Sunday, January 3, 2010

UK Publicity Tour for ECHO

For reasons best known to themselves, Orion Books (my UK publisher) published AN ECHO IN THE BONE in Australia and New Zealand when it came out in the US and Canada--but are publishing the hardcover edition in the UK as of January 7th--i.e., in four days!

They are bringing me over to the UK--in conjunction with Sheffield-Hallam University (more about that in tomorrow's blog entry)--for a quick publicity tour to promote the book. Here's the breakdown of events in the UK (you'll notice "tbc" here and there--that means "to be confirmed," and essentially means that if anyone wants to interview me or ask for a special event, that's when time is available): I hope to see many of you there!

UK Publicity/Events

January 14th – Glasgow/Ayr

1.30pm Interview with Claire Black for The Scotsman (venue tbc)

3.30pm Interview with BBC Radio Scotland Radio Café contact Serena Field on

TBC 4-5pm Scottish TV ‘The Hour’

5.15pm drive to Ayr with Scottish sales rep

7.30pm Talk and signing for Waterstone’s Ayr at Carnegie Lbrary
12 Main Street, Ayr, KA8 8EB
Organised by Waterstone’s in Ayr - Contact Russell on 01292 262600
(tickets £2 redeemable against book purchase)

January 15th – Aberdeen/Inverness

12.30 Signing at Waterstone’s Aberdeen
3-7 Union Bridge, Aberdeen AB11 6BG
Contact Gail Cleaver on 01224 592440

Drive to Inverness

7.00pm Talk and signing for Waterstone’s Inverness at the Iron Works
Contact Terry Cleaver on 01463 233500
(tickets £4 partly redeemable again book purchase)

January 16th – Edinburgh

2.00pm Signing at Waterstone’s Edinburgh West End.
128 Princes Street, Edinburgh EH2 4AD
contact there is: CHRIS BARKER
T: 0131 226 2666

January 17th – Sheffield

Travel to Sheffield, University dinner (not a public event)

January 18th – Sheffield
Two Days organised by Sheffield Univerity – contact Andrew McGrath, Corporate Events manager on 01142253855

Venue: Sheffield Hallam University, 20 Furnival Street Sheffield S1 4QT

9.00-12noon - tbc
12noon - 13.30 Lunch
1.30 - 15.00 Sykes in Sheffield tour
15.00 - 16.00 Media Interviews
16.00 - 18.00 Free time
18.00 - 19.00 Preparations for evening lecture
19.00 - 20.15 Guest Lecture, Q&A
20.15 - 21.15 Book signing
21.15 - 23.00 Dinner/Chaffer Buffet and networking with VIP Guests

January 19th – Sheffield

9.00 - 12.30 Meetings with creative writing students and academics

PM book shop stock signings in the Yorkshire area (no details on this; they tend to leave that up to the sales rep who's accompanying me. If you live near a bookshop in the general vicinity of Sheffield, you might ask the bookshop to contact Orion and ask for a drop-in.)

January 20th - Manchester/London

Stock signings in Manchester (See note on drop-in signings, above. If your local Manchester shop would like a drop-in, they should contact their Orion sales rep.)

Train to London

Publication dinner (not a public event)


  1. So they also added some free time for you. *gg*

  2. Busy girl... Hope you have a second for some fun... and a walk for more nostrillation examination :)

  3. Gee I am glad we got the book in Australia at the same time as the US, the extra wait would have been excruciating.

  4. I was very excited for your UK tour until I (selfishly) saw that there were no London events. :( (I even tried to fiddle with my own schedule, but, alas, Scotland is too far for a one day visit!) If your schedule changes and you end up doing a London event, will you be able to post it here? I hope so! :)

    Anyway, have a great time. Echo was fabulous (read it while I was in the States last week!). Can't wait for the next book!


  5. I love the UK cover! Will have to find a copy to add to my collection.

    Safe and pleasant travels -make sure you get that free time they penciled in!

  6. I hope you enjoy your time in Scotland!

    If only my America visa had cleared sooner I would have been back in Scotland visiting my family when you were there and could have gone to one of the events!

  7. Try to enjoy it, I know it's probably not relaxing as far as trips go, but it still sounds wonderful! Hectic, but wonderful.

    Safe travels and I love the UK cover!

  8. I'll just miss you in Sheffield - I'm doing my PhD there, but won't be there until the 21st. Hope you enjoy the whistlestop tour :)

  9. Diana,
    Hope you have a wonderful time. I remember
    a time when I had to search everywhere
    just to FIND one of your books. No bookstores even had heard of you here, Now, you are everywhere! So happy for you!
    Please come to Indiana at some point!

  10. Good luck with the new airport security coming back to the US! (eye roll)

    Also, I agree with would be great to have you in Indiana......northsideofIndy (cough, cough) What...I can *try*, can't I? :P

  11. I love this cover!
    Indiana people like myself, you should of went to Dayton, Ohio to see Diana last fall, it was only 90 minutes away!

  12. Just something that stucks in my head since I read this part of the book.
    I dunno if it's just the German translation but Jamie shows Claire that she can't read a book without holding it quite far away from herself. So she is long-sighted and I think in the book it says she is short-sighted what is wrong then.
    That's just something I observed and that doesn't seem to go out of my head. :)

  13. Is there room for me in the suitcase? :-D

  14. I'm in Aberdeen but I'm going to go up to Inverness so I can hear you speak. I missed you at the Culloden Centre opening but I have enough heads-up that I can do this!! I'm so excited :)

  15. Dear Julia--

    Are you sure? Jamie holds the book closer and closer to Claire's eyes before she can read it. But _he_ needs to hold it farther and farther away before _he_ can see it. (I.e., she's short-sighted, and he's far-sighted.)

  16. Yes, I'm sure I checked it in my German version.
    It's in chapter 61 where Claire gets a book from Jamie and he holds it in front of her nose and she can't read it. So she must be far-sighted as Jamie.
    But shortly after Jamie has done that Claire thinks she is nearly as short-sighted as a mole (dunno if that's the phrase you use in the USA for it)(Oh you use blind as a bat,maybe).
    Well that doesn't work so good together.
    I'm short-sighted and I can read a book that's right in front of my nose. *gg*
    Claire and Jamies problem sounds more like my parents. :)

  17. I'm soooo excited, just booked 2 tickets for myself and my mum for your lecture at SHU. Not sure what we'll be hearing but I'd be happy to make the 2 hour drive even if you were only going to read the phone book for an hour!

  18. See, I complained about coming all the way to Scotland for a year when you were touring for Echo and lookie, you're here! AH! I even had my family ship me your book early from the states so I didn't have to wait till the 7th to get it! :blushes:

    On second thought are you even going to be able to make it here? Have you? I mean, the UK decided to shut down their lives for 3 inches of snow, after all.

    Fingers crossed I get to see you some time this week! What a coinkidink. I'm in Glasgow but Edinburgh is £10 and 50 minutes away!

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