
    Thanks so much for the excerpts from Echo in the bLood....can't wait to read it in its entirety!
    Keep up the good work & Happy B-Day!!!!

  63. [For those who are skimming the comments and wondering what the heck a graphic novel is - some have been made into movies recently: "300", "V for Vendetta", "Sin City"...granted all those a little darker than J&C, but just for reference sake. Check out your local bookstore...they should have a section for GN's.]

    Thanks Sara for the further info and explain. Wow I feel like I've been in a cave. But with certain events in my life as of late I might as well have been. I will check these out~pam

  64. Nicely done. One word of warning though--blogging can be a terrible time sink. The advantage for me as a reader is I can add your blog to an RSS feed and see everything at a glance.

  65. Diana,

    I am a bit desperately in love with your Outlander world and those who inhabit it. As a total graphic novel freak I've been waiting for this as my long suffering boyfriend will attest. :) I've also been waiting for the movie so this is great news to ring in the New Year with. Nguyen's artwork is amazing and his/your vision of Claire is quite like I imagined her and I like to think I paid close attention to all of the details and inferences about her appearance that you included. I think there are a few people out there with very curly hair who are disappointed and I have straight hair myself so I can't offer any insight into how through brushing very curly hair could transform into moderately bushy hair, but I can tell you that my mother had hair that looked exactly like that picture without doing anything to it. I always thought of Claire's curls as soft and unruly - the windblown stuff of the best loved English heroines. Your descriptions of their silkiness and mobility (as well as the color) led me to something very like the image the extremely talented Hoang has produced. Also, about her prettiness, she was always described as someone with not only translucently beautiful skin but also a fairly delicate build despite her medium to tall height (depending on which era's standards.) I think she looks perfect and that you made an excellent point by saying that this is only one portrait of her. Look up any denizen of comics and graphic novels and you will see the same multitude of images for the same face that you can see in your own personal photo album.



  66. Well i think that the photo of Claire is great, while i read the books i had my own image but something was always missing, I believe because i was waiting on the confirmation from Diana's view since Claire was her creation. So now i have the whole picture in my head which will make reading the books AGAIN more interesting. So I say GOOD JOB DIANA i can't wait to see the rest.

  67. This renedred Claire is not what I expected - from the writing I imagined someone of simply natural beauty with much curlier hair. This picture is of very wavy hair...I'd have expected her to have a fuller face and not so finely defined eyebrows. However...I'll appreciate whatever comes out even if it's not what I pictured!

  68. I'm curious how you came to decide to do a graphic novel? I think the idea is brilliant and can't wait to buy it, but it is unusual. Do you read them yourselve, and if so, what do you like?

  69. Kilian--

    I used to write comic books for Walt Disney. [g] No, I don't normally read graphic novels (just don't come across good ones that often, and don't spend much time digging through the GN section in the bookstores--too much manga, which I don't like), but enjoy good ones. I'd always wanted to do a graphic novel, if the opportunity offered--and luckily, it did.

  70. Diana,
    As yet another rabid fan of your Outlander world, I have to say I love the rendering of Claire. She's exactly as I imagined her. I realize that others have other images...but to me, soft waves and curls in her hair are perfect. I've never imagined her curls as frizzy. I don't think delicate features necessarily translate into "fragile" either. Even though she's young in this picture...I see that steely strength already there in the set of her mouth and her eyes. I've always been a small boned person, but I've never been "fragile"... trust me! Anyway, this looks like it's going to be wonderful. Thank you for all those hours of enjoyment I've had reading your books.

  71. Thanks for the explanation. I don't read many graphic novels, either, and have never read any manga. I usually go by reviews or recommendations from friends or seeing the movies made from the books. I do like Neil Gaiman, Frank Miller, Paul Pope, and a few others. I particularly like those by or about women, and am planning to read Persepolis next, a GN written by an Iranian woman who appears to have a big sense of humor. It is just another art form like film, radio, etc., and another way to tell a story. Not much has changed since we all hunkered around the fire listening to the storyteller help fill the time between the end of work and sleep time.

