Friday, September 5, 2008

Graphic Novel - sample script page

Hmm... OK, the panel formatting didn't come through, but the text did, so I've just divided it with solid lines, so you can see what happens in the various panels on this page.

GRAPHIC NOVEL (untitled)
Copyright 2008 Diana Gabaldon


3-51 Murtagh, arms folded. The bird is sitting on his head, pulling at his hair.

Murtagh: Ye'd best ask the lad, not me.

(thinking): Oh, is that the way of it? Force him to swear his oath to you? Over my dead body, Colum MacKenzie.


3-52 Dougal, standing, leans forward threateningly, hands on the desk,. Murtagh looks up at him, still cool, bird on his head.

Dougal: Maybe ye'd best have a word with the lad beforehand. Ye're his godfather—I imagine you've his best interests at heart.


3-53 CU Murtagh. He nods, reaching up with one hand.

Murtagh: I'll do that, aye.


3-54 CU, Murtagh's hand grabbing the surprised bird, some of his hairs in its beak.

Bird: Chirk!


3-55 Murtagh leans across the desk and parks the bird on Colum's head. Colum and Dougal both surprised.

Murtagh: Thanks for your hospitality. Always a pleasure to visit Castle Leoch.



  1. God, I miss Murtagh! Thanks, Diana!


  2. I just started reading the Outlander series, and I am completely absorbed! Just reading Voyager now and I don't want the story to end--ever.

    I will definitely buy the graphic novel. It's a great idea.

    So, you probably hear this all the time--but your books have rekindled the passion in my marriage. We've been married 10 years and have two little kids--they have a way of sapping the romance out of the moment, if you know what I mean. Anyway, the lyrical love scenes between Jamie and Claire have reminded me of how much fun married love can be, so thank you.

    Now, if only I could get my husband to wear a kilt and speak in that sexy Scottish accent...I'll have to work on that.

  3. The graphic novel is very exciting. Can't wait to see it done.

  4. Ohhh, Murtagh, Dougal, and Colum, this is going to be so fun!

    Wow Diana, you are really busy. Thanks for giving us more things to fill our Jamie and Claire needs! :)

  5. FAntastic! Every Septemeber, I schlep toward October. Septemeber is busy with newness, school begins, habits form, work explodes to life. By October, everyone settles into their Autumn rountines and I exhale rewarding myself with the rereading of Outlander. I also hook yet one more friend into the story and I am a happy camper clear through the bleak Illinois winter.

    Thank You

  6. ceci:

    Good luck with getting your hubby to dress in a kilt. I've been begging mine for several years (since 1999 when I discovered Diana's books) and he hasn't taken a bite yet. I keep telling him how studly he'd look -- he has great legs, perfect for a kilt -- but he simply won't buy into it. He does call me Sassenach, which tickles my fancy, but that's as far as it goes.


  7. It's nice to see Murtagh again.

    Lately I have to think of him every time I listen to "Hearts of Olden Glory" by Runrig.

  8. Diana,

    I love Murtagh and am so glad he will be back, even if it is in the GN. I love your work and look forward to anything you write. One thing I can say honestly is , my husband thinks you are absolutely beautiful ("For an author"...not sure what picture he has of an author but....)

    Thankyou for your amazing work and keep us guessing because it makes me want to know more and more...

    Deb Cogan

  9. Dear Deb--

    Maybe your husband is envisioning Tom Clancy or Ken Follett. [g]

  10. Hehehe my husband wears a kilt. :D But then... we do live in Scotland. :)

    Thanks for sharing this with us Diana - I'm SO impatient! :) :) :)

  11. My husband wears a kilt too. He is in the military and member of a Scottish Infantry Regiment. He really enjoys the Outlander series as well. Suffice it to say our daughters are named Brianna & Claire and I just received Claire's Ring for my 40th BDay.
    I was so hoping the 7th book was going to be out before Christmas. Urgh! Another year to wait.

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