Thursday, September 10, 2009

CANADA Book-Tour Dates and Events, 2009

Tuesday October 13th (Halifax)

7:00pm EVENT: Chapters/Indigo, Halifax
188 Chain Lake Drive / (902) 450-1023 / Contact: Karolyn
This is a speaking event, short Q & A, and book signing

Wednesday October 14th (Ottawa)

7:00pm EVENT: An Evening with Diana Gabaldon
Centurion Conference Centre, Main Ball Room
170 Colonnade Road, Nepean
$10 Tickets / Call Leishman Books for tickets: 613-722-8313
This is a speaking event, short Q & A, and book signing

Thursday October 15th (Toronto)

EVENT: An Evening with Diana Gabaldon
McNally Robinson, Don Mills / 416-384-0084
The speaking component of this event will be held outdoors
The book signing will take place in-store following the talk

(no time was attached, but it's probably 7:00 PM, too. Check with the bookstore to be sure, though.)

Friday October 16th (Winnipeg)

7:30pm EVENT: McNally Robinson, Grant Park
1120 Grant Avenue / (204) 453-0424
This is a speaking event, short Q & A, and book signing

Saturday October 17th (Calgary/Edmonton/Saskatoon)

10:00am EVENT: Calgary WordFest
Vertigo Theatre Playhouse, 161, 115 - 9 Avenue SE
Contact: Anne Green / 403-237-9068
Tickets are $20 in advance and can be purchased through the box office at 403-237-9068.
The suggested program is 30 minutes of speaking, to include a ten minute reading, followed by a signing. / 403-237-9068

4:00pm EVENT: Costco, Edmonton
South Edmonton, 2616 91st Street NW
This is a signing ONLY event

Sunday October 18th (Saskatoon/Kelowna)

10:30am EVENT: Chapters/Indigo Saskatoon
3322 8th Street East / (306)244-5317
This is a speaking event, short Q & A, and book signing

7:00pm EVENT: Mosaic Books
Kelowna Community Theater, 1375 Water St, Kelowna
Contact Mosaic Books for Tickets: (250) 763-4418
Tickets are $20.00 or $40 for book AND ticket
Books will be 25% off at the store
This is a speaking event, short Q & A, and book signing

Wednesday October 21st (Victoria)

7:30pm EVENT: An Evening with Diana Gabaldon
Alix Goolden Performance Hall
907 Pandora Avenue, Victoria
Tickets are $10/each
Contact Bolen Books for Tickets /(250) 595-4232

Thursday October 22nd (SIWC)

(SIWC is the Surrey International Writers Conference, where I'll be a presenter over the weekend. See their website at, if you're interested. This is a very neat conference; I do it every year.)

12:00pm EVENT: Black Bond Luncheon
Customers receive entry ballot with purchase of book
WIN a seat at a luncheon with Diana Gabaldon
15 winners + Cathy Jesson and Don Hoglung
1381 Guildford Town Ctr. /(604) 589-3680

Sunday October 25th (SIWC/Surrey)

2:00pm EVENT: Save-On Foods #918
9014-152nd Street, Surrey / 604-930-1133
Contact: Maureen
This is a SIGNING ONLY event


  1. Yay! You need to come to Newfoundland though...

  2. I can't believe you are only doing one Toronto date. I so look forward to seeing you and was disappointed that I missed you in Fergus this year. Any idea when you will be back there? Are there possibly any more Canadian dates still to come? PLEASE!!

  3. Yay Canada! Not sure if I'll be able to talk my husband into a ticket for the Calgary event on top of buying a book, but I'll try! :)

  4. I will definitely be at the Edmonton signing! However its too bad you could only do a signing. And at a Costco? Very glamorous haha! Oh well i will take what you can give :).

  5. See you in Vancouver!

    By the way, I know my memory really isn't what it should be, but aren't Brian and Ellen Jamie's parents, not Roger's? I'll go back and check the book, somewhere!Anyway, anything you write about Jamie's or Roger's parents will be eaten up by your fans.

  6. Yay for Ottawa I said smiling to myself, and then I saw the date. My smile faded because it is the day my 11 year old son has surgery.

    I can't believe I will miss you!!! If only I could time travel after the surgery and get your book signed. Big sigh! sniff! sniff! Got to go blow my nose now. : (

  7. there a UK book tour events to come??? ;)

  8. You are going to be exhausted!! :) I will keep my eyes open and alert for any more signings in ABQ and Santa Fe. I'm so bummed that I missed it!

  9. HOORAY for Halifax and Saskatoon! My sister is going to be there in Halifax and I am going to make the trip in October to Saskatoon! It's 5 hours each way so I will pack up the family and spend the weekend in there!

  10. Dear gypsy--

    Sorry, that's it! There's only one of me, is the problem. [g] And two solid months on the road know, enough.

