Friday, September 11, 2009

And Some of Australia

I don't yet have a complete listing of places and events for Australia, but this is what we have so far:

Diana Gabaldon Australian Tour Schedule

1. Monday 9th November 2009 - Perth
10 am – 12 noon
Venue: Tompkins on Swan Function Centre
Address: Corner Dunkley Ave and Canning Highway, Alfred Cove (free parking is available)
Contact: Dymocks Garden City
Phone: 08 93647387

2. Tuesday 10th November - Adelaide TBC

3. Wednesday 11th November - Melbourne TBC

4. Thursday 12th November - Melbourne TBC

5. Friday 13th November – Melbourne TBC

6. Sunday 15th November - Hobart
1.30pm for 2pm
Venue: Hadley’s Hotel
Address: 34 Murray Street, Hobart
Contact: Dymocks Hobart
Phone: 03 6231 6656

7. Monday 16th November - Sydney
12.30pm – 3pm
Dymocks Literary Lunch
Four Seasons Hotel
Address: 199 George Street, Sydney
Contact: Judy Benson
Phone: 02 9449 4366

8. Tuesday 17th November – Sydney
1pm – 2pm
Stanton Library (free event)
Address: 234 Miller St. North Sydney
Contact: Constant Reader Bookshop
Phone: 02 9438 1763

9. Wednesday 18th November - Canberra TBC

10. Thursday 19th November – Brisbane TBC

11. Friday 20th November - Brisbane TBC


  1. yay! Will try to bring as many of my friends as possible (and maybe even DH, as he's a reader too).
    Now, if only we could find out where and when in Melbourne!

  2. I love that I arrive in Scotland to fulfill a life-long dream (that was spurred of course by your novels) and I'm here for a year for school... and now you're touring.

    Come to Scotland? :D

    And does the book come out on the 22nd here too?

  3. I really want to see you when you visit Hobart, but given that my wedding is the day before, the scheduling is tight! I'm encouraged by the fact that my soon-to-be Husband thinks I should go!

  4. Dear Melissa--

    I was in Scotland for ten days this July. [g] Will be back in August of 2010, though!

  5. Dear Julianne--

    Your almost-husband is unusually broad-minded! [g]

  6. Yay can't wait to see you in Melbourne. I will be travelling from a couple of hours away but I know it will be worth it!

  7. See you in Sydney Diana... can't wait!!!!

  8. hoping to see you in Melbourne.

    My mum and grandma will probably see you in Brisbane.

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  10. Look forward to seeing you in Brisbane. There are quite a few of my friends coming to see you too. So glad you are touring.
    Cheers, Lisa

  11. OMG how exciting! You will be in Melbourne! I am TOTALLY there!! Can't wait to have the Melbourne dates comfirmed!

  12. I bought my ticket for Perth today, see you then.

  13. Hi

    it is not fair! Maybe I should not see you "live".... when you were in Augsburg for a reading (you ve got the Corinne from Weltbild), I wandered through the highlands (we saw a lot of stone circles...)
    At the moment my mother visits Australia - but she is back, when you arrive. All New Zealand dates are to far for a friend of mine who lives in the northest part of New Zealand.... and the reading at Mountain View/CA is on a date another friend cannot take part.


    I am very excited and cannot wait until my book arrive....


    PS: of course - you cannot remember - but I told you about our new library and about a signed copy of "outlander" we auctioned to raise money for this library...
    Now the library is open - and it is wonderful! One of the best days in my live!

  14. Looking forward to seeing you in Brisbane!!! :)

  15. I'm so very excited about finally seeing you in person in Melbourne!!

    *anxiously waiting for dates and details....*


  16. Trying to obtain a book today. Can't get one until the 1st of October....

  17. I'm so excited! My sister and I will be in Sydney overnight on the 16th, to see her favourite musician, Tori Amos, and I'll get to see my favourite author!!

  18. Hello Diana!
    Can't wait to see you in Sydney! You have two appearances so far, do you think any more will be added? Who can I contact to find out?
    wendylorri - CS Literary Forum

  19. Dear wendylorrie--

    You'd look on the Hachette Australia website (don't know the URL offhand, but I'm sure Google would turn it up in quick order) for a) a tour schedule, and/or b) the contact info for the publicist (I believe that's Emma Noble, for Australia).

  20. I bought the book today as I'm not sure if I can make it to the Brisbane signings due to work, but I will still try to get there :)

  21. Hi Diana
    Never have a read a novel in my life until i was given Crossstitch by my Nan. I am now up to Fiery Cross and loving every goddamn second of it. Being half scottish you have opened a deep rooted urge in me to get over there and set foot where my relative live and ancestors lay. Cant wait to meet you in Canberra. Have a safe trip and see you here soon
    Emma Smith :)

  22. I really hope I can make it to your Perth appearance! I fly away for work, and am taking time off for my sister's birthday on the 6th, and my best friend's wedding on the 7th, I'll try to squeeze a few extra days off, because I would love to meet you!

  23. Aw what about the Northern Territory? We always miss out :(

  24. I've just bought my ticket to see you at the Windsor Hotel in Melbourne. I couldn't believe that you were coming to Australia and I was determined to not miss seeing you. I am driving 4 1/2 hrs to get there. See you in Melbourne Diana!!

  25. OMG! I am so thrilled your publishers have now included Adelaide in your upcoming book tour. 8 weeks ago I started an overseas trip and before I left I checked your book tour schedule, but unfortunatley Adelaide was not it! :( All those emails and phone calls must have paid off!!
    Was about to book my flight & accommodation to Melbourne from Adelaide, but now can use the $$$$ I have saved on more of your books! Thanks Diana for providing a wonderful escape from everyday chaos of my life - I am really looking forward to meeting you in Adelaide. I live about 2 hours away, but I know the drive will be worth it.
    Safe travels and enjoy your time Down Under!

  26. Hi Diana
    Just wondering if the Canberra, Aus venue has been finalised....its coming up shortly, do not want to miss it :)
    Emma Smith

  27. Judy and I will see you in Canberra (18 Nov at Belconnen Arts Centre) - I'll be all tarted up for a pic (?) (ie, tartaned - refer Panalba Buchanan) .

    Malcolm & Judy Buchanan