  72. so glad you have started a blog! yay! love the image of claire. exactly what you described. I had her in my mind already! Thanks for your amazing books. I am so in love with the outlander stories. can't wait for the next installment. my son was recently born in august and has red hair. We laugh b/c we say that I read the entire outlander series while pregnant with him, so that it must be the reason for his red hair. LOL! in truth my husband's red beard was what attracted me to him but he looks more the way you describe colum or roger. :)I like the image of claire b/c she is indeed french looking, fine boned but not to delicate. she is a woman. thanks again.

  73. Hi Diana,

    I think this is the first time I've posted to another's blog. So I hope I'm not repeating what someone else has said.

    I am very excited about your new graphic book. I have always wanted to have at least a couple of pictures in novels. I like to know what the characters look like and the locations. What exactly does a Moor look like? What does a peat bog look like? And the castles? So I will be very interested in seeing these pictures in your graphic novel.

    For some reason I pictured Claire as having darker hair and Jamie as having black hair. I don't know why! So every time you mentioned his light/red hair I went "huh"? Without pictures, my mind went on a rampage and got everything wrong.

    I have however, been to Scotland, saw Loch Ness (no monster that day) and visited Stonehenge in the south of England. I loved it there. Of course it was January and freezing but I didn't care! Those Scottish accents were so attractive and I remember the military at the castle in Edinburgh as having red knees from the cold (yep, they were in kilts).

    The most important reason I bought your first book is because of the time travel. That fascinates me and I do hope you have lots more in the future. I also like Connie Willis novel, The Doomsday Book.

    I can't wait for the graphic book.

    best regards,


  74. Lorri~
    If you like the subject of time travel, may I suggest "The Time Traveler's Wife"? Very good book~p

  75. I have never been attracted to Bloggning sites, so this entire business is foreign to me. Ms. Gabladon, I began reading your books the year you published Outlander. Since then I have eagerly awaited each new 'chapter'. The characters have lived vividly in my mind and will continue to do so. Two years ago, I traveled to Scotland and visited Edinburgh and Culloden among other places. Despite the realization that Craig na Dunn and Lallybroch are fictional places, I found myself looking for them...and wishing for my own time traveling journey.

    Diana, can you tell reveal where you imagined the ring stones? I have looked at many maps of the area described in your books and have a rough idea.

    I am delighted to read of your newest ventures. All the best...


  76. Diana,
    Thanks for the movie update. I know you can't mention much, but just wondering.....did you actually have anyone in mind for Claire...and..(sigh)...Jaime???? You had mentioned in the past how difficult it is for the writer to have much say in anything. By going with this independant company (I'm so happy you did) will you have any say or influence? By now you have no doubt see the myriad of 'movie casting' You Tube videos with fans conjuring up their own perfect Claires, Jaimes, Lagohaires, and so on. So what do you think? Although I don't think he's a ringer for Jaime, I certainly wouldn't mind looking at Gerard Butler in red hair...ooh gotta go, getting too hot...Thanks for anymore tidbits of info when you have the time.--Emily

  77. Loretta--

    Well, that makes two of us. [g] I've never gone to blogging sites, either; just seen the odd entry here and there when a friend sends me an interesting link.

    I have no idea whether I'm doing this right or not, but it strikes me as a venue with relatively few rules. [g]

  78. Emily--

    Mmm, well, the film people are very nice about requesting my opinion, but that doesn't mean I necessarily will have any influence whatever.

    And no, I don't have any notions regarding actors. See, I don't _need_ to think of my characters in terms of actors, because I can actually see them. And naturally, they don't really resemble any actors/actresses I'm familiar with.

