Saturday, September 6, 2008

Something Different - "Dirty Scottsdale"

PHOENIX NOIR – "Dirty Scottsdale"

And for Something Completely Different…I know I've been talking about this contemporary crime novel I have in progress for a long time—and I really do have it in progress, too [g], though it's on hold 'til I finish ECHO—but the opportunity offered to do a short story (no, really) for a new anthology titled PHOENIX NOIR. This is part of a large series of "noir" crime anthologies, each centered on a different city. (See for a listing of all the anthologies in the series.) The story, "Dirty Scottsdale," will be the print debut of Thomas Kolodzi, who's the protagonist for the (eventual [cough]) contemporary crime novel. Here's a brief glimpse of him in action:

" The time/temperature display outside the McDonald's where I got coffee in the mornings said it was 100 degrees at 8 AM. Now it was high noon, and the half-cup of coffee I'd left in the car would sear the panties off any granny unwary enough to drive down the street with it tucked between her legs. The cops were in shirt-sleeves, the home-owner was wearing plaid bermuda shorts and a wtf? expression. The body floating face-down in the swimming-pool was wearing a navy blue wool suit, which was even more remarkable than the veil of blood hanging like shark-bait in the water."


  1. I can't even TELL you how excited I am to read this book. I've loved the crisp humor in the Outlander books, and have kind of longed to see if it becomes even sharper when applied to the here and now.

  2. Just got back from a vacation in  Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and your blog just exploded with new entries while I was gone.  By the way, I passed through your city, it was 110 degree's. I had no desire to leave the airport.
    I assume the title of your contempory novel is now "Dirty Scottdale" instead of "Red Ant's Head".  Am I wrong since the main character is Thomas Kolodzi? No matter, I'll read whatever you put out there.The last entry I read on your blog you were trying for the umpteenth time to answer the question about the name on the "box" without sounding "cranky".  My take on this is that it has always been Jem.  Although I don't remember his full name (to lazy to go back through the book to find out). Of all of Roger and Bree's family he would be the one to go back.  He would remember enough of his earlier years with Jamie, Claire and his friends (Germain and Aidan)to want to go back. You did say Roger had troubles of his own to worry about. That would be one of them. I always felt you wouldn't have put that in the last chapter without another book in mind. Sure enough we will get at least two more chances to find out. Anyway that's my thought's.

  3. Dear Sharaf--

    Ummm...if you, er, _read_ the opening paragraph of this particular entry, you'll see that "Dirty Scottsdale" is A S-H-O-R-T S-T-O-R-Y for AN A-N-T-H-O-L-O-G-Y.

    Not to sound cranky, I assure you! [g]

  4. Thank you for answering my question. I did read the first paragraph of this entry. But reading and comprehending is not one of my strong suits. That's why I tend to re-read alot. But once learned to don't soon forget. I would have been one of your students who would have made you very CRANKY. But maybe you would have been proud of me in the end.

  5. Dear Sharaf--

    Hey, I'm proud of you _now_! [g]