Tuesday, March 9, 2010


You know, I'd have gone to the Tucson Book Festival this coming weekend (I went to the first one last year, and had a wonderful time—heartily recommend it to all of you who live in the Tucson area!), save that I'm leaving for Germany on Sunday, and didn't want to be gone all of Saturday, rolling home after midnight and then having to rush around packing and watering plants and all the stuff one does when leaving home for a week. So I declined with regrets.

However, late last week, I got a request from the Peoria Book Festival, through the Poisoned Pen, asking whether I might be able to come just for a couple of hours on Saturday. Well…Peoria is a lot closer to where I live than Tucson is, and a couple of hours is do-able, so I said OK, sure.

So, I didn't want those of your connected with the Tucson Book Festival to feel I was snootering you if you heard I'd been in Peoria on Saturday. But I do want those of you who might be closer to Peoria and might be interested, to know about their book festival—which actually is titled "Bravo Peoria!" [g] For those who might be interested, here are the details:

Event: Bravo Peoria!
Date: Saturday, March 13th
Time: 9:00am - 4:00pm
Location: Sunrise Mountain Library
Description: A community event to celebrate Culture and the Arts. Sunrise Mountain Library will host a day long event with entertainment, artists, antiques, book sale and more. The event is sponsored by the Friends of the Library. Sunrise mountain Library 21200 N 98th Ave., Peoria, AZ 85382.
Contact Person: Library Staff
Contact Phone: 623-773-8650

OK, now please note that I'll be there only between 1 and 3 PM. (I will be talking for about half an hour, then signing books.) But the Poisoned Pen will be there all day, and will have what the manager refers to as "Gabaldoniana" in quantity. If you plan to come to the festival, but won't be there when I am, feel free to buy a book at the Poisoned Pen booth, and leave it with a note as to how you'd like it signed. You can pick it up later in the day, or ask the store to mail it to you.

(Also, if you'd like to buy a particular book to have signed there, you might want to call the Poisoned Pen ahead of time; I know they'll have a lot of OUTLANDER and ECHO, because the first and most recent titles always sell best—but I'm sure they'd bring any of the other books you like, if you let them know. The PP phone number is 480-947-2974.)


  1. I want to go there (in my best Liz Lemmon/Tina Fey voice).

  2. I wish you could come to Latin America once, but I don't know if your books are well known around here like in the countries you visit. Too bad...

    Well, good trip to German, hope you have fun!

  3. Sad that I missed you while you were here in Scotland. I am entertained by the idea you were actually nearer me here than when I'm home in California. Very odd.

    And I wanted to say thanks; in my Scottish Popular Culture class I got put into the seminar group covering the Jacobites. I told my tutor with a grin that that was perfectly acceptable. I'm writing my essay now, and quite enjoying it. And I know it wouldn't be half as interesting if I hadn't read your books - and for that matter I might not even be studying abroad in Scotland for a whole year. So thank you for the inspiration. :D

  4. Have a good trip, see you in Dortmund next week :D

  5. I got excited thinking you meant Peoria, IL, in driving distance for me :-(

    At least I had the chance to meet you at the Celtic Women's Conference in Milwaukee in 2000!

  6. Where will you be in Germany? I live near Frankfurt and would love to come see you.