    The thing is, though, that acting is an art, just like painting or writing novels. And an actor's art is to embody and personify someone other than themselves. So whether a given actor could play Jamie, for instance, has less to do with that actor's physical appearance, and more with his skill--and that's not something you could assess without seeing him do it.

  79. DG wrote:

    "The thing is, though, that acting is an art, just like painting or writing novels. And an actor's art is to embody and personify someone other than themselves. So whether a given actor could play Jamie, for instance, has less to do with that actor's physical appearance, and more with his skill--and that's not something you could assess without seeing him do it."

    I agree with this completely. Capt Aubrey is described as being tall and slender with long, blonde hair. "Goldilocks" is an irreverent nickname given to him by those who dislike him. So who is the actor in the movie? Russell Crowe! Nothing at all like the description, yet he did a wonderfully skill job at capturing the essence of the man. Physical appearance is accidental. It is the spirit of the character that is important, IMHO.

  80. Diana Gabaldon has left a new comment on the post "Welcome Aboard!":


    Well, that makes two of us. [g] I've never gone to blogging sites, either; just seen the odd entry here and there when a friend sends me an interesting link.

    I have no idea whether I'm doing this right or not, but it strikes me as a venue with relatively few rules. [g]

    This is good for all of us that like to break a few rules now and than! :-0

  81. Diana,
    Thanks for the insight. I think what you said was very important for all your die-hard fans to read. The illustration of Claire alone provoked such emotional reactions spanning the gammet, from irritation to adoration. When it comes to the actor, I know it will be so personal to so many readers who have such vague or specific notions of what the characters look like. Perhaps as it gets closer to the time you can repeat that very idea on your front page. It was certainly a great reminder to me of the power of acting. Thanks,

  82. what a great point about actors/actresses diana! I think that the ability to see the characters in a book has to do with the ability of the writer to create them. You have a gift of bringing characters to life in the brain as it were. None of the actors or actresses I can think of really personify your characters. But the drawing. Wow.. that was just perfect. exactly as you described. I sometimes marvel at some of your other readers saying that they don't see her that way. Funny. but then again I have read the series twice and then also am listening to the unabridged series on my ipod. (grin)Your books have really encouraged me to really pay attention to my senses during my daily life. How would I describe them? I really had to read your books twice. I found that Outlander was so enthralling that I just flew through it. and with the beginning of Voyager, I blanked out whole sections trying to get to the place where Jamie and Claire were together again. :) now I am writing a book. All this to say that I am very glad of your books, and that I pass them on with word of mouth to all my married friends. consistently.

  83. Graphic Novel - yipee!!

    I am such a huge fan. I walk up to strangers in the bookstore and hand them your books. I keep an full extra set of paper backs around so that I can give them as gifts. I am in deed a fanatic.

    In all of your extensive free time, you might try to find the ElfQuest graphic novels. A fun, epic story with a fabulous leading man, his crazy tribe and his magical wife. The artwork is gorgeous, they age over the course of the story.

    AND, if you haven't seen it yet the latest PBS version of Persuasion is compelling (and Rupert Penry-Jones isn't so bad either). For some reason, watching it made be go back start reading your series again.

  84. Diana, et. al.
    After last year's health challenges, I found that I had 'x' amount of energy for my days of work (special education teacher), husband, dogs, horses and friends (not necessarily listed in order of importance). Consequently, I decided to purchase the Davina Porter performances of your books-all unabridged. I listened to them on the way to and from work-my 'reading' time. Even though I had previously 'read' all the books when they were first published in hardcover, I found that I REALLY enjoyed the audio versions. The characters spoke to me as I drove. This aural perspective/performance of your stories entranced me.

    Diana, what do you think of these productions? Do they meet with your images? Like the comments on the artwork for the graphic novel, I imagine there will be varied opinions.


  85. Thank you Diana for creating the blog. Not only can your fans post comments for you, but we are able to read what other fans are thinking regarding updates in the series, ect. Congratulations on your continued success! I look forward to reading your next projects.

