Thursday, November 11, 2010

St. Simon's Island writers conference

Someone asked for a repost of the information about the Scribbler's Retreat writers conference this weekend, on St. Simon's Island, GA. I haven't been to this conference before (basically, I said I'd go because I've heard about St. Simon's Island and wanted to see it [g], but I'm sure we'll have fun), so can't tell you a lot about it.

Here, though, is the link to the conference website, which has details and schedule.

See some of you there!


  1. Dear Diana,

    Thank you for the link. Saint Simon Island looks like a lovely place, full of nature and historical interest.
    Little Saint Simon sounds intriguing too.
    I hope you get some time to explore, as well as enjoy the conference itself.

    Have fun and safe travels.

  2. Enjoy! I'm just sorry I'm on the other side of the state. I've never been to the conference, but Saint Simon's is lovely. Might we be seeing it appear in Book 8? *g*

  3. St. Simon's Island is a beautiful place, according to the link - I discover (I live in France), thank you.
    ps: I started reading the story of Lord John Grey, I really like.

  4. We love St simmons Island. We stay at the King and Prince every year for work and have enjoyed it. Very, very small town. Don't go swimming, we got stung by jelly fish this year :)

  5. I visit a friend there every year & decompress. My avatar picture was taken there. It's a little step back in time. I know you're busy at these conferences, but if you have a moment, check out the Avenue of the Oaks which is right as you come on to the island. The road goes to a private golf course, but you can make a U turn before you get to the course entrance. In the center of what is now a median island is the original plantation carriage path lined with trees. I never miss riding my bike down that road - I feel like I can hear the carriages. I live in a Maine coastal town so I'm not so impressed with the water color there, but the live oaks are absolutely gorgeous. Peaceful place - enjoy your weekend.

  6. If you get a little while, go to Jekyll Island (right next door), too! The millionaire "cottages" are gorgeous, and the island has a marvelous easy-going laid back feel to it (much slower paced than St. Simon's Island). Oh, and Hubby and I got married on Jekyll Island's beach 10 years ago. :)

  7. Hopefully you'll get to talk to Taylor Schoettle, the local field guide author. He sounds like a good guy to hang out with if you're interested in natural history. Should you wish to do any swimming, a dive skin might be helpful to have in case of jelly fish and/or sunburn.

  8. Dear Diana:

    Hope you had a fabulous weekend - it looks like an amazing place. I've just had an email from Amazon that my copy of "Songs of Love & Death" has been shipped. I'm very excited to finally get answers to the mystery surrounding Roger's dad. I've just finished "The Custom of the Army" in "Warriors" and thoroughly enjoyed spending time with Lord John again.

    Many, many thanks for all you do.


  9. Hope you had a great time. I grew up in Brunswick, the mainland for St. Simons, and I still consider it "home" no matter how long I have lived elsewhere.

  10. Ohhh... St. Simons is wonderful! I read the Eugenia Price Lighthouse trilogy in middle school with my mom (historical fiction/romance), and then we went on vacation to St. Simons and went to Christ Church and saw the tombstones of the actual people that the books were about! That definitely hooked me for life on historical fiction. That graveyard (Christ Church) is wonderful, if you get a chance to go (it's down towards the end of the island). Have a great trip!