Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Directions to New Blog


As part of the new website thingy, my blog has become an integral part of said site. To read and post comments to the new blog (it's got all the older posts there, too), you want to go here.

See you there!


  1. Dear Diana

    Great New website. Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary to you for Outlander. Wow 20 years is a long time and it’s growing with new readers daily that’s so exciting.

    I hope you have a fantastic celebration for both occasions

    Michelle K

  2. Cool! I'll add it to my side links.

  3. Dear Diana
    Happy Belated Birthday I absolutely love your books I started reading them when I was 14 and have never stopped :)I can't wait for the next book.!!

  4. Nice website! Thanks for the tips!

  5. Thanks for the direction. I have just discovered that you even had a blog site so very happy. I must tell you that I was "turned on" to the Outlander series by my nieces during Christmas 2009. Since that time I have read and re-read and re-read (on re-read #6 now!) all of the books. I am a disabled lady who is virtually housebound and these wonderful books have lightened some very dark days. Thank you for making my neighbors wonder what the hell I am laughing about all the time!

  6. I have read all of The Highlander series, as well as the Lord John stories. I love all of your work. I'm upset because I read that Janet Chapman's book Dragon Warrior is #19 on NY Times mass market list. I checked up on her books & found she copied the time traveling nurse meets highlander idea. I haven't read the books but resent the downgrading of your original idea & turning it into a bodice-ripper series. What do you say about this turn of events? What does your publisher say? Love you & your work. Lillian Karp

    1. I think All the people should Not buy Any of her books and Return All her books that they do have straight back to the Thief.!

  7. I read Voyager 6 mos ago borrowed from book exchange at work. I realized this was the 3rd in the Outlander series & have now read them all. I'm hooked, I love Jamie & Claire. Just finished An Echo in the Bone. You've left me hanging! Will there be another book? I hope so. Great writing. Thanks for the wonderful hours of pleasure. Fran Meats

  8. thanks a lot, ive found this so informative to me. cant wait for new your blogs! Found some new sites, they are intersting...this is one of them ставки футбол , hope you will enjoy of it.

  9. Dear Diana,

    I doesn't try to write in english, so I hope someone will help you to read this message.
    So, je suis une fan française (si, si, il y en a!)
    J'ai évidemment suivi les aventures de Jamie, Claire, LJG, Bree, Roger, Fergus (notre héros national), Ian et les autres tout au long de votre fantastique (dans tous les sens du terme) série, jusqu'au dernier que je viens de dévorer avec un régal sans pareil mais (il y a toujours des mais avec les Français) qui me laisse sur une très grande faim.
    Vous l'aurez compris avant de lire la question qui va suivre: quand aurons-nous la joie de retrouver nos héros favoris et quand refermerez-vous toutes les portes que vous avez la fâcheuse tendance à laisser ouvertes?
    [It's a joke because the french title of "Outlander" was "la porte de pierre" (Stone's door)]
    Je vous souhaite bonne écriture et attends avec impatience (c'est même au-delà de l'impatience) la suite et fin de votre fabuleuse saga.

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  11. I love your blog. Your posts are awesome. Please come back and post more. We miss you.