Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Canadian Giveaway of Signed EXILE - Today Only!

Someone just sent me this link to the Random House Canada website: They're having a "Reader's Gift" giveaway during November--a different book being given away each day--and TODAY (only) are giving away five signed copies of THE EXILE. (You do have to have a Canadian address to enter.)

Details are

here. Good luck!


  1. yay!
    hope I get one!
    I think it's your only book I don't have yet!!!

  2. Thanks Diana

    Fingers crossed!


  3. Thanks, Diana, for posting about the giveaway.

  4. That's cool! Thanks for letting us know about this!

  5. Thanks so much for posting this link. I have entered and am hoping to get one!

  6. This is the most excitement I've had in months!! :)

  7. boo i must of checked your blog before you put this on yesterday!!

    All well I just got the exile in and just finished reading it (which i must say good job again Diana)but a signed copy would of been nice to add to the collection!!

    keep the books coming can't wait for book 8!!

  8. I live in Shropshire, England and we never get chances of TREATS !!!!

  9. Yikes, I know I should have checked here yesterday. Oh well, I have my well read (viewed?) copy already.

  10. Dear Hazel--

    Well, actually...Orion (the UK publishing company) has been known to do some quite nice promotional giveaways for my books. They don't, however, have a contract for EXILE, as yet. But keep your eyes peeled, as they say. [g]


  11. Hi Diana,
    How's the new website going?
    Have you had any time to sign any bookplates recently? No pressure...book writing is more important hahaha :-)
    It's been great reading about all the wonderful feedback for Exile here on your blog. The book in question is hidden somewhere in my house...I've been told it will be a birthday 'surprise' and I have to be patient. Being the big Outlander fan that I am, this has been extremely hard to say the least !!! And as my birthday is Christmas Eve I still have 3 weeks to go......this is like torture but at least I know this birthday will be the best one yet.
    Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a happy 2011.
    - Megan (NZ)

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