  86. Hi Diana,

    I think the drawing of Claire is beautiful, and it's pretty close to what I imagined. I'm a bit more possesive of Jamie, so I'll be holding my breath a little until he appears!

    I mistakenly thought the series ended with the 6th book, when I delved into Outlander late last year. So excited when I got to the end of Snow & Ashes, Claire and Jamie didn't die (I emotionally prepared!), and I realized that you left it wide open for more! I smugly thought I would be immune from this waiting business--I am THRILLED nonetheless.

    Thanks for all the adventures! I look forward to much(much) more.

  87. Loretta--

    I _love_ the unabridged audios of all my books--Jeffrey Woodman reading the Lord John novels is every bit as good as Davina is, reading the main OUTLANDER books.

    I'm occasionally startled (or amused [g]) at some interpretations of a character's accent--for reasons unknown, the time-traveling Native American from New Jersey in ABOSA ended up with a sort of Liverpudlian accent--but the dramatic skill employed by these readers/actors is immense and enthralling.

    No, Davina doesn't sound like Jamie (just as Jeff doesn't sound like the 16-year-old Olivia)--there are just physical limitations to what a voice can do, aye? But the overall impression and interpretation of the stories in audio form are marvelous.

  88. Dear Candy Apple--

    Many thanks for the good word! As my beloved first editor always said, "These _have_ to be word-of-mouth books, because they're too weird to describe to anybody!" [g]

  89. Diana -
    First, I want to say how happy I am to find you have started a blog! I found the Outlander series a little over a year ago...I happened to be in our local used book store and a lady asked me to help her look for your books (they can't keep it's rare to find one of your books on their shelves). I went one direction and she went the opposite direction. When I found her, with book in hand, she was discussing your books with two more women!! I thought to myself...'Self - if these books are that great, you must have them!' So, I went home that day and ordered the entire Outlander series!! I have since read the series twice and have listened to some of the books on audio. I have also recommended The Books to friends/family/strangers at every opportunity!
    One friend that has read the series was saying, just the other day, the books offered her a way of escape during a very difficult time in her life..she was extremely grateful for that. She has just recently started listening to the audiobooks, and she is finding that same escape now from a similar difficult experience. I nice it would be if you could just know how much your books mean to I wanted to tell you.
    THANK YOU so, so much for this wonderful tale of a man who loves a woman and the woman that loves him right back!! I can’t wait to get my hands on the next book!!

  90. Dear Melissa--

    Thanks so much! It means a lot to me, to hear that the books have been helpful to people, as well as entertaining. [s]

  91. Dear Diana and company,

    Yes they are weird. I was so excited when they moved to the regular fiction section. That allowed me to convince my parents to read them. My mother fell in love with Jamie (Imagine that?? What is she thinking? - I love parentheses (and Jamie) too!) and my father credits them with renewing his love of reading which had lay dormant for many years.

    You might remember my name (completely real, born with it, husband wouldn't let me change it), you might not, but we've written back and forth a few times back in the days of the release of your companion book (like the blog, my amazon review was about how lucky we were to enjoy both the fiction and the mind behind it). I had you "say hi to Jack for me."

    I was so happy to find you blogging and it seems I was right on time. Here at the beginning!

    Along with the other readers, I enjoy my unabridged audio recordings. I listen to them while doing the mundane tasks of my life and they whisk me away to another world and reminding me of a review Steven King did of using the new Amazon reading device, Kindle. He noted how different formats are not a threat to books and how a great recording can really make you appreciate the prose.

    There is a section in A Breath of Snow and Ashes (they allow a bold, but not underline tag), that I could listen to over and over. It is almost like music, "The dark came down on All Hallows' Eve. . ." Page 339 of the hard back for those of you who have to know. It give me goose bumps!

    Any way, enough bowing to the feet of your genius for one post. I'll try not to drool next time.


