Thursday, December 16, 2010

Oh--another nice thing online this morning

This being a nice piece in USAToday, doing a round-up feature on recent graphic novels, in which they included THE EXILE, and said nice things about it. {g}

They did misspell Jamie's last name (though they got mine right, for a wonder)--but you can't have everything.


  1. Dear Diana,
    That Sounds weird , but when I read something about how good your Books are or how talented you are, I feel proud. Maybe it is because of this Blog, that makes me feel real close , this conversations that are between you and us. I Love it! Thanks for that!
    I wish you and your Family a Merry Christmas!
    Myrna M.

  2. Dear Myrna--

    Aww, that's very sweet of you! Merry Christmas to you and yours!


  3. Hello Diana!
    I´m from Sweden, and i have read all your books in the Outlander series, both in english (have been to impatient to wait for the translation) and in Swedish,i´ve realy enjoyed them.

    Everything but above all the interwoven historical pieces.

    About the fiction, I live in that part of Sweden with the largest collection of stone circles (Västergötland)and there are several legends in the area of peoples of which have disappeared and people coming back and say that they have been in another place, I guess the legends is international,or perhaps it is not only a legend!? :-)

    I´m looking forward to the next one!

    So thanks for all good hours of entertaining and a very Marry Christmas or as we say it
    God Jul


  4. Dear Diana,

    I came across Outlander and was hooked. I was born in Prestwick, Scotland and can not get enought of your stories. Please finish another soon. The last book left me sad as Jem had disappeared. I need to know what is going on with Brianna & Roger. My daughter Roxann have read the book twice. Thank you much.
    Rhonda Dodson in Kansas City, Missouri

  5. Cool piece! I hope the graphic novel brings in even more new readers, I think everyone in the universe should read this series. It's such a great mix of everything.
    You've also got me re-interested in early American history. I wish I'd listened better in school, lol.

  6. Hi Diana,

    'Exile' is a beautifully illustrated graphic novel, and to be acknowledged as such, is wonderful!

    On a different note, please check out this up and coming actor Irish named Domhnall Gleeson. He is very similar in appearance to the drawn Jamie. He recently played Bill Weasley in the last Harry Potter film.


  7. Diana,
    Just wanted to write a quick thank you for signing a copy of Outlander for my Aunt Beth. I gave it to her as an early Christmas gift and she was shocked.

    Thanks for signing one for me as well. It means a lot.

    I bought The Exhile a few weeks back and loved it. Well done!

    Happy Holidays!

  8. oops! i meant Exile!

  9. Dear Anonymous--

    That's OK--I'm glad you enjoyed it, however you spell it! {g}


  10. Diana,

    I love your books, I have read the series twice this year, and asked (santa) for The Exile for christmas, but was dissapointed when i went to the bookstore and found out that there are no copies in Western Australia (thats where I am from) so I will have to get one a little later from Amazon or something !! Thank you so much for sharing your imagination and your knowledge in your books, it has provided me with the best kind of escape from my overly curious and active twin 4 year olds and a 1 1/2 year old, I have spent many a nights up late with your books, and am looking forward to the eighth book.

    Merry Christmas from Australia


  11. I have almost finished reading,"An Echo In the Bone". It is the first book I have read.....all the others I listened to Davina Porter read. I must say there is nothing like seeing the spellings of each word and realize how they are correctly pronounced. I would have never gotten them right. I just found out about the Outlander series back in April and I never have time to read so I am fortunate that I was able to find these recordings to get "caught up" so quickly. Now I am dreading the end of this current book because I don't know how long I must wait for the next! Keep up the excellent story telling. What an escape it is to read one of your books.

  12. Diana,

    Thank you so much for answering your fans questions. I hope you know how much that means. It shows what an awesome person you are!

    Another quick(or maybe not so quick) question- how do you acquire such an extensive vocabulary? I always have my Blackberry next to me while reading your novels so I can reference when I come across a word (and there are a lot of them) that I don't know. I would really like to extend my own vocabulary, and was hoping you could give me some ideas on how to do so? Does it just happen by reading as much as possible, or is it more of a natural trait...a talent you're born with?
    Thanks Again,

  13. Dear Heather--

    Well, I have been reading books (voraciously) for 55 years {g}; you can't help but pick things up. Beyond that, though, I come from a family of notorious word-drunks; we all trade great words whenever we find them.


  14. Dear Australian Anonymous--

    Merry Christmas down under! I hope you'll enjoy THE EXILE whenever you do get it. {s}


  15. Dear rhonda--

    I'm hoping you managed to get hold of the UNabridged versions of FIERY CROSS and ABOSA? But yes, reading and listening are different experiences--both good, but different.


  16. Dear Diana,

    Yes I got the unabridged version of Fiery Cross but I don't know anything about Abosa? Did I skip a book? Oh no. I know one thing for sure, I would not want to play "Words with Friends" with you!


  17. Dear Diana,

    Oh, sorry, I'm a little dense this morning. I just realized (after posting) that ABOSA is "A Breath of Snow and Ashes" Whew, I was worried for a moment that I omitted one of the books. But then, I got excited that there was another one out there that I haven't read yet.

    Oh well, I will continue to savor AEITB for now and perhaps go back and read the ones I listened to. Listening to these books has made many hours of housework, cooking,sewing, quilting, embroidery, smocking, and leaf raking very enjoyable!!


  18. Took me 2 years to spell your name right :) (passing your name and books along to other readers). I still have no idea if I say it correctly and I apologize for that! I wanted to thank you for being so accessible to your readers! Not many people take the time to comment and interact with their fans and I thank you! I am so excited to read The Exile! I hadn't realized it came out already? My computer crashed, I lost your bookmarks (your website and blog), then I just got so busy I forgot to re-bookmark them and keep updated!!! I cannot wait to buy it! Have a great Holiday if you celebrate...if not enjoy your week!

  19. Dear Susan Ann--

    GAH-bull-dohn (rhymes with stone). {g} Don't worry about it; everybody just calls me Diana.


  20. Hi Diana,
    A BIG THANK YOU being sent your way for the wonderful bookplates I received today. It was such a pleasant surprise for them to arrive on my birthday and really made my day. My friends and family have got together and given me the 7 Outlander books and The Exile, so it has literally been the best birthday ever. Also the bookplate I asked to be made out to my Aunty Rene arrived in time to be personally handed over tomorrow as a Christmas surprise.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you !!! Thank you for being you !!
    Best wishes,

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