Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tournament of Audiobooks!

Well, here's a quickie: some kind person just notified me that AN ECHO IN THE BONE is one of the entrants in's "Tournament of the Audiobooks." [g] I'm very flattered!

Should you be an member—or just feel like voting—the first round of voting is open until (I think) March 15. This

is the page for the "Customer Favorites" category, which is where ECHO is (there are also several other categories, all accessible from this page. Have fun!


  1. I just voted, it's in second place :)

  2. Just voted! After devouring the hardcover I listened to it...and then listened to it again! LOVED IT!

  3. Hi Diana and all -

    Just wanted you to know that Outlander is also the iTunes Audio Book of the Month! You can get the unabridged version for just $6.95. I've read Outlander more times than I can count at this point, but had never heard the audio version. I downloaded it last night and listened to it this morning during my commute. It's like reading it (hearing it?) again for the first time! I'm loving the accents.


  4. Voted...and it was my download last month!

  5. Dear Diana,

    This comment's about "Christopher Brookmyre" post. I'm not sure if you still check the comments about that one.

    Seeing that fan letter made me think that ... do you like fan letter be like that? Was that an example?

    It's been 9 months that I wanna write you an email but still in doubt for all the different reason. Not reading or answering, forget or don't care about it. You may not have time ever to open it.

    Not that you're like that but I see how tide your schedule is.

    But when ever I write that, it's not gonna be that short. Sorry for that!


  6. Looking good Diana, I just voted and Echo is ahead by quite a lot.

    Good Luck!

  7. I voted for Echo. The other book is ahead, although I can't imagine why; undoubtedly some listeners have incredibly poor taste. ;)

  8. I would be so happy to vote! Molly you will love the Audio version. Davina Porter is amazing!! Also, Diana- do you know when will have the unabridged versions of A breath of Snow and Ashes and The Fiery Cross? I've bought everything else, but I'm wating on those two. I simply have to have every tidbit and morsel. No abridged versions for me:-) Warmly, Angela

  9. I voted!


    I have all the available unabridged audio books as well (and have listened to them at least a dozen times each during my commute). They are absolutely wonderful!

    I was informed by that TFC & ABOSA won't be out until the licenses are up for the Abridged versions and I believe the dates for those are under lock and key.

    I am patiently waiting for those from iTunes.


  10. Second round of voting is going on now! Don't forget to go back and vote. Echo is against A Girl Who Played with Fire.

  11. I voted...good luck on the contest!
    Audio is where I first read your books. I used to make costumes for the Shakespeare Theatre Company in Washington, DC and I used to get audio books to bring into the shop and we'd fight over them until it was time to take them back to the library. Quite a number of us became die-hard Outlander Addicts.

    And, as a costumer, I want to thank you for putting your considerable research skills into that aspect of the stories as well. I can't tell you how many times I pick up a romance or historical novel and find my self making my equivalent of Jamie's Scottish noise, and put down the book saying "They should actually TRY that...not possible!" :-)

  12. Always keep your words soft and sweet, just in case you have to eat them.............................................