  92. Dear Candy--

    Nice to "see" you again! [g]

    And yes, I think experiencing a story in multiple formats is generally a Good Thing. In the case of the graphic novel, it lets me both expand on the original story, and look at events from a completely different angle--an unusual opportunity, and one I'm looking forward to.

  93. I wasn't keen on the idea of turning J & C into what I believed would be "comic book characters." But now that I have read the comments and gathered a little info on what exactly a graphic novel is...well I think it might be kind of cool. Sorry Diana, I guess some of us are just stubborn :-) Best of luck on this new venture!

  94. I have to say, my Claire has always been a younger Sigourney Weaver. I've tried to imagine her otherwise, as I thought she should be a bit more delicate, but the image persists, so I just had to accept that this was who she wanted to be for me, LOL.

    Diana, your writing is amazing! I have just finished reading the series for the 4th or 5th time, I think, and I'm sure I will read it all again before your next publication, LOL. There are very few books I will read over and over again, but these remain "new" to me every time. Thank you for countless hours of entertainment :)

  95. I hoping this is a place for any kind of general comment? I just discovered this blog after hearing about the Claire picture, and I posted over there.

    Diana, I emailed you a while back about Drums of Autumn. I was frustrated with that book because I felt there was some build-up without the satisfying scene--very little about Claire and Brianna's reunion and things like that. But I've since finished the series and have to say that I loved loved loved Fiery Cross and ABOSAA. I just loved every moment of them. I loved the conversation Jamie and Claire had, especially in Fiery Cross. So after complaining about the 4th book, I just had to tell you I loved the 5th and 6th books. They are my favorites along with the first.

  96. deb says.....fuller face. curly hair. rounder eyes. I love your books. Found them by listening to abridged audio tape. I have been a fan for years now. Thank you. Debra Pedder, nevada.

  97. To quote Jeanette (posted 1/11), "she is way too fragile looking to be..."Claire".

    I quite agree: she doesn't look strong enough to be "our" Claire.

    You replied that this is a young Claire and we should "just wait". I'm too old and cranky to wait [g]; I'd really like Claire to be less delicate, even as a young woman.

  98. I'm looking forward to your graphic novel! I agree with most of the others about what Claire looks like in my head. She has hair like Alicia Minshew's. She plays Kendall Hart on All My Children. Go to to see her hair. I think she might have worked on it for the photo shoot, but you can imagine what it usually looks like. The face is pretty close, too. I drew a picture of Jamie I'd love to post, but I don't think that's possible. He has Diana's eyes and cheekbones, but very masculine, of course.
    Okay, so quit reading and get back to writing. ;)

  99. Oh, wow! What a treat! A graphic novel of Jamie and Claire! Okay, Claire's hair looks like Alicia Minshew's. She plays Kendall Hart on All My Children. Go to to see it in a somewhat tamed down version. It's light brown and usually wild. Actually, the face is pretty close, too. I've drawn a picture of Jamie I'd love to post (I've illustrated a couple of children's books), but I don't think that's allowed. He has Diana's eyes and cheekbones, but, of course, he's very masculine.

  100. Hey Diana i was just searching around about the new movie, is it true that James Caviezel will be Jamie in the movie, i was looking at some of the still shots on his website. I think he's a great actor and will play the part well, although he didn't have a tartan on that i could see or a kilt but will wait for more shots to see how it will come together. I am so looking forward to this movie.

  101. Tina, Jim Caviezel is working on a movie titled Outlander, unfortunately it is not this particular one :( Here is a link to the JC movie, if you are interested...

  102. The James Caviezel movie called Outlander is about a space craft that crashes in Norway and then aliens and humans battle it out, or something like that.

  103. Thanks for that link i was so confused.

  104. I looked at this "Outlander" movie info. OMG, what is a great actor like John Hurt, who would be great for Murtagh BTW, doing in this piece of cheese? He must need the money. His work in the film "Champions" made him one of my favorite actors forever. What a great movie. From Champions to Outlander, what was he thinking?

