Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Here's where (and when) I'll be this week! Hope to see y'all there!

Tuesday, Sept. 28th, 7 PM

Book Passage
51 Tamal Vista
Corte Madera, CA 94925
Contact: Karen West, 415-927-0960 x238/ kwest@bookpassage.com alison@bookpassage.com
*This will be a talk & signing with illustrator Hoang Nguyen.

Wednesday, Sept. 29th, 7 PM

San Diego Independent Booksellers Coalition Event
Location: Gillispie School
7380 Girard Avenue
La Jolla, CA 92037
Contact: Susan McBeth (Warwick’s), (858) 454-0347/ warwicksevents@yahoo.com
*This will be a talk & signing hosted by Warwick’s, Mysterious Galaxy, and The Book Works.

Thursday, Sept. 30th, 7 PM

695 E. Colorado Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91101
Contact: Jennifer Ramos, 626-449-5320 x250/ jramos@vromansbookstore.com
*This will be a talk & signing.

Saturday, Oct. 2, 2 PM

Barnes & Noble
5130 E. Broadway
Tucson, AZ 85711
Contact: Valerie Burnside, 520-512-1166
*This will be a talk & signing.


  1. Will there be CDs of the musical in Tucson????

  2. Dear Diana,
    I can't stand this" See you all there,See you all tomorrow....."(i'm happy for all!)
    But I am sooooooo jealous. When is the next time You're going to be in Germany? (Area of duesseldorf or koeln????)
    I wish you all the Best, and hope that this Book tour will be a big success!
    Do you think that the Outlander Musical CD will be available in Amazon Germany too?

  3. Off topic, but here's a picture of Jamie's hand, after the surgery in which Claire removed that broken ring finger.


  4. Any chance of you coming back to the southern states anytime soon? I got my copy of The Exile yesterday and am nearly finished reading it. I love the artwork and the extra storyline woven throughout!

  5. Hello Diana,

    I'm excited to see you Thursday at Vroman's. Can't wait!


  6. Any chance of coming to Colorado soon?? I'm super excited!


  7. I was curious, if you were planning another venture to the Okanagan, for another book signing soon. I just recieved the COOLEST, original cover Outlander book.. And It simply NEEDS your autograph.. :)

  8. If only I live in America !! *sigh*
    For the fans who will be to those events : You all are very lucky people !

    Gwen (the french girl who wanted to be in America only to see Diana...)

  9. When, if ever, are you coming to Canada? (preferably around the Toronto area)
    I have not yet read exile, though as it came out on my birthday it was suposed to be a present to myself. Looking forward to reading it though :)

  10. I had a great time at the talk and signing last night :) I absolutely loved getting to hear the process of Exile and Hoang Nguyen's point of view. It really made me appreciate the book so much more. You two make such a good team. Will you be writing any more graphic novels together in the future?

    It is so exciting to hear about all the upcoming Outlanderish projects.

    Thanks so much for coming to the Bay Area please come again soon.
    I will treasure my signed books and picture.

    Thank You

  11. Hi Diana,
    I'm planning on going to NY Comic Con on Oct 9th. When do you sit on the panel? I saw that you were signing books on Friday. Will you be signing on Saturday also?
    Hope to see you in NYC!

  12. *sigh*

    ...but you aren't coming to Greece, dear Diana !
    Shall we tempt you with some wonderful summer vacations in Santorini or Skiathos next summer ? ;-)

  13. Dear Pandora and Heather--

    I was just _in_ Decatur/Atlanta _and_ Denver!

  14. Dear Tracey--

    My editor and I are the panel [g]; we'll be on at 3-4:15 on Friday, and signing afterward. No, not signing on Saturday.


  15. Diana - I know, but a girl can always hope, right? I really wanted to make it to Decatur, but I wasn't able to get over there that weekend. (It's about a five-hour drive for me.) Anyway, I love Exile! :)

  16. Diana--

    I'm sad I'll miss you in Pasadena, I have other plans that night. :( I just had a few questions that I wanted to ask. I emailed you, but you seem to answer people on here, so I'll give it a shot! How old are Jamie and Claire at the end of book 7? I can't seem to figure it out! Even after consulting my husband and friends who have also read them. We all come up with different ages. I have to know! Also, and I'm sure you get asked this constantly, but do we really have to wait till 2013 for book 8? I can't wait that long, I'll die!


    Ps...Yes, my name is really Jamie, and I'm not just some crazed fan. Well, I am rather, but you know! ;)

  17. Dear Myrna

    in Germany the CD is already available at Sound of Music

    or you can just take part in our Sammelbestellung. Contact me if you need more info.

  18. Dear Jamie--

    I answer the email as I can--but there's a lot of it, and I _am_ on the road right now. Which means I'm a year or so behind. [g]

    Claire's about 62 and Jamie's 57/58.

    As for BOok Eight...well, basically, you'll get it as soon as it's _done_, but don't know how fast that will be. Touring slows the writing down a lot, of course. But there's some chance I might finish it in time to be released toward the end of 2012. We'll just have to see how it goes.


  19. Well, Diana...get to work! 2012 I think I can handle! ;)

  20. Thank you for replying about NYC Diana. That's too bad, I keep missing you!

  21. Just finished Exile. Very enjoyable graphic novel-a considerable upgrade from Scrooge McDuck comics. Looking forward to Lord John and the Plague of Zombies story (in a TBA anthology, maybe 2011?). If Fanny Hill was your memorable high school era book, I'd recommend Erica Jong's version-Fanny, being the true history of the adventures of Fanny Hackabout-Jones. Her retelling was more fun than the original.

  22. 2012?
    Well, since according some Mayas and Chinese profecies/predictions this year will mark the end of the world, then please dear Diana, release it at least on November 2012.
    I need a month to read it - not a native English- and i would not like to farewell Earth not knowing the end of "Outlander", aye ?

    Just teasing ofcourse ! ;-)