  11. Dear Zahia--

    Yes, Brian and Ellen are Jamie's parents. In the fullness of time, I'll be writing a _book_ about them.

    Right now, I'm meant to be writing a _short story_ for an anthology, and that one will be about Roger's parents.

  12. Dear Donna--

    Yes, the UK publisher says they want me to come in January, when the book is released there. I'll post dates for that (and for Germany, which comes in March) when I have them.

  13. Dear Angelina--

    Oh, I'm sorry to hear about your son! Hope the surgery is minor and goes well!

  14. Yay for Halifax! Have put it on my calendar. I"m so excited the book is out. Have preordered it online and hoping it gets here in time for the signing! Recently re-read Breath of Snow and Ashes so i'm all set for the new one!

  15. YEAH! Halifax. I will see you there!


  16. Looking forward to seeing you in Edmonton. Are we limited to the number of books you will sign? I would like to bring all of mine to be signed.

  17. Dear bvrooks--

    I don't ever mind signing additional books. Sometimes a bookstore will ask to limit the number, if there's a monster crowd, but usually there's no problem.

  18. "Dear Donna--

    Yes, the UK publisher says they want me to come in January, when the book is released there. I'll post dates for that (and for Germany, which comes in March) when I have them."

    YAY! thank you! Ohhh I hope I can make it to see you, unlikely that you'll come to Tobermory but maybe Oban????? :) I could at a stretch make Glasgow or Perth!!! :D

  19. I am so excited you are coming to Winnipeg!!! I have been waiting *patiently* for Echo to come out!!!! Can't wait to see you/hear you/ and hopefully meet you!!

  20. Hi Diana,

    You are going to need to sleep for a week to recover from you tour, WOW! 10 city's in in as many days. When you are in TO (Toronto) i will buy you a coffee or three.


  21. I am so thrilled you are coming to Edmonton! I will be there with lots of friends (I have hooked many, many people on your books :) & a couple of books to sign. Looking forward to meeting you!

  22. shhhhhh
    Don't tell anyone else you're coming to Halifax. Then it can just be a few of us ... we can have a latte, kick back and chat ... I promise to bring chocolate...

    Just kidding. I visited with you in Calgary, and now that I'm a Haligonian I'll visit you when you come here as well. Can't wait.

    You're my inspiration - I've written 3 novels because of you! :)

  23. I am so so thrilled you are coming to Ottawa! I can't wait to meet my favourite author.

  24. Dear Genevieve--

    Congratulations! [g]

  25. i was soo excited to see Ottawa on the list and then i saw the date ...I will be in New York ...i cant believe i cant go to the book signing ...sniffle :(
    Can i send a friend in with my copy to get it signed?

    Also i have been looking for the Outlander First Print Autographed Edition...what would be my best bet?

  26. I am delighted that you are coming to Canada, and look forward to seeing you in Calgary! Yahoo! Many, many thanks for putting yourself through a gruelling schedule for the fans (a new city each day, sometimes two, and going from Calgary to Edmonton to Saskatoon to Kelowna in a weekend. WHEW!!!). I hope you have a chance to catch your breath and eat some good chocolate and drink some great wine.

  27. Dear Alifiya--

    Of course you can send your book with a friend--why on earth not?

    As for finding a signed First Edition, the easiest thing to do would probably be to email Patrick Millikin at the Poisoned Pen bookstore ( That's my local bookshop, so I stop by every week or so to sign any orders they have--and they do specialize in first editions.

    No idea what it might cost, but Patrick can probably tell you approximately.

  28. I am thrilled to meet you in Calgary and get my book signed! As a busy mom of three my foray into the world of Jamie and Claire at the end of my day is one of true euphoria. Your writing is amazingly descriptive and full of humor and heartfelt emotion! It is the best series I have ever had the privilege of reading. Take care Diana and see you soon.

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  30. I am thrilled that you will be in Kelowna. The location is only a short drive from my home near the US/Canada border. Thank you! Thank You!! I will be there - hopefully with some friends - and all of us with books in hand! I remember writing you an email when I received 'A Breath of Snow and Ashes' from my husband when we were married in 2005. It was so great that you emailed me back! Looking forward to meeting you in person.

  31. I am beyond thrilled that you're coming to Winnipeg! I never in my wildest dreams imagined that I might get to meet one of my favourite authors one day! Needless to say, I'll be there with book in hand for the signing (plus a copy for my mother as well, who unfortunately lives 8 hours away).

  32. Ya hoo !! your coming to Ottawa. My friends & I will be there! We are taking the afternoon off to make it a girls day out. We can not live without Jamie & Claire.Hoping your going to do a reading & get a picture with you . As I always one more check of the Bucket list. See ya soon.

    seriously love the Outlander