    There would be so much confusion if they use the Outlander title for our movie. They should call it something else. Cross Stitch perhaps? I can just imagine the scene when hordes of Viking/alien fanboys run into Outlandish readers in the movie lobby.


  105. I so agree with you on that, when i read that i thought OH WOW they are getting it done already, be cause there was a little statement right below that talked about Diana outlander series that is where i got confused. But i do think that there will lots of mistakes like that because of the title.

  106. Dear Tina--

    I see somebody else came up with the information for you. No, it'll be awhile (if it happens; the odds against any given movie deal actually becoming a movie are literally hundreds, if not thousands, to one) before the Jameie/Claire movie verson hits the screen.

    It isn't even far enough developed for me to be allowed to tell you more about it than that it exists. [shrug]

  107. Thanks Diana, yeah they have been really nice to me here, i will wait for your posts on the progress of the movie before i get to excited again LOL.

  108. I have seen many blogs trying to answer the question your grafic novel is going to answer. What the author sees Jamie,Claire and the others looking like. I think that Claire is close; but in your novel I pictured in my mind's eye Claire having curlier hair. I do not see it as frizzy, although in the Highland humidity it is possible. But, I see our lady Claire as NOT plagued with frizz.
    I was trying to think of an actress with lovely cork screwed curls. Ms. Braveheart used to have this style of hair. As for Jamie good luck! All of us devotees must have visions of him too hard to put into a final vision . Fine boned, strong, alabaster skin, chisled like a Michelangelo, 6'7 like William Wallace, and a sensuality that exudeds from him. His hair; long, short, growing out. I pray the angels are with you there! Good luck.

  109. I am thrilled to have found your blog Diana. It is a great place to share ideas.

    When I first saw the artist’s rendition of Claire, I too had a fleeting though that her hair should be curlier, but then put it down to her having wrestled her hair into submission for once, for the sake of her portrait. The eyes are captivating – very well done.

    There seems to be a lot of discussion about genre and different categories of literature. This is all very enlightening and I am sure a great concern to book store owners, librarians and editors, but it is of little concern to me. Better to have one very well written, all encompassing book that doesn’t fit any particular mold and hence is more entertaining rather than one where you can predict the ending after reading the first few pages.

    I started reading the Outlander books quite by accident, as I needed one more selection from the local library sell off table. The book stood out by its size, and I remember thinking that was a lot of reading for the price and would give it a try. Of course at the time I did not realize that Drums of Autumn was the fourth book in the series and it would really be better to read them in order. The books actually stand very well on their own, but once you start reading one, you will just have to read the rest, so I recommend to all my friends to start at the beginning. (I have recommended them to all my friends - in fact I can’t seem to stop talking about how good they are.) Well, since I read the books all out of order, I will just have to go back and read them again properly. Actually this is the first time I have ever read a book more than once. I was beginning to worry that I had picked up some strange affliction. Thanks to this blog, however, I realize that I am just like everyone else (to my relief) here. If fact I am behind, because I was even reading another posting of someone who had read the series through 8 times!

    I visit the site every few days and read the new postings. Keep it up everyone!

  110. Boy, maybe its just me, but the proposed picture of Claire is not at all how I imagined. Looks like a fragile flower. I pictured a squarer face and much firmer chin--ala Kathryn Hepburn---curlier hair, but as a "modern woman" not much longer then the picture for ease of care esp for the time she lives in.

    Of course Jamie is a younger looking red headed Harrison Ford.

  111. I appologise as I am extremely late to the party !

    I love the sketch of Claire! She is pretty much exactly as I imagined her.

    And as for the friendly debate over what constitutes "curly" hair I like to think as a someone who has had to live with insanely curly hair since childhood that whenever I had to have a picture taken I ALWAY straightened it enough to make it look presentable.

    There just is no way to make curls look formal - they are too wild and too unpredictable. : )