Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Diana in Sheffield!

Sheffield Hallam University in association with Off the Shelf

An evening with Diana Gabaldon
Monday 18 January 2010 at 6.30 for 7pm, Pennine Theatre, Sheffield Hallam University

Top selling American novelist Diana Gabaldon is our first New Year speaker. Diana Gabaldon is the author of the award-winning, New York Times bestselling, Outlander novels. She will launch the latest book in the series in Europe by making a trip to Sheffield.
Diana is the great, great granddaughter of Sheffield artist Godfrey Sykes, who in 1856 was deputy principal of the Sheffield College of Design which is now part of Sheffield Hallam University. His famous Minerva Frieze has been restored by Sheffield Hallam University and Museums Sheffield, which is currently on display in the Furnival building, City Campus, and Diana will be giving a lecture as part of the University's retrospective on his work.
Tickets are free but must be booked in advance.
To book, please click the link Diana Gabaldon or visit www.shu.ac.uk/events/

[Just in case that first link isn't hot--it's

http://arum.lits.shu.ac.uk/NetCommunity/Page.aspx?pid=1530 ]


  1. You tour so much and are so at ease when you speak, but it's usually writing seminars or Outlander inspired (right?), I'm curious if you have planned your lecture, and was it a bit harder to write?

    I wish it was "Michelle in Sheffield!" seems like a very cool function to go to.

    Safe travels!

  2. Very, very cool and impressive ... the Frieze, too;-) I checked it out at http://www.shu.ac.uk/art/gallery/ ... Talent obviously runs in the family! Best of luck on the tour.

  3. What a fabulous opportunity for such an accomplished great great granddaughter to do a talk in a place where her great great grandfather was so accomplished.It would be wonderful to hear your lecture, Diana.

  4. Dear M&M--

    No idea yet _what_ I'll say.

  5. I live a couple of hours north and only wish I could get down to Sheffield today!! Have a fabulous trip - hope you don't get snowed in!

  6. Oh, I'd love to be there! But Sheffield is at the other end of the country. If there are any London signings planned, please do post details - otherwise I might *have* to gatecrash the private dinner. ;-)

  7. Have a wonderful time and stay warm!
    Safe travels...