Thursday, February 12, 2009

Diana Makes the Funnies!

I was both flattered and amused to get an email from Bruce Tinsley, who draws (and writes) the "Mallard Fillmore" comic strip (it's syndicated by Knight, so appears in a number of newspapers), saying that he'd done a strip on me and my books, inspired by a conversation he'd had with his wife, who is a fan of the books.

Here's a link to the strip, which appeared in newspapers yesterday:

Lest anybody think that he was making fun of me or the books (well, hey, it's a comic strip!), I asked Bruce if I could quote his email to me, which he kindly allowed me to do:

Dear Ms. Gabaldon,
My wife loves your books so much, that I had to put one in my comic strip, Mallard Fillmore, which is syndicated nationally by King Features.
The strip will appear on Feb. 11, and feature Chantel's righteous indignation at Mallard's stereotyping one of your books as a bodice-ripper. I, of course, had committed the same sin in real life, without having actually read your books, and gotten the same response.
I've read some now, and realize that you've got a great gift. I also really respect the time you seem to take encouraging other writers.....
Bruce Tinsley

So--Thank you, Bruce! This is even better than being the subject of Trivial Pursuit questions. [g]

(I showed the strip to one of my editors, who said, "Next thing, the New York Times crossword puzzle!" [g])


  1. HAHAHA!! Fantastic.

    I'd say next stop, SNL.


  2. That was so funny! And yes you should never mess with a woman's recreational reading!

  3. I saw that yesterday and LOVED it! Too funny...and too true. :D

  4. You know you've reached a level of fame when you are appearing in comic strips.


  5. Dear Nathalie-

    I agree! Mr. Tinsley has kindly offered to send me the original drawing, so I'll certainly make sure it gets a frame!

  6. Diana
    I can't wait until the day comes I can shout out the answer "WHO IS DIANA GABALDON" on the nightly Jeopardy.

  7. And to think that we knew her when...before she was in the funnies!



  9. Ooh, I like the SNL idea. Just book tour and a stop in NYC.

  10. Oh, my favorite author in my favorite comic strip!! It doesn't get any better then that!!

  11. You know you've arrived when you become a topic of satire!

    But then we always knew your books were destined for great things.


  12. Now, maybe my husband will understand. Probably not! :)

    I'll put it up on my fridge next to the Baby Blues clipping I have.

  13. Ha ha ha! That is so totally cool! :)

  14. LOL, that's great. Bloody good for you!

  15. That was funny!

    and just wanting to comment on the new excerpt posted on the other site: I want more! argg! It's is so good and a cliffhanger at that! (enough exclamation points, I think)

    Looking forward to the rest!

    -Katrina S.

  16. Dear Diana:

    Congratulations on making the Funnies!!

    BTW, I just read your excerpt posted at your website. I have a question (I'm going to try an be discreet so as not to give anything away). In it, you write that a certain person has been sent away. Then, at the end, when Claire must rise for her task, the person sent away is the one at the door... is that correct?


  17. Dear Midge--

    Yep. _Vide_ what Young Ian said. [g]

  18. LOVE the comic and the most recent excerpt. i sent the comic to several other addicts in my department on campus!

    i agree with the cliff hanger aspect of the new excerpt. i am getting to where i can read most any excerpt from your books and snuggle down with it like a favorite memory, it comes back immediately and makes me all warm and fuzzy inside =)

    have a great weekend

  19. Oh, NOW you've hit the big time. See you in the funny paper (really)!

  20. That is so awesome!!! I saw the posting over on the LOL Books Board first.


  21. I love your books, but to call Mallard Fillmore "the Funnies" is a stretch. The strip is only occasionally amusing, but consistently appeals to the very worst in human nature. I hope Tinsely reads some if his wife's books. They might open his mind. To have your name associated with Mallard Fillmore is not an honor.

  22. Very funny, but just secretly, I'd like to read a scene where Jamie does do a bit of Bodice ripping!

  23. Rosemary,

    I can't claim to have read every Mallard Fillmore strip, but the ones I've seen have been funny and clever critiques of politics and culture. Not representing the worst of anything, so far as I can tell.

  24. An answer on Jeopardy referring to you or the books would be AWESOME. Take that, Dad! He's a huge Jeopardy fan and never picked up a book....although with my mother constantly referring to them, he probably THINKS he knows them. (but, we all know he doesn't.)

    At least the arist read some of your writing before making a crack at it. Incredibly open-minded considering the attitude of some of his other work. :P

  25. Ummm....I guess I'm the only one that can't find it? I've looked through all the archives and don't see it.

  26. I had some trouble finding it too... Here's the url to a better archive, which does include the cartoon in question:

  27. Whoa, thanks a LOT for the help, mealexter! The strip went off the site of Mallard by now, and is somewhere in their archives, with the date of creation, instead of the date of the publish in the file list.
    I was feared about miss the chance to say hi to Diana.
    Well, a generic "hi" by now, Diana, and later a better located "hi" when I could formulate a funny punchline.
    Just ended "Dragonfly" yesterday, and waiting for the third book now (on saturday it will arrive).
    Hmm, long comment. Sorry. Love your [g] thing inside texts. And me and my wife loves your books, by the way.

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