Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Grandfather Mountain Highland Games!

Dear All—

So sorry to be absent for such a long time—between travels, the travails of adult children, new(ish) house to be furnished, Irritating Computer Difficulties (I installed Norton 360, which promptly assasinated my wireless connection, and continues to do its level best to keep me from getting online), and the dramatic and ongoing Saga of Doug's Ear (about which, more shortly)…well, anyway.

And I am, alas, not the only one having difficulties this month. I'd sent Rosana—delightful and beloved webmistress—a chunk of stuff (announcements, appearances, new excerpts, etc.) about ten days ago, but her poor father had suffered a heart attack the day before, and she'd had to rush out to New Mexico to take care of him. Consequently, none of that stuff has yet made it onto the website.

Normally not a problem—excerpts are good, whenever [g]—but I had heard a few inquiries as to whether I'd be at the North Carolina Grandfather Mountain Highland Games this weekened—and that was one of the announcements. So--

YES!! I will be at Grandfather Mountain, and looking forward to it very much. I'm going a day early, in fact, to do a little research—Boone, site of the games, being in the general neck of the woods where Fraser's Ridge is located—but will be at the Games for the opening ceremony Thursday evening, will be doing a signing at the Games from 1-4 on Saturday (that's July 12th), and for anyone in the area who'd like to see me but isn't going to the Games, I'll be having a signing/reception sort of thing at the Black Bear Bookstore in Boone on Friday evening—call the bookstore for details and directions:

Black Bear Books
2146 Blowing Rock Rd.
Boone, NC 28607

Those are the onstage times; I reckon I'll be wandering around the Games on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, as